December 8, 2019

Bendix is Back

Marking the return of one of America’s most historic brands, a new line of home appliances has been unveiled under the venerable Bendix name.  Bendix Home Appliances invented the first front-loading washer in 1937. A  predecessor to today’s high efficiency front-loading washing machines, by the 1950s, Bendix was the top selling washer in the United States. Other home appliances followed, including a line of Bendix televisions and refrigerators.

Beginning February 3, 2010 with a selection of highly efficient washers, dryers and washer dryer combinations, the new Bendix line will be available online at and through select U.S. dealers and distributors. Large capacity washers and dryers are also slated for release in later 2010. “The line will initially focuses on smaller energy efficient laundry machines, particularly ventless stackable sets and combos,” said Michael Lee, principal at JMM Lee Properties, LLC, the owner of the Bendix trademark. The Bendix line will cater to retail consumers and wholesale building accounts alike.

The first selection of Bendix washers are undergoing ENERGY STAR certification, which will likely qualify the products for U.S. Government efficiency rebates slated to go into effect in spring 2010. In addition to pending ENERGY STAR certification, the ventless dry system used in Bendix washer dryer combinations and stand-alone dryers, use 2/3 less energy compared to standard household vented dryers. “Green building is now done for more than just bragging rights,” said Lee, “It’s a significant selling point and consumers know what questions to ask and what products are most efficient.”

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