June 24, 2019

Maytag Refrigerator Woes- An Update

Last September I wrote here about my mother’s horrible experience with a brand new Maytag refrigerator.  She spent endless hours on the phone and weeks waiting for service for a fridge that was clearly a lemon.  We have had feedback that shows she is not alone.  I thought readers might be interested to know the end of the story. 

The defective refrigerator was never repaired properly, Maytag refused to speak with my mother further, and the store she purchased it from would not take it back.  It now sits (safely sealed for the protection of small children) in my parent’s garage while we try to dispose of it.  We thought maybe it could be repaired and used by a shelter or that an occupational school could use it for practice.  No one wants this new, yet defective fridge. 

 At this point, it looks like it is headed for the recycling heap.  At least it won’t be adding too much to the landfills.  That is the best I can say about it.