August 16, 2017

RECALL: Signature Gourmet and Kitchen Gourmet 12-Cup Coffeemakers

signaturegourmet coffeemakerSignature GourmetTM and Kitchen Gourmet® 12-Cup Coffeemakers

Units: About 392,000

Importer/Distributor: Atico International USA Inc., of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Hazard: The coffeemaker can ignite due to an electrical failure, posing a fire hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: Atico International USA, Inc. has received 14 reports of electrical failures, including six reports in which the unit ignited causing minor property damage. No injuries have been reported.

signature gourmet coffeemakerDescription: The coffeemaker is white with a glass coffeepot. Signature GourmetTM or Kitchen Gourmet® is printed on the front of the unit. The Model Number (XQ-673B), Item Number (W14A4984) and date code are located on the bottom of the unit. Only units with date codes from May2003 (0503) through July 2006 (0706) are affected by this recall.

walgreens logoSold at: Walgreens stores nationwide from August 2003 through December 2006. The Signature GourmetTM model sold for about $16 and the KitchenGourmet® model sold for about $10.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled coffeemakers immediately and contact Atico International USA for instructions on returning the product for a full refund.

Consumer Contact: Consumers should call Atico International USA toll-free at (877) 546-4835 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the company’s Web site at

Recall details.


  1. Linda Puccio says:

    I have purchased the above products. The first one I took back in March 2008 as it had a burning smell and Walgreens “reluntly took it back” I was given a replacement (have the receipt) and frankly still has the same problem. Makes a terrible amout of noise when the coffee is being processed and smokes a bit.

    I decided to use it sparely as I did not want to bring another one back to Walgreens. They were so “nasty” about returning the first one.

    Please tell me where to send my receipt so I can get a refund on this product.

    So glad I looked up this website.

    I was going to write you how unhappy I am with the Signature Gourmet coffee pot.

  2. Ms. Puccio,

    Thank you for leaving your comments at is
    a great source for consumer information. Every time someone like you
    leaves a comment, it aids someone else in the future.

    According to the recall posted on the site, you can contact the
    customer service for the Signature Gourmet coffee pot at:
    (877) 546-4835 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday,
    or visit the company’s Web site at

    Hopefully they will be responsive. Good luck, and please let us know
    how it turns out.

  3. Joann Jones says:

    I purchase a coffee maker in 2006 and it need a glass pot it was broken how can I purchase one?
    Gourmet coffee maker 12 cups at wallgreen store Miami, Fla. they dont have them any more, I also see where you have a Recall on them My model number is xq673p /w14A4984

  4. how about the 4-cup kitchen gourmet they also sell at walgreens?any recalls? it also emits a funny odor and aftertaste, almost chemical like.i stopped using it for fear of all the news of toxic substances from products originating from china.

  5. I have the same problem with the 4-cup model I just purchased at Walgreens in NYC. I washed carefully as per instructions, but after 2 days it’s still emitting a strong electrical and/or chemical smell.

  6. carol donohue says:

    I purchased a food processer and coffee maker from walgreens. Both of these products were terrible. Coffee maker smells of plastic when brewing and the taste is awful. I have cleaned many times but to no avail. Processer never worked. It did not chop at all and now I cannot remove the center for cleaning. What is up with these products? I will NEVER use either of them nor will I recommend them to anyone.

  7. Yvette Patrick says:

    Urban Strategies, has this coffee pot and my question is, can you tell me how to reattach the spring that goes on the part of the filter?

  8. Can you post a link or picture of the pot? I’ve never heard of Urban Strategies coffeemakers. Is there a number you can call?

  9. We had 2 of these 12 cup coffee makers, the 2nd has finally quit working. We have 2 glass pots with black handles and filter baskets we’d be happy to give to someone if they cover the shipping.

  10. Joan Riley says:

    If you still have the glass pots, my Mom broke hers today. we would gladly pay shipping if it not out of site! Joan

  11. We had the Signature Gourmet coffee pot auto brew, 12 cup black coffee pot. Lst night 3/18/2011 it caught on fire in the middle of the night set our cabinets on fire as well. Our house smells like burnt plastic throughout….. Need to put out a notice on TV about this recall, we never heard of one and it almost cost us our house if not our loves. We have the coffee pot and you can see it started at the base back area of the coffee pot. We would like a response from your Company in regards to this situation. Thank you