August 23, 2017

Electrolux Taps Kelly Ripa to Launch New Premium Kitchen Appliance Line in North America

Electrolux, makers of premium appliances for fine homes and restaurants in Europe for over 70 years and Europe’s leading premium appliance brand, is introducing a new line of stylish, high-performance kitchen appliances exclusively for North America. Called Electrolux, the new line of premium kitchen appliances is designed to help today’s multi-tasking moms do what they need — and love — to do — better, faster and easier.

In order to penetrate — and connect with — the on-the-go, do-it-all target (women, ages 35 – 54 who are juggling career, family and volunteer responsibilities, along with a love of entertaining), the European-based company is tapping America’s poster child for successful multi-taskers — Kelly Ripa — to star in a new campaign that will launch its newest premium appliance brand in North America.

The new advertising also heralds the arrival of Electrolux, Europe’s leading premium appliance brand, as a total home brand in North America. Well known in the U.S. for its high-end floorcare products with legendary reliability, Electrolux also makes some of the best known, most revered professional appliances in the world, including the Molteni range used by four star chefs, such as Gray Kunz, and Electrolux ICON(TM), its premium appliance line designed for home chefs seeking the ultimate in design and professional performance.

In a fresh departure from traditional appliance brand advertising, the new Electrolux campaign focuses on Kelly Ripa in her real life and about the relationship she has with her appliances. At the heart of the campaign is the powerful brand idea that Electrolux appliances are designed to help women who are already doing amazing things in their lives to be even more amazing.

The new Electrolux line includes more than 130 high-performance, stylishly designed products including freestanding and built-in dual-fuel, gas and electric ranges, wall ovens, gas and electric cook tops, induction hybrid cook tops, built-in and over-the-range microwaves, counter depth and standard depth refrigerators and freezers, refrigerator drawers, wine cooler and wine tower, beverage center, dishwashers, icemaker and complete line of ventilation systems. Long on style and innovation, Electrolux appliances are the result of a consumer-centric approach to looks and functionality.


  1. j m rutherford says:

    My Parents have always encouraged us to buy your products because, as my Father always said Buy the Best —- Get the Best —- yet, I just saw an ad with Kelly Rippa which I guess is a JOKE ???? She always said on her show with REGIS that she does NOT cook and if it was not for her Mexican Mother In_law, the Kids wpoud starve —- I feel that all of us who must work AND COOK are VERY insulted by Rippas antics (the commercial is NOT funny) and you, as a major Corporation should hang your head in shame.

  2. r christy says:

    I disagree with the poster above. I work very hard – cooking, cleaning and taking care of my two young children and yet, I still find time to have a sense of humor. Lighten up. 🙂

  3. You mean to tell me you have Chef Gretchen on your payroll and you have chose Kelly Ripa as your face??? Don’t quite get that one. Isn’t it common knowlege that she doesnt cook??

  4. Sean Lucas says:

    Words of marketing wisdom from an adminisrative assisant looking for brownie points. Besides, Chef Gretchen has been mia …

  5. Angry employee says:

    electrolux sucks anyway. They only promote certain people. You have to know someone. I made the same rate of pay for 2 1/2 years and no pay increase in site. The products suck as well as the customer service. The company needs a reality check. And I hope the turnover rate continues to increase. 🙂

  6. Interesting comments, and a great forum!

    My name is Kasper Hornfeldt and I am starting a global project for electrolux with blogs and internet forums in focus. I have tried to contact you before with out successes… Could you please send me your contact details (editor/writer) so that I can send you our latest information on products, concepts and campaigns. Our goal is to give you a sneak peek at our household appliances, design, campaigns, environmental issues and events

    Please feel free to mail me with any questions.

    Kasper Hörnfeldt

  7. Why would you want to buy electrolux appliances? Did you know that they are sending thousands of American jobs to Mexico? This is a pathetic company trying to make a bigger profit by using cheap labor and cheaply made, bad quality products.

  8. I sent this to a few IR people for Electrolux

    This is a pathetic company trying to make a bigger profit by using cheap labor and cheaply made, bad quality products. why would the American people want buy products that are taking jobs away from them. How can we afford to buy these products if we don’t have jobs to make the money to pay for them? It’s corporations like yours that are the reason the economy is in such a crisis. Keep jobs in America for American’s, WE are the people that buy your products and if it weren’t for us AMERICANS, your company wouldn’t be successful in the first place.

    Don’t you agree?

  9. WAY TO GO BUSH !!! For selling our seaports! Oh, don’t forget NAFTA

  10. Gary Cassis, Sanford NC says:

    Not that this has anything to do with Kelly Ripa, but who better than the company’s “face” to run this Dishwasher problem through? I’ve got a Model #GLD2350RCS1 that is deterioating the underside of my Kitchen Laminate Countertop. The purchase of this Frididaire Dishwasher 4-5 years ago was part of a total kitchen remodel/renovation – from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. This problem is disturbing and is not “setting right with me at all”. The problem can likely be due to heat or steam or both escaping from the dishwasher, causing the particle board underside of the countertop to flake, showing up on the top of the dishwasher door ridge and the bottom of the door. It’s not the heat or steam discharged from the door vent which is on the left-hand side of the dishwasher door; the problem is occuring above the right hand side of the door. And I’ve confirmed that the dishwasher was originally installed properly. What has prompted this complaint effort stems from the company’s lack of technical support. The only online or phone contacts are the Customer Service and Parts departments. Currently, the only resolution is to call one of the company’s local service repair providers. Our finances at this time does not warrant paying someone to come out to my home, diagnose the problem, ordering part(s) and then returning to install or repair the dishwasher. We’re talking about a $20 part, assuming the Tub Gasket, versus service charges from their local service provider from $100 to $200. Based on the circumstances and the likely source of the problem, I think Frigidaire should help me diagnose the problem over the phone for an educated solution. The cost of the part(s) and repair labor should be on me. So I’m quite disatisfied with Frigidaire’s support at this time.

  11. WOW! Perhaps Electrolux should have picked an average person, like me, to promote the brand. I thought I was in love with all of them. My husband and I are in the first stage of a kitchen redo, deciding on appliance brand. Looked at several and narrowed it down to Electrolux or Bosch. We are seriously leaning toward Electrolux, but not without much reservation. Does anyone have anything good to say about the kitchen appliances? Our kitchen remodel is long overdue and will only happen once, so getting the best that our budget allows is obviously very important. My first vacumm was an Electrolux and it was great 20 plus years ago. Look forward to good new.
    Thanks for your help.

  12. Please do not even think about Electrolux. Microwave caught on fire 2 x, once in front of serviceman they sent out. Still they want to sand down the melted inside cabinet and paint it. What????? I am going through hell trying to get this replaced. Not only is it dangerous to have in my house, but it is MELTED from the heat and it is ugly. Customer service is trained to just get rid of you right off the bat by making ridiculous quick fixes hoping you will just go away. If your microwave does catch on fire, don’t put the fire out. Just let it burn the sucker up so they can’t fix it. Just kidding about that, but I’m sure that would get them to replace it if they can pry it from the wall.

  13. Hi Electrolux,

    Thank you for recongnizing that we all do mult-tasking and
    we do what we need-and love- and to do it better and faster and easier and to be even more amazing and extradinary just like Kelly Ripa.
    I’m asking in writting that you help me Bonnie Conway from Monroeville, Pittsburgh Pa 15146 and can you please gift me your beautiful designed and professional performance appliances. I love your product We just do not make that kind of salary to afford your appliances Please think about it and just let me know. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  14. Electrolux makes the worst refrigerators available. Not only does the product fail to perform it’s basic functions, they do not stand behind it. They have come up with no repair solutions and have not provided a replacement appliance for their poorly designed and poorly functioning French Door Refrigerator.

    I can’t believe that Kelly Ripa would promote such a poorly made product.

  15. Dawn Day-Ahlers says:

    I purchased an Electrolux double wall oven under warranty Sears (who I bought it from) came out several times to repair the oven and each service tech admitted no one knows how to fix these I contacted sears and they said they no longer sell the product I contacted electrolux and they said at my cost they would diagnose the product with no guarantees I told them the product is a lemon and they said its not their problem unless i was willing to pay to have them come out I have spent several days having this product repaired taking off of work for repair service I thought Electrolux would back their product but they basically said it was my problem So much for customer service I am still having the same problem since day one Unless someone else steps up to bat I plan on letting the public know not to purchase this very expensive yet pretty unreliable product