August 19, 2017

Home Appliance News Survey – 7 September 2006

It’s a short week and I’m still not convinced the summer is “officially over”, so blogging is going to be light today with some links to useful resources:

  • A site called Kensington Bungalow is writing a diary about renovating their house. Today’s entry is called DIY Appliance Repair.
  • eCoupons is providing appliance coupons good through September 9 for items from Best Buy.
  • A site I’ve just discovered, Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles, has a nice piece about Sears Appliance Outlets. While the article is focused on Southern California, you can find a Sears Appliance Outlet by entering your zip code, unchecking All Sears Stores and checking Sears Appliance Outlet Stores: Discontinued or slightly blemished appliances at reduced prices near the bottom of the page.
  • Savvy Saver has a piece this week entitled You too can be an appliance repair person!. Even better is their dishwasher – specific article Repair or replace?

That’s it for now.


  1. My wife and I bought a washer and Dryer at the sears appliance outlet. Greatest find ever. We got basically new stuff for almost 40% off. Got full Sear warranties etc. Just a little bit dinged up. But its going in a laundry room anyways so who cares about the ding. Its already gotten a few natural dings since then. Great tip