September 23, 2017

New Maytag Refrigerator Nightmares – They Just Don’t Make Maytag Men Like They Used To

Remember avocado green appliances? I believe they were popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s . Last fall, my mother decided that this was the year that her almost forty- year- old refrigerator had to go. The green didn’t bother her, and it was working just fine, but she thought that at about forty years, she was pushing her luck that it would continue to work well. She felt should replace it now while she had the ability to shop around and make the best choice without being rushed because she was without a fridge.

So after learning that Amana, which was the brand she had and liked very much is now owned by Maytag and that the Amana models did not come in the larger size she preferred, my mother bought the Maytag model #MTB2195AEW on February 3, 2006. It is traditional in style with the freezer on top and has no accessories such as an icemaker or water dispenser. The refrigerator was delivered with a large dent in the front door and had to be returned for another one. The second one seemed fine and was installed. It has not been seven months yet and she has had five service calls and one more is scheduled for next week. Six service calls in six months!

The first call was for help with the installation of the shelves in the freezer. The instruction manual did not make it clear (and it does seem counterintuitive) that small pieces of plastic must be broken in order to make the shelves fit in the freezer. The serviceman helped with the shelves and ordered a new set of clips to hold the kickplate that was loose because of a broken clip. (It seems it was broken at the time of delivery.) We should have seen what was coming…

Call number two was regarding the freezer icing up. There were icicles in the freezer because the door was out of alignment. The hinges were replaced. Soon after this the bottom shelf in the refrigerator and the crisper began freezing. This brought about service call number three. These visits had all been with the local company that works with the store where the purchase was made. The repairman said he was unable to fix it although he thought the problem might be the thermostat. He referred her to Maytag and left an 800 number for her to call.

My mother called Maytag right away and was told that the soonest appointment would be two and a half weeks later. She waited and was rewarded at this, her fourth service call, by having the damper replaced. Within two days everything was freezing again on the bottom shelf and in the crispers. ( For those who don’t know, crispers are the bottom drawers in the fridge used for storing fruits and vegetables.) She called the Maytag folks again who told her she would need to wait another two and half weeks for service. When the repairman arrived for this fifth call, he looked at the fridge, told her that she should not place canned foods on the bottom shelf and that the crisper is supposed to freeze things. She suggested that she should just return it, to which he replied “You do that.” and he left.

avocado paintOne more call has been placed – to the store where she purchased this malfunctioning Maytag. They want another shot at fixing it. She is waiting yet another week for the service call and we all hope that they don’t send the repairman who referred her to Maytag customer service three calls ago because it seems that Maytag has no intention of offering service to this new ( and possibly former) customer.

This all makes me wonder why the old green fridge, which had almost no problems in it’s nearly forty years, lasted so long. Was the old Amana a better made appliance? Is Maytag, which has been known in the past for it’s high quality, losing its edge? Or does avocado green have a special effect on appliances?

It’s tempting to spend a few dollars at for some paint…


  1. What a pain. I really don’t think that companies make things with the ruggedness our parents took for granted. Those old steel beasts were solid. Now everything is built to match China’s prices as cheaply as possible. Slap a little shiny stainless steel on it maybe a cool lcd panel and double the price. Old stuff is much more solid.

  2. I too join the ranks of the people NOT happy with Maytag! My OLD Maytag washer and dryer lasted FOREVER! My husband replaced a couple of things himself and that’s all it needed in 20 years. We bought a NEW Maytag washer and Dryer in 2001 and it is NOT up to Maytag standards. The circuit board’s have replaced not once BUT 2 times!

    Now on to my biggest headache, the Fridge! It was the one that cost the MOST on the floor at Sears and we assumed it was GOLD like Maytag was at one time. We bought it just before the washer and dryer gave us headaches. The top shelve has broken twice and nothing really heavy is on it.
    THEFAN DRIVES US NUTS! Sears has been to our home so many times about that stupid fan! The service guy said to me that the fan housing is NOW PLASTIC so any movement to the fridge, it’ll start hitting and trust me it DOES!
    My husband now gets behind the fridge and it generally takes him 30 minutes or so each time to stop the clanking. It seems as soon he moves it back in place, it starts again!
    AT ONE time Maytag was the BEST and I respected the products. That has changed and I will NEVER again buy anything that they are related to in any way. Maytag now owns quite a few companies and I do my homework on products to avoid!
    They are making them so cheap now that you are forced to replace the product in a much shorter time and this does NOTHING good for the name of Maytag. Cheap is not better and it teaches us to look elsewhere. They make things to break so we are forced to replace them.

  3. I was just looking at buying model mff2558kew what was your model

  4. Our nightmare with Maytag was with the model: MTB2195AEW. Maytag’s response has been so unhelpful that it is currently sitting in a garage wrapped in duct tape. There’s a new, nicely working fridge sitting in the kitchen.

  5. Joanne Buda says:

    Our nightmare is also with Maytag refrigerator model: MTB2195AEW. It freezes everything in the bottom half. We had the thermostat replace once by Sears…that was a nightmare too…the part took forever to come and it worked for a week. Now they are trying to sell us the extended warranty

  6. Bill Rogers says:

    This whole story about the fridge is nothing compared to what I am STILL going through. We bought a Maytag Model MZD2666KEB side-by-side fridge/freezer, with water and ice on the door, last November. Our nightmare started in July. Here we are in the middle of October and I am still have the SAME problem that started in JULY. At first the refridgerator side, of our side-by-side, started freezing all the food. We made the call to have a service call made and was told 1-1/2 weeks. We had to throw away all the frozen spoiled food and buy the minimum food that would not be ruined by the freezing for the week and a half, try that with 3 growing kids. We dealt with it.

    Service guy comes and informs us that he has to order the part and it will be another 2 weeks, because of back order, to get the part. What are you going to do? We wait 2 weeks and no service guy. WE have to call THEM to find out, we are told, the part is back ordered and it MAY be in, in a couple more weeks.

    In the mean time the fridge side is working correctly on and off. The only way we knew the problem was starting to come back again was when the water on the door would stop working. Now, we are freezing ice to put into a cooler to keep some food around (milk, eggs, mayo, etc.). By the way, have you ever seen mayonaise or eggs after they have been frozen and thawed??

    It turns out the repair guy for our area was on vacation and they didn’t have anyone covering his calls. After some heated phone calls they sent out another guy who installed the part and left. Every thing seams fine. A couple of weeks go by, the fridge is well stocked again and the nightmare reaches a new low. The water on the door stops working one evening, the sign of bad things coming. I go to bed with the intention of calling service in the morning.

    Next morning I go to the kitchen to make some coffee. (I don’t do well without coffee in the morning.) I hear a strange sound coming from the fridge and open the door to the fridge.

    When I open the door to the fridge a FLOOD of water, the kind you see in cartoons, comes streaming out of the fridge flooding the kitchen into our living room, a bedroom and into the basement. I’m talking LOTS and LOTS of water. It seems the plastic around the water filter froze and broke so water was pouring into the inside of the appliance! The wood flooring in the living room is buckled and popping (ruined), carpet in the bedroom is molding (ruined)and the basement has and INCH of water in it with the ceiling stained and ready to fall (ruined). The strange noise I heard was water spraying into the INSIDE of the fridge. It probably was happening most of the night.

    Of course all this happens on Saturday morning with the Service Department closed on the LONG Columbus Day weekend, so the Service Department (oxymoron) is not in until TUESDAY.

    The technichan doesn’t get here until THURSDAY orders parts and won’t be back for A WEEK AND A HALF!!! Partly because the parts had to be ordered and because HE WAS GOING TO BE ON VACATION FOR A WEEK. I call Maytag directly and they register the complaint, “feel my pain” and basicly tell me they have no responsibility, but “have a nice day”. If you can top that it would make ME feel better that someone else is worse off.

    I never had a Maytag appliance before and never, never buy one again. If I hadn’t spent so much money on this fridge I would take it outside and set it on fire.

    The saga goes on.

  7. Today, we get more energy efficiency, but maybe less quality. What good is a fridge that lasts forever, if it hogs a ton of kilowatts? To achieve these high “Energy Star” ratings, requires control boards, just as in an electronic dishwasher, range, computer. The more gadgetry, the more likely something could fail. The good news is, there are on board diagnostic systems, accessable by highly skilled technichians.
    Anything made by human hands can break! It’s a fact of life! I was told once that the average is about 40% of the items made wil incurr a problem at some point during a white goods life span.
    The average life-span of a dishwasher is 7 yeas!
    General Electric builds a 20 year average life-span into a refrigerator! One purchased just 10-12 years ago will use about 40 to 60% more killowatts than a new energy star model. I believe the electronics have evolved a lot even in 5 years time. They are much more reliable.

  8. Call Maytag and Yell like a mad Person! I’ve done it!!!! Make them STAND behind their claims of Quality!!!!!—– or their JUNK, BUILT ?WHER-EVER?????

  9. call sears thats who owns them now

  10. maytagjoe says:

    there is a hole behind crisper drawer that needs to be plugged,roughly size of a dime it is for chilling meats etc… doesnt work just plug with paper towel or tape…remove right side drawer slide and rear housing youll see it

  11. Conveniently, my Maytag refrigerator died a few days after the two year warranty expired. I have a back-up refrigerator that is probably about 15 years old that has never been serviced and is working fine. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A MAYTAG OR ANY OTHER MAYTAG RELATED PRODUCT. I am looking at a $100 repair and I am really disappointed.

  12. My husband and I own a 4 year-old Maytag refrigerator #MTB1956GEW that sometimes cools and sometimes it doesn’t. The temperature control module was replaced because the freezer was icing over. That seemed to help for a while, but it’s still intermittent as to when it cools or not. Today, I suspect the freezer is iced over again. I’m vigilant about keeping those vents clear … When shopping for a refrigerator, I never once thought to ask, “Does it keep food cool?” Silly me!

  13. Joanne Buda says:

    My Maytag is working fine now….we put packing tape over some of the vents at the back/bottom. Too bad the Sears repairmen couldn’t fix it. I will never buy another Maytag product.

  14. Steven B says:

    We purchased in Sep 05 a MAYTAG Model MTF2195AEW (not sure of differences between MTB… & MTF…) and had similar probs with food freezing in back of bottom shelf of refrig (not crisper). This after having a M Wards for 25 yrs with relatively no probs. We paid for the extended Warrantee which shows the quality of products currently being sold.

    Does anyone know what publically owned company sells the Maytag products? (Maytag is not on the stock exchange). I would like to send a letter to the CEO/Pres that their product doesn’t work properly and they have lost my business as well as my relatives and friends.

  15. Steven B,
    Whirlpool now owns Maytag along with a host of other brands.

  16. I sadly own a Maytag wide by side refrigerator and a Maytag washer and dryer. They are the worst appliances I have ever owned. I will never by another Maytag, and no the Maytag repairman was not lonely in my house. My washer is constantly off balance even with the smallest lightest weight load, it has had the transmission replaced twice. My fridge freezes everything placed in any of the crisper drawers on on the shelves other than those on the door. The ice maker has broken so many times I have lost count. A good friend has the identical same appliances and her experience has been pretty much the same as mine. I warn everyone I hear talking about appliances to be smart and stay away from Maytag. Lonely repairman ha!

  17. We purchased a Maytag refrigerator because of their quality and within two years the water stopped flowing and shortly after that the the ice maker died. I purchased Jenn-Air appliances-dishwasher, refrigerator, stove top and double oven and now then found out that Maytag bought them out. After spending thousands of dollars on new Kitchen appliances I wonder if Jenn-Air’s quality has declined?

  18. Jim Mitchell says:

    We have a new Maytag refrigerator and it is garbage. Anything near the back freezes solid. If your turn the temp up in the fridge it is to warm in the rest of the fridge at > 38c. Called maytag and they said that is how they are as the cool air is brought down from the freezer at the back for cooling the fridge. The retail outlet will do nothing and Maytag will do nothing. Buyer beware of Maytag, Whirlpool and all of their subsidiaries.

  19. Appliance Guy says:

    I am a refrigeration tech, for a&e factory service aka Sears Home Services. First of all Maytag, Amana, and KitchenAide are all owned by whirlpool. So take them away and you have GE, Frigidaire, Haier and WORST OF ALL LG. So take your pick, GE, Frigidaire and Hair are all junk. and anybody stupid enough to spend $2500 on one of these LG korean designed/mexican made peices of junk deserves to have troubles. Maytag/Amana/Whirlpool are still the best by far. If you dont want to have trouble with a fridge, buy one with a thermostat, and defrost timer. All of you people who buy these fridges with circuit boards are asking for trouble. Most of these trios have more computers on them that Apollo 11! The only reason that all of these fridges have air dampers and circuit boards and tiny compressors on them is to meet stupid energy standards imposed by the same quacks who think the earth is warming.
    In conclusion the reason old fridges lasted so long is because the only parts on them were two fans, a thermostat, a defrost timer, a heater, a bimetal, and a giant compressor that used Freon R12. So dont blame the manufacturer blame society.

  20. j elohim says:

    The American Public (maybe worldwide? don’t know other countries)
    are being screwed, forced to accept refrigerators that are planned to last at most 7 or 12 years with 3 to 7 service calls in that time. The ‘supposed’ ‘good’ technology is stupid and fails often, and even if it worked ‘right’ it is bad bad bad, and also not good.
    That’s right, even if it worked, it is bad bad bad, and also not good. It is not right for the way they are BREAKING what did work.
    And, worse, it is ON PURPOSE. But who can complain, and who to ? No one up top in the industry listens – they are just PROFIT DRIVEN – GREEDY, and will not make a good appliance anymore. (I’ve been ‘in’ the industry for over 15 years, and every year the manufactured products get worse – even the 1500 dollar ones and up! )

  21. liz haley says:

    Yes, it has been 3 yrs 7/19/06 when I purchased my MayTag refrigerator model #MTB2195AEW. It started with a rather odd noise coming from the freezer, when I opened he fan facing, the cap to the fan had apparently fallen off. I decided… well, I guess I could find something to replace that piece, then I noticed that my milk wasn’t cold as I prefer. I pulled the refrigerator out thinking maybe there was dust in the coils and it needed a good vacuuming. Nope…none of this was going to be the answer to fixing this thing. It was going to have to be replaced. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never had to purchase a refrigerator after only 3 years use. It reminds me of the Hewlett Packard flat screen that lasted a full year, right after the warrenty is no longer good. Will never buy a MayTag anything again nor will I purchase a Hewlett Packard anything.

  22. I’m a former refrigeration and air conditioning contractor currently working for a major commercial and industrial manufacturer. I’m not involved with appliances however I am an educated consumer.

    I bought Maytag appliances just before they were bought by Whirlpool. The difference is between night and day. Whirlpool took so much cost out of the product after they aquired it that they turned the well trusted brand into cheap junk matching their major competitor GE.

    My first contact with LG products was during a tour of duty in Iraq as a Navy Seabee Reservist. The military bought some LG products such as ductless air conditioning units and a electrical components. Being in the trade I was impressed by the quality compared to the other made in China junk we were getting.

    Upon returning home I was faced with replacing a 5 year old GE drier. I looked at the new Maytag units and quickly decided that I would rather pay a little more, and not much more for better quality and a solidly earned reputation. I chose LG.

    GE was totally out of the question for two reasons 1. they have been involved with selling IED components among other things to Iran that were and still are being used to kill our troops. 2. their appliances are junk.

    I’m not only impressed with the quality compared to the price I paid but I have actually achived some energy savings. A few months later I bought a 42 inch LCD LG TV that replaced a 36 inch made in China junker. No regrets.