August 21, 2017

Can KitchenAid Stand up to the Grind?

One of the easiest ways I have found to get calcium and vitamins into my kids is to offer them smoothies as an after school snack.I just throw a variety of frozen fruit, yogurt and some milk into the blender and produce a treat they love. This is a great time of year to pull out the blender and make a cool treat.

I have been doing this for years using a Hamilton Beach blender I purchased on sale at a local drugstore almost twenty years ago. Now we have a problem. kitchenaid-blender.gifAbout five years ago, my husband bought me a Kitchenaid blender that claims to be strong enough to crush ice at all speeds, but after years of occasional use, the coupler started breaking apart.The coupler is that small black gear-like circle that connects the blender jar and blades to the base. It has broken in two stages. The first time, when two pieces broke off, I called Kitchenaid customer service. The representative there was friendly and sympathetic, but as our blender was out of warranty, she offered no advice other than that we could continue to use the blender as it was although, it would add a slight strain to the motor and therefore shorten the lifespan of the appliance somewhat.


So, we continued using the blender for the next few months.Yesterday, two more pieces of coupler broke off.I have sent the base to be repaired at an authorized repair shop at a cost of $25. This is not a huge cost, but as a percentage of an $80 blender, it seems high considering how often (or not, really) we used it. I just think a blender that claims to be an ice crushing, high powered appliance, made by a quality manufacturer should be more durable.


  1. As of last night, this is now the second time I have to replace this Kitchen Aid (Model KSB50B3) clutch assembly (Part Number 9704230) on the same blender. Very disappointing! I can understand the reason to have a clutch that can break away in the event where something immovable such as a knife or spoon were to get lodged in the mixer while it was running. However, I was blending ice cream .. not even ice. I checked the blender tines immediately after the clutch failed and I could easily turn them by hand. So really there is no valid excuse why it continues to fail. It would seam that the rubber materials used to make this clutch has a limited lifetime and it must degrade over time. If you are going to order a replacement part, order two and keep one on hand as a backup! It will fail again .. just a matter of time.

  2. MamaRosa says:

    I have replaced the coupler 3 times! stay away from this blender! What a waste and more garbage on our Earth. Calling Kitchenaid did not help either.

  3. I have this blender and have seldom used it, until two weeks ago when I discovered that drinking green smoothies is a great way of improving your health and losing a few pounds at the same time. I have only used leafy veggies and soft fruits with some water, and the knobs broke one by one. Searching the internet learned that this is quite common with Kitchenaid blenders and that the coupler can be easily replaced. So I ordered a new coupler for a few dollars on eBay and replaced it last night. I now barely dare to use the machine and blend my smoothies now pulsing at large intervals. I am so disappointed, I thought this machine would last a lifetime and I am sorry I ever bought it. It is bound to happen again sooner rather than later, so I’ll probably order a couple of parts in advance.