June 16, 2019

Energy Efficient Appliances- Newer is better

They say technological advancements have dramatically improved the efficiency of appliances, meaning replacing a 10-year-old refrigerator can translate into major savings in energy bills. It also significantly reduces the home’s “carbon footprint,” a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced.

“We know … that there’s a lot we can do in our homes to improve efficiency and reduce climate-changing gases,” said Gary Connett, director of environmental stewardship for Great River Energy. “We know that, through lighting and appliances, there’s a substantial amount of energy that could be saved.”

Home appliances have come a long way in the past few decades.  For example, a typical refrigerator manufactured today uses 70 percent less energy than one made in the 1970s.  A new model with the EnergyStar rating is more than 90 percent more efficient.

Today’s refrigerators and freezers have more efficient compressors and motors as well as better insulation and door seals, said Tony Evans, spokesman for Electrolux Home Products, one of the world’s top household appliance makers. Its St. Cloud plant manufactures freezers.

Replacing appliances can be a major expense. Most people tend to keep theirs for longer than 10 years, Evans acknowledged.

Bob Regan, co-owner of M & H Appliance of St. Cloud, said most of his customers are buying appliances to replace ones that don’t work anymore, or for a new home. “Very few” are replacing functioning refrigerators and dishwashers just to save energy costs, he said.

“Appliances are not an item that you replace for fashion,” Regan said. “It’s kind of a utilitarian kind of thing.”

When customers do decide to replace an appliance, they are considering energy savings, he said. But the higher cost of highly efficient products can be tough to take, especially if the buyers are not planning to stay in a home very long, Regan said.

Many utility companies offer rebates for buying EnergyStar products, he said. Those can make the higher price tag easier to swallow, he said.

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Thanks to the Saint Cloud Times