August 17, 2019

Whirlpool’s New SpeedCook Oven

Whirlpool’s New SpeedCook combines a microwave with a true convection oven and range hood.  The  SpeedCook appliance is a True Convection oven, a g2Max® SpeedCook oven, a  microwave and a steamer all in one. 

 Typically, microwave ovens operate on HIGH power only. For example, to achieve a 50% power level (“medium”) in a typical microwave oven, the microwave oven operates 50% of the time at HIGH power and 50% of the time OFF.  In contrast,  this microwave system delivers the selected power level continuously. This constant stream of microwave power helps to minimize overcooking of foods and messy food spatters.

The microwave system features the 6th SENSE™ cooking system. A humidity sensor in the microwave oven cavity detects moisture and humidity emitted from food as it heats. The sensor adjusts cooking times to various types and amounts of food. Sensor cooking takes the guesswork out of microwave cooking.

A 1,000-watt halogen bulb with a 500-watt quartz bulb to serve as the grill element for various cooking functions.  This allows browning which is not usually possible in a microwave.

The oven’s convection system is composed of a convection element, which heats in conjunction with the convection fan for true convection cooking. The system is embedded in the wall of the microwave oven cavity, behind the protective screen.

On the outside, a glass LCD screen makes programming simple and easily visible. You can choose from a handy 30-second cook option and many resets to cook different sorts of food. There are also speed cook, “keep warm,” and childproof options on the oven.  Other options include the option to turn off the turntable and instructions for using the oven to proof a loaf of bread.

This sounds like a real multipurpose appliance.  It retails starting at $919.

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