August 21, 2017

Samsung SilverCare Washer – Does it Work?

Invisibly small silver ions that eliminate bacterial growth that cause odor are the idea behind Samsung’s SilverCare washer. Channel 4 news in New York met with Consumer Reports who conducted a study on the washers. See their report here.


  1. We just purchased this washing machine. This thing is awesome. Any concerns you may have read about the silver harming the environment are just ridiculous. Do the math on this, two bars the size of a stick of gum that last ten years or thousands of loads of laundry. The amount of silver is simply non detectable and is attached to the laundry not washed down the drain. Most people get far more exposure to silver from jewlry or silver plated forks. If this issue is still a concern to you, simply turn it off. You don’t have to use it. We only use it on our running and cycling clothes.

    If vibration and odors are of any concern to you, this is the machine to buy. Our dryer is stacked on top of the washer and is installed upstairs. This is usually a big concern for front end loaders because of vibration. The VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology) is amazing. We can’t here the machine at all even when spinning a highly unbalanced load of a heavy comforter. I highly recommend these machines.

  2. What about the smelly clothes we keep hearing about with front loaders? Do you have to leave your door open? We want to buy the samsung set but we can’t leave our door open, we have cats and can’t take the chance that they will spray inside and make even more problems. Can the door be closed between cycles with no smell?

  3. Patricia,
    Please check out the forum post and the article we have about musty smelling front loaders. Just use the search box in the upper right corner of the screen or visit the laundry forum. I think you will find them helpful. We also have an article about a new tablet for washing the washing machine. Feel free to post your questions in the forums or offer suggestions to others.

  4. Marshall says:

    Patrica, we’ve had our machines for over a year now and we haven’t found a need to keep the door open. The machine doesn’t smell musty from leaving the door closed.

    However, I’m don’t think that SilverCare fixes all odour problems. Once clothing (in our case some towels and hockey equipment) gets that deep musty odour from being wet too long it is hard to get out even with consecutive washes with silvercare turned on. The smell is lighter but it is still there.

    Just my two cents.

  5. Not Happy says:

    Our washer sounds like a freight train on spin, and tonight I could smell electrical burning. Im done with it

  6. I have never been so unsatisfied with a washer before this! I’ve owned GE before and it worked beautifully for 10 years and my husband suprised me with these new ones. I only wish I could have my old one back. This thing isn’t even a year old and has broken down about 5 times (it’s broken again this morning!!!) It is so frustrating. A service man came out the first time because the washer continues to stop spinning clothes and you find them wet and soaked. Upon dismantling it found a piece of lint (literally) and said that was probably the culprit, that any little thing can get inside the motor area and jam it. My husband has fixed it the other times due to a penny getting through to the hose and blocking it, etc. We’ve also had water problems of water leaking out the front of the machine where you put in the soap, but the service man fixed that. No vibration problems, only problems with it getting jammed constantly (sometimes we don’t find the item, but it suddenly works) and yes, there is a HUGE smell problem! The other commenter is correct that if you leave clothes in there over night (just four hours even the other night), they will smell horribly and sometimes multiple washes (5 even) don’t get the smell out. You have to crox your fingers and put a small amt of chlorox in and run it through with more soap. This worked for me and didn’t damage the clothes. But the tech that came out said you do have to wipe the inside down after the last wash and be sure to get under the rubber around the door where the water sits, then leave the door cracked between washes. We don’t have a problem if we do that. But the other day my son closed it and it actually smelled like a dead body in my house. It took me all day to figure out it was the washer and then two cycles of chlorox only washes and it was clean. The tech also recommended running just chlorox through once a week or two. I want me good old rusty GE back!!!!!

  7. We love our Silver Care washer… I’d never heard of front loaders getting “smelly” and We haven’t ever had ours get smelly. Then again we wash just about every load with the silver care option on. which could possibly eliminate that problem.

    We do have to keep an eye on which spin cycle we put which clothes on. I all ways make sure my clothes are on medium and not any higher as it goes super fast.. My mother and I kid back and forth saying it sounds and looks like a helicopter taking off.. or its going to blast off to the moon at any moment.. but it doesn’t shake that much.. it just looks freaky when your in the same room with it.

    and silver is actually very healthy. My grandma makes a colidial silver solution and drinks it as a supplement. but I am not sure if the silver in the dryer and the silver my grandma makes is the same thing. I know they both are anti bacterial or something like that.

    also I think there was a recall.. on the washer.. something about the electrical outlet.. they sent us out something to plug it into and then plug that into the wall… we actually haven’t put it on yet.. need to do that :-p been to busy to get back behind the washer + dryer. so that possibly could be what happened it “Not Happy”.

  8. We’ve had our SilverCare washer since December ’07 and have not had any problems yet. This is going to sound gross but, I have some t-shirts that always had a sour smell to them. I wore them underneath my body armor (police uniform) during hot, Houston summer heat. 8 hours of sweat. Washing them in hot water with our old washing machine never removed the odor. Now with SilverCare, the odor is gone! This to me is the greatest feature of the machine. I can’t comment on any odors if the door is left shut because my wife always leaves it open to “air” dry the inside.

  9. Has anyone had any problems with a hose blowing inside the new samsung washing machines? not the old recall problem but a new problem in 07 and 08.
    We had a hose blow inside the machine 3 times.

  10. Christine says:

    We love our silvercare washer and dryer. Both of our children are in diapers and we wash their cloth diapers using the silvercare. WONDERFUL invention! 🙂

  11. let me guess Christine, You work for Samsung?

  12. My husband bought a new washer/dryer(silvercare) for me two weeks ago. It is ruining my colored clothes. No matter what setting (even cold/cold) I use, the water seems to get very hot at the end of the cycle, even if I select the silvercare option, causing color transfer between garments.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  13. I have had the 2008 models for 2 months now…paid near $3k and feeling not worth the $$!!! At the end of every load in the washer…on cold setting or not it is sooo hot you can hardly touch it. I would think that is not correct? Now I am having problems with staining on my clothes, they go in unstained & come out stained…if I try to rewash with or without silver care it doesn’t come out. Very frusterated!!! Thank goodness I got 5yr warrenty…but what a hasstle.

  14. We bought the Samsung pair in January 2008. This is the best washer we have ever had in over 40 years of buying washers. We haven’t had any of the problems mentioned above. The VRT is amazing. No matter the load – no matter the cycle the spin is extremely smooth and quiet. Bought a Duet set a year prior to the Samsung that shook the whole house even after several service calls to level etc, etc.
    The Silver Care does make a noticable difference on gym clothes. On regular wash I can’t tell any difference.

    This washer dryer is spendy but being able to watch TV or read a book in the room next to the laundry room and not be bothered by the washing machine is well worth the extra cost to me.

  15. I have to tell you that our Bosch front loaders our much better then the samsung silver care we had. No problems at all.
    The parts inside the machine are rated alot higher then the samsung. You may like your samsung now but i can tell you if you ever start having hoses blow in the machine and it does damage to your home you are S— out of luck. Samsungs insurance company will lie and cheat and do everything not to fix any damage. The best bet would be to start out with a better made machine so you dont have to go through what we did .

  16. I’m so confused. After 20 years of owning a Kenmore top-loader, we had to replace it last year. Within a month’s time Sears sent us 3 top-loaders – 2 Kenmore and then a Whirlpool. I’ve had nothing but trouble but thankfully Sears (the only large store I would ever buy appliances from) will take back this machine. We looked at the front loading Samsung, Bosch, GE and Kenmore and were leaning towards the Samsung but now I don’t know with all of the mixed reviews. Let me hear about their service and what is this about hoses blowing?

  17. reginald says:

    my washer is shaking really hard and has an electrical burning smell to it. I want to know what is wron with it and if i could be fixed

  18. Terry Shrum says:

    November 2007,Bought the silver care washerwith the dryer from Lowes, first week dumped water in the floor,Lowes came out with a new washer, cloths smell most of the time,paid some where around 2800.00 for the pair,sometime in July a nickle got in the intake of the pump and cracked the pump housing, Tech came out and replaced pump after two week wait, and said he was going to go ahead and warranty it even though it shouldnt be covered because the nickle was our fault, my response was why would they make something that lets stuff get sucked into the pump, Tech response was well I said I was going to warranty it for me and I said well if you didn’t I would be on the phone! August comes and dumps water again on floor, I thought well another nickle, removed pump myself found no money no crack no loose hose put back together and realized it will not spin, unplug and let it sit one hour, plug back in and it works, called Tech and explained what happened and he said need to come look at it, this was Thursday they could not get to us until next Tuesday, we explained our sixteen year old son would be home after 3:00 and they explained their policy that you have to be eighteen for this company to come out, being in the heat and air business for thirty years I found this ludricous! Told them to just forget it and it has been working so far!Tech also told us to use bleach to help with the smelly cloths! Silver care takes so long!
    Old washer and dryer was Maytag one time in twenty years one part on the washer called a anti siphon something like six dollars and guess what I still have them in storage and might just have to dig them back out and sue Samsung for this piece of junk they have developed! I am very unhappy with Lowes and Samsung! If anyone is interested in a class action law suit please contact me at I bought the extended warranty from Lowes and they say it has to be worked on three times in a row for the same thing before they replace it again!
    Which at this point I don’t want anything that says samsung!
    Also in the Tulsa metro area they have two authorized servicers that can work on these units!

  19. Just an FYI…..if you do happen to get the “musty smell” from not removing clothes from the washer in time, you can re-wash the laundry load with 1 cup of white vinegar (with or without soap, hot or cold water…..does not matter) and it will ALWAYS remove the musty or mildew smell !!

  20. Laura Farley says:

    I also use cloth diapers (and sell them) and use this washer. I love it. If you are having odor problems, it is probably the detergent. I have noticed a difference when I switched to a detergent (who shall remain nameless). This is a fantastic machine!!!

  21. Have had our Samsung SilverCare (I forget which model) for about a year. Believe me: I am TRULY picky, and often regret purchases I have made (do NOT get me going about my Passat!). I *love* the Samsung. I am an avid runner–lots of “technical” clothing that, once smelly, is ever smelly. Samsung seems to kill the smell and keep things a bit fresher longer. I have had zero problems in the first year.
    Also–and yes, this is irrelevant, but kinda funny: the things (we have the dryer too) just make me happy. They are so bright and chirpy with their pleasant melody’s and bright blue faces. Yup, yup: I love em.

  22. Mark Greer says:

    I love my Samsung Pair. They work supe fine. Anything is going to make some kind of noise, but I never would ‘da guessed that I can’t wait to do a load of laundry. It just somehow gets it cleaner, and I like watching it wash. It is pretty and had an LED light in the washer but not the dryer. (regular type bulb) KEEP in mind, the dryer steam IS hooked o water so you don’t have to fill it with water for the steam dry feature like the LG, the Kenmore is the same with the hook up though. These SAmsung are super sexy, and my hot dental assistant girlfriend is super happy! (and her clothes are definately sanitary, with no dental guts on them !) wooo hoo!

  23. We bought our washer and dryer 5 months ago and they are awesome! I must agree, if you leave clothes in the washer, they are going to stink! But just like another reviewer, I used white vinegar and the smell is gone. Vinegar is safe for all clothes and it’s a natural deodorizer and antibacterial. I would say that my only complaint is that it seems that our clothes (1 or 2) in the steam dry don’t seem to loose the wrinkles very well. I just wonder if maybe our dryer has a defect or if it’s just not that good…

  24. I am looking onto getting the washer and dryer. My question is, how long are the normal wash cycles? I have heard on another blog that they are longer than “normal”. Thanks

  25. Hi all,

    I’ve had my silvercare washer for about 8 months now and I love it. No, I don’t work for Samsung, I’m just a happy customer!
    I have a 17 year old son who plays just about avery sport his high school has to offer, so his clothes and uniforms are quite smelly. With my last top load machine, (it was only 2 years old) his clothes would still smell after even a Heavy Duty load was wsshed. With my Silver Care, I can wash them on Normal with the Silver Care setting and they seriously don’t smell!

    I don’t have the problem of the smelly drum, I think it is because of the silver care.

    I’ve read on some posts that people have problems with hot water on cold settings. I would first make suer that your hoses are connected to the correct hot/cold fauctets. I had my washer delivered by best buy and although they were very nice delivery people, they initially hooked my hoses up backwards. I realized as soon as I too had hot clothes after my cycle was done. I tried a load an hot and then checked in the middle of the cycle and low and behold, I had cold wash water. I had to have them come back out because my washer is on a pedestal and I couldn’t get to the hoses in the back. But it was easily fixed.

    Another thing I like is the vibaration reduction on my machine. My sister has a steam machine from L.G. and although she loves it, when it vibrates, her whole house could hear it. She remidied it by buying a Horse Stable mat, from a feed supply store, (the are thin rubber mats fro horse stalls). The vibration a=on her machine is far better now. However, mine has almost no sound when it spins. SO I am very happy about it.

  26. Yvonne, Phx AZ says:

    My husband and I just bought the Samsung washer with silvercare and so far we love it. Weighs a ton but very easy to install. When we first hooked up the water lines it started to drip insided but as soon as we leveled it that has stopped. So far we have washed 3 loads each on a diff cycle and used the delayed start. I haven’t smelled any thing strange but I do wipe dry the inside of the door just for peace of mind after each wash. Last night I used “normal” cycle for the first time and my husband did say it was a little loud draining but other than that was quite as a mouse. I’m still trying out all the cycle but so far I love this machine.

  27. I purchases a Samsung Silvercare washer and dryer in Sept 2008. The FIRST time I used it, the dial lights were not working on half the settings. I called Samsung and they send a repair man out to diagnosis it. He said the dial would have to be replaced, and I would have to pay $80.00 to have a second man come out to help take the dryer off. I was very pissed of because I purchased a STACK washer and dryer, and it was a day old, and already they want $80.00 for a new machine repair. Flash forward to Dec and now the machine doesn’t work AT ALL. Another call to Samsung, and they promised me that if the washer couldn’t be repaired in 72 hours that they would replaced it. It is NOW Jan 28 and after a daily battle with Samsung and their supposed “executive customer service team – not only will they NOT replace the unit, but they are saying every day to me – that the part is going to be in the next day.


    If you want the truth about this company from a REAL consumer – call me direct at 323 874-5555. Trust me – I’ll save you thousands of dollars and recommend ANY OTHER BRAND but Samsung.

    And it someone from SAMSUNG reads this – look at my customer file number 4003015127 and read the HELL that you put me through! This consumer will do as he said – I’M FIGHTING BACK!

  28. Hi Folks.
    I see a lot of different reviews about some pretty common problems that occur with front loaders, i/e odor problems, vibration. These two items will forever plague front loaders. Vibration being the most common usually caused by unbalanced load or a very small amount of play in the floor. The machine will shift ever so slightly and begin to act as if it has gone off balance. Most times can be remedied by shifting the load or putting 3/4 plywood under to provide a more stable surface. The odor is caused by wet cloths left in a machine, oversoaping whic will result in soap scum or by clogged drainage holes in the rubber seals. I would reccomend shopping at a local independent dealer who can advise you as to the best machine for the type of use and who will come out to repair the product when an issue arises. Rather than being left calling a 800 number to find a servicer.

  29. We bought our Samusung Silver Care washer and dryer about 2 1/2 years ago. I did a lot of research and bought them because they were the top rated washer and dryer on Consumer They worked fine until one month ago. Then suddenly, water started leaking out of the dispenser all over my basement floor. Called Samsung and they said it was no longer under warranty. We would have to pay $85 to have someone come to our house and see what was wrong with it. We decided to do some research before having someone come out. We found out this is a common problem. Also discovered that our washer had been recalled. When we called Samsung back to tell them this, they couldn’t find anywhere in their computer system that our machine had been recalled. We had to tell them where to go on their own website and yup, there it was, the recall. So they said they’d send us the recall part, which is a circuit breaker that you plug the machine into, and plug the circuit breaker into your wall. Well that’s helpful. When my washer leakes all over my basement at least I know it won’t catch fire. After talking to three people at Samsung, my husband was finally able to get them to pay for a service guy to come out. Had to wait a week for the part to come. The service guy came and plugged in the part but couldn’t diagnose the problem. He said basically, the machine is just a poor design. Now this is a technician from a company that Samsung recommended and were supposedly knowledgeable with these machines. He said he would have to call Samsung and see what they say. Well we’ve now waited another week and called the service company four times. They keep saying they have other urgent calls and will be out this day, then this day. Now they say tomorrow. We’ll see. Meanwhile I’ve been without my washer for almost a month, having to haul my laundry elsewhere to do it with my toddler in tow. I am really pissed off at Samsung. They have produced a faulty washer and have followed it up with poor, unhelpful customer service. Samsung, if you read this, the appropriate thing to do would be to pay someone to fix my machine (in a timely manner) or replace my machine. This was a top rated machine that I paid good money for. Never ever will I buy a Samsung product again nor will I ever recommend them to anyone.

  30. I work at Lowe’s and Have the white washer and dryer, i have had no problem whatsoever with anything on this set. If you want to buy anything including these Samsung’s then buy them at Lowe’s. Lowe’s will take care of whatever you need and even offer a 4 year extended protection plan should anything major go wrong after the initial 90 days. I have 2 Samsung LCD TVs, the washer and dryer, numerous samsung cell phones, 2 digital cameras by Samsung, all their products are great.If you ever have a problem you should contact Lowe’s or Samsung before u call a repair man, Samsung is more than willing to compensate or help you out to fix the problem.

  31. Pat Harnack says:

    i am a tech with a&e service and had a question about the silver care feature on the samsung. Do you have to replace the silver care packet after a specific number of washes or is it there for the life of the washer? Please advise me so I can get back to this cust. Thanks Pat

  32. Samsung HDTV says:

    I consider the Samsung LN46A650 to be one of the best in the Samsung LCD HDTV product line.

  33. pat. i sell these things for the blue box known as Best Buy and I’ll be happy to answer your question.(according to my samsung rep) the silver care feature is good for 1000 washes with this option turned on. Samsung covers the silver plates for the first 10 years. there is a button combination you could press to have the display indicate whether it is time to replace the silver bars or not (view your manual for the combination). hope this helped.
    your friendly Best Buy Salesman

  34. Bought samsung washer and
    dryr last week only to find that I do not know how to use the wrinkle free cycle properly. DV33bag. The clothes come out wrinkled. What am I doing wrong?

  35. If you get that “musty” smell you can also use affresh tablets once a month… throw one in your washer and let it run a normal wash cycle without clothing or chemicals in it.

  36. not so sure i want to buy a samsung front load washer.. I am interested in getting one though, are any of them “made in america” ?? I would like to buy something made by our own country.. i know samsung isnt an american company, is there anything other than GE.. or is that the only american company left?

  37. help me to choose the right samsung washer please

  38. Tim Davis says:

    We just bought the latest generation Silercare washer and dryer at Lowes and so far, they’re about perfect. I’m very detail oriented, so setting them up absolutely level and plumb was easy for me, however, my poured basement floor is uneven enough that the two machines cannot sit at exactly the same height side by side….the floor’s fault entirely, not the machines, but what impressed the detail guy in me was the fact that the very nicely designed and made levelers on the washing machine only, had retaining nuts built into them, that allow you to lock in the level adjustment once set. I’ve installed many laundry machines in the past, and these appear to be among the best I’ve seen. I’ll update as we own them.

  39. Does anyone know if using silvercare will harm a septic tanks bacteria that it needs to funtion correctly. I’d love to buy a samsung, but worried what it might do to my septic system.

  40. Martha Chance says:

    I’ve just purchased the top-of-the-line Samsung washer and dryer. When it’s finished washing it says “cycle complete”. My problem is that when I reload it, I can’t figure out how to start a new cycle unless I power the machine off and back on. How do I choose a new cycle without having to do this every time?

  41. T Gardner says:

    For those wanting to buy American-made products, Bosch washers are made in the USA – I’m pretty sure the plant is in North Carolina. Speed Queen is a 100% American company: owned by Americans and the machines are all built in the US.

    Samsungs and LG are imported from Korea. And although many people think of Whirlpool as an all-American company, their washers are also made abroad. Some Whirlpools are assembled in Germany, others in Mexico.

  42. Patrick G. says:

    We purchased the Samsung SilverCare washer and dryer for two reasons: 1) Our Kenmore Elite was producing error codes about every 2-3 months resulting in $300-$400 costly repairs, and 2) our laundry is upstairs and the Kenmore unit sounded like it was shaking the house apart. We installed the SilverCare units and could not be happier. The units have a clean look, are easy to use and play a little tune when they are done. My wife now gives demos to house guests, believe it or not!! But the biggest benefit is that we do not even know they are running. The bearing balancing system truly works. As the units runs through a Extra High Speed spin cycle, you could rest your wine glass on top without spilling a drop (that should be in the commercial). We are extremely happy with the units. They are a bit more expensive, but with the elimination of repair bills and the peace of mind knowing that our house is not being damaged by our washer is well worth it. If you are considering the SilverCare unit, consider it no more and go for it. I have done your research for you. You will not be sorry.

  43. Sherrie Owens says:

    I purchased the Samsung washer and Dryer…the washer sucks….my clothes are always smelly….I have called the company about this previously only to be told to do a load with no clothes…that worked for a little….now 1 year and 1 month after the warrenty has expired…the problem is even worse. Guess what I now have to pay to have it checked out. I would not recomment this washer to anyone.

  44. trust me, christine would get nothing from samsung by posting good things about their products on this site. They are still highly rated without christine’s input.

  45. Cipriano says:

    I purchase my Samsung in Dec,2008 Three months later all of the water was leaking all over the floor.I called to get it service, juts to hear that the warranty had expire. I had to send a fax of my invoice to show proof of purcahce. I found out that the washer had been recalled do to electrical problems, they refubish them and some them like neww again. Then I was told Ok we will send a tech out, he found a broken piece inside the drum. I was told that I would had to wait a month because they didn’t had the part. the month passed and I was told that they would do an exchange or send me my money back since I didn’t buy it from an authorized dealer. They ask me to send them the invoice again and told me that it didn’t had warranty becuase I didn’t buy it from and authorized dealer. I was also told that since that unit had been refurbish that they didn’t provide warranty to their washer. Now it’s been almost 5 months since it broke and I’m still been fightting with them to get fix or my money back. I would not recomnend Samsung for their poor customer service they have, and bad products htat they sell.

  46. 7/31/09 Just took delivery on these Samsung washers and dryers. I noticed after a couple loads of wash that water was pooled in the white gasket between the door and drum. When I felt it, the gasket pulled away a bit and there was a pool of water UNDER the white gasket. Is this “normal”? If so, and I looking at having to mop up these pools every time I am finished washing clothes? Other than that, they are terrific. 1000 times quieter than my previous washer/dryer.

  47. ApplianceGirl says:

    I don’t actually work for Samsung, but I have been involved in the appliance industry, with various brands and retailers for over 10yrs. Samsung washers are #1 rated by Consumer Reports and JD Power and sales people say they have the least amount of returns with this brand vs others.

    1) Wilson and TGardner: American-Made doesn’t mean squat anymore. Built in the US? Well, where do you think all the parts come from? Besides, better Korea with the world’s 3rd highest average pay for labor than Mexico.

    2) Cipriano: You bought a refurbished set from god-knows who and you expect a warranty? You should be complaining to the retailer you bought it from, not the manufacturer.

    3) Those of you complaining of odors even with SilverCare are probably using too much detergent. More detergent doesn’t mean cleaner clothes; it’s a bad thing. Think soap scum on a bathtub.

    4) Robert: SilverCare does not affect septic as the silver is de-ionized by the time the washer drains. It’s printed in the literature.

    5) Some of the negative comments are about units that are a few years old. The Samsung washers of a couple years ago don’t even begin to compare with the innovation and quality of the current models.

  48. I have had my set for about 9 months now. I called after 3 months just to have them tell me that they have never heard of my problem before, but I still have it today! My clothes AREN’T clean! I use Tide HE and Clorox Plus with the additional wash and rinse cycles and my mascara is still in my white washcloths. Now understand I can wash out the mascara with soap and water when washing my face. You would expect it to come clean in the washer. ALSO, my bright whites come out dingy when I wash them. New clothes don’t look new after 1 wash in my machine. I think I’ve finally figured it out. They dirty clothes make the water dirty and then the dirty water gets everything stained. I’m terribly disgusted with my purchase. I want my old Kenmore back!

  49. JOSEPH HARPER says:

    Want to buy a good front load washer which will do a good job of washing clothes and doesn’t have to be repaired frequently. The washer has to be on the first floor of my house so we are concerned with a model which could vibrate too much. Also want a company which will willingly fix the problem, that ‘s if one should occur, and do it without giving me a lot of trouble.

  50. I have owned the 338W model for almost 18 months now and have to admit that there were some teething problems but cannot say there were SamSung’s fault.

    I think where the washer is placed and consequently transported poses a big problem. Our W&D closet is upstairs and the BestBuy delivery men had to bring a very heavy washer (built with concrete blocks on the inside of case) up a flight of stairs. The only way to get it up the stairs was by tilting it at least 45 degrees. This unsettled the drum and completely took it off axis. Unfortunately after I had it picked up for repairs it came back with the drum not placed on the 2 shock absorbers in the rear. Despite the drum basically spinning @ 1300 rpm w/o two of its four stabilizers the machine was relatively quiet until I overloaded it. Even the techie was surprised the drum did not fly out of the machine. This was the only problem we had.

    We never had a problem with odors, even when soaking clothes over night or forgetting to take them out for the dryer. And this is w/o using the SilverCare or bleach, etc. Never had a problem with leaking or heavy vibrations or excessive wet clothes, etc.

    I do suspect that the leaking or busted hosing might have something to do with the plumbing drain lines. I am a builder and we had to change our drain line codes because a lot of people complained about the pipes bursting and flooding in newly built homes with new appliances. It turns out the diameter for drain lines were too small and increased the back pressure in the pipe and/or machine. Machines today are pushing out water at much higher volumes than just a decade ago.

    As for the people who leave money and other small objects in their clothes. I don’t see how we can fault SamSung for not building something to accommodate loose change in someones pocket. Where would the designers stop? Pens, pencils, money clips, etc.

    Overall a great product and NO i do not work for SamSung