January 23, 2018

Five Appliances That Can Help You Save Money

 Many Americans are finding themselves looking for ways to save money. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) has come up with a list of five appliances that may already be in your home, which can help you save money.

Coffeemakers —Save on pricy coffeehouse blends by brewing your morning cup at home. Resisting a three dollar cup of coffee will save you nearly $1,000 per year!

Freezers —Stock up on frozen foods when they are on sale. In 2008, shipments of home freezers were up five percent as consumers started to realize the savings in stocking up on frozen sale items. Also, remember to shop for an ENERGY STAR freezer to save even more on energy costs.  

Water filters —Use a water filtration system in your refrigerator instead of buying bottled water. This practice will save you money, and will help the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles that clog landfills.  

Portable electric heaters —Turn down the heat and use portable heaters in rooms that are used frequently. Keeping the thermostat down will save money while portable heaters provide direct and quick warmth.  

Electric Oven—An electric oven turned on for 1 hour on 350ºF only uses 2kWh of electricity, costing just 24 cents. The cost of dining out can add up quickly. Try cooking at home for a low-cost meal.

For more tips for saving money and energy around your home, visit www.aham.org/consumer.


Jenn-Air’s Convenience Oven

Sometimes all you need is a little extra help. Jenn-air’s convenience oven is just 22 inches high with a 1.2 cubic foot interior. It would be just the thing for a mini kitchen in a guest house or family room. It can bake, broil, toast or warm and the small interior heats up more quickly than a larger oven. Because it is built in, it saves counter space too. Once again though, convenience comes at a price- about $1200 – $1500.



* Cook & Hold, Favorite Setting And Keep Warm™ Oven Options.
* Customization Options Include Control Lockout And 72-Hour Sabbath Mode.
* Delay-Start Cooking And Cleaning.
* Electronic Controls With Keypad Entry Include Clock With Timer.
* Bake/Broil/Toast Capabilities With Hi/Lo Temperature Broiling.
* CustomClean™ Self-Cleaning Oven With Auto Lock.
* Extra-Large Panaview™ Oven Window.
* Four-Pass Broil Element.
* Halogen Lighting Of The Oven Interior.