July 17, 2019

Buying a Used Appliance

Washing machines and other hardworking appliances seem to know the worst times to breakdown. With the economy causing most of us to be careful with our spending, replacing a major appliance is not high on anyone’s to-do list. Sometimes your just need a few more months out of the machine before a big move or remodel, but then it happens, the squealing, leaking and motor problems – time for a new unit.

A second-hand washer, dryer or refrigerator can be just what you need. We’ve got some suggestions on where and how you can get what you need.

    Buy used appliances at furniture stores. Most of these stores have a section for used appliances and furniture that people have traded in. Check to see if there is a warranty left or if it is “as is.” Some stores offer their own short return period of thirty to sixty days.

    Check the want ads in your local newspaper for used appliances. If you see an ad for something you want, make an appointment to go inspect the appliance. These will be “as is” so make sure the appliance is fully functional before you buy.

    Go online to online stores that sell used appliances. Make sure to inquire about the return policy and ask if there is a warranty on the appliance.

    Visit flea markets in your area to find used appliances to buy. Most of the time these will be “as is” so make sure you plug it in and find out if it works before you buy.

    Find out about neighborhood garage sales to buy used appliances. These are usually advertised by people putting notices around the neighborhood, stating when and where the sale will be held.

    Search craigslist.org for used appliances in your area. Again,be certainthe appliance is in working order as there will be no warranty.

    Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.CPSC.gov) for any recalls on the appliance you find.

Buying a used appliance can be a smart choice, as with any large purchase, do your research and shop carefully.