August 23, 2017

New H-Series Refrigerator by Samsung

Samsung has announced the release of its H-series refrigerator line featuring its “exclusive Twin Cooling System™.” This system allows “the different freezer and refrigerator compartments to be controlled and cooled independently, as well as preventing the mixing of odors between the two compartments.” This style also defines itself as the first “truly built-in side-by-side refrigerator.”


  1. Anna Slough says:

    What ever you do, do not buy a Samsung refrigerator. It will break in less then a year.

  2. V Stanford says:

    Quote from Anna Slough on Mar 4th, 2009 at 5:08 am
    [“What ever you do, do not buy a Samsung refrigerator. It will break in less then a year.”]

    Boy are you right about that! Bought one (model RF265XXXX French Door Model) from Fry’s in Anaheim, CA in Feb, 2008. In a little over two months it failed. Two repairmen later and a lot of stress and frustration the problem was (maybe) fixed. The first guy replaced the control board. No luck there. The second guy seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He removed the panel from the inside back of the frig to exposed the cooling coils. They were frozen solid. No air could be blown past them to cool the refrigerator. He installed a new heater element and so far the frig is working OK. That was nearly 11 months ago.

    BUT WAIT! The symptoms are reappearing. At the beginning of the last (and first) failure, items like bottled water and eggs were discovered to be frozen. I thought that this was OK since they were near the cooling coils in the refrigerator. The temperature indicator said that the frig temp was at 38 degrees. But, soon after that started the failure of the coil heater occurred. Now, this is happening again. I tried their old unplug the frig for a while and plug it back in. Nothing happened (as usual).

    Luckily we had the foresight to purchase the 5 tear maintenance contract. I have come to discover that these solid state / computer controlled appliances and such (especially automobiles) have a very high failure rate as compared the the old mechanical standbys. Our next new refrigerator will not be a computer controlled device. Even though the heater element might be a mechanical part it is likely that failure of the was due to over voltage, voltage spikes, or digital impulse fatigue failure.

  3. Incident = Bought samsung RS253BASB/XAA on 11/18/2006 at Best Buy. Like the
    idea of 2 separate condensors. After 2 years 3 months the water stopped working
    and then the refrigerator side got around 50 degrees even though temp said 34.
    That is because sensor is in coil and it was embedded in the ice that had
    formed. Replaced temperature senor,defrost sensor, and the water tank heater.
    It worked about 2 weeks then water stopped again and temop went up again. The
    water tank was freezing along with the coils freezing. Authorized reairman came
    and charged us $79.00 service call to tell us the defrost coil was faulty and
    only way for him to fix was to replace the whole coil with defrosted that was
    built in it. This requires cutting freon lines and recharging unit and would
    cost hundreds of dollars. He said off the record that I could buy coil unit
    with defroster in it and remove defroster and replace it. I did this at cost of
    about $60.00 and the unit ran for about 5 mont
    hs Ok until now in March 2010 it is all happening again. This is the same
    problem the so many others consumers are having with their Samsung
    refrigerators. Emailed samsung and still have not heard back. I had called
    them in past and got no help.
    Damage Resulting = Imprper temperature is safety issue. This is due to the temp
    probe being embedded in the ice that buids up and makes it read 34-38 degrees
    while the actual temp is 50 or above. We had to throw food out a couple of time
    and I believe we got food poisoning eatting food that we did not know was bad
    when we were relying on the temp. that the refrigertor said that it was.
    Contact me = Y