September 25, 2017

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  1. Tena Britt says:

    We bought a GE profile refrigerator at Lowes 2 years ago. It has had to be repaired 4 times, since then. Four times in 2 years, we have had spoiled food, water all over the floor, and an average of a week without a refrigerator. In researching it I find that GE has had something like 2 recalls on their refrigerators, so I shouldn’t be surprised I suppose, and yes we should have done our homework better. The real disappointment has been Lowes. We have shopped at Lowes a lot because we thought they had good customer service. With the refrigerator, it has been an ordeal. First they delivered a refrigerator that didn’t work, had cut wires inside, and had stains on the shelves. The repairman said “Oh yes, this is the refrigerator that those other people sent back”. We returned it. Then they delivered our current refrigerator, which of course has died 4 times. The good news is that we bought the service plan, which includes a “lemon law”. The bad news is that lemon law doesn’t seem to mean anything, in reality.