August 17, 2019

Style in the Hood

When we bought our house about three years ago, we replaced all the kitchen appliances.  It was very necessary as far as I’m concerned since the kitchen was equipped with top- of-the-line 1960 copper colored, oven, cooktop, dishwasher (okay, maybe that was installed in the ’70s) and fridge.  The problem now is we lost our momentum before getting to the hood.  So, I look daily at a nonfunctioning, out of style hood that I regularly bang my head on.  The people who owned the house before us were quite petite and I am about 5’9″, so their idea of just the right height and mine are not the same. 

I’ve been thinking again about getting the hood replaced and although, because of my height, I have mostly considered very basic nonintrusive styles, The Pacific Daily News has me reconsidering the idea.  Although the article mentions that some people are looking more for “appeal and appearance than functionality,”  it is possible to find both.

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