September 23, 2017

Review: KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

KitchenAid produces a whole line of stand mixers with a range of sizes and power to suit your particular needs. Recently, we reviewed the KitchenAid Professional 600 series here and found it to be a powerhouse that can tackle truly large jobs with ease. Now we’ll take a look at the Artisan stand mixer, also a KitchenAid product.

The Artisan has a 5 quart capacity bowl which can knead 9 cups of flour with its 67 point planetary mixing action. Our first thought on seeing this beauty was that it seemed small enough to be used in most any size kitchen, yet sturdy enough to tackle any job. So we put it to work.

Let’s start with ease of use- the dough hook, flat beater, and wire whip all attach with a simple push and twist. Just reverse the maneuver to remove them. The bowl also stays put easily with a counterclockwise turn to lock it in place. The rubberized feet keep it from moving around while mixing heavy doughs. We tested this while making 9 cup batches of bread dough and this machine performed beautifully, producing a firm dough in just about 5 minutes without even getting warm. Although the Artisan weighs over 22 pounds, I did not find it too difficult to maneuver around the countertop.

We put this mixer through a range of jobs, using the whip, dough hook and flat beater all of which come with the mixer. We brought egg whites to very stiff peaks in under 5 minutes, mixed countless batches of cookies, cakes, and loaves of bread. One my new regular tasks for this mixer is making our favorite banana bread by using the flat beater to mash the bananas first, and then adding the rest of the ingredients to the bowl. It comes out great and I have only one dirty bowl to wash. Each experience endeared this machine to me more.

I am a hardcore mix-by-hand baker and use a hand mixer sparingly for jobs like meringues and whipped cream, but this mixer has changed the way I bake. If you are a frequent baker and have the space (Maybe you can make the space!) to leave this out on the counter, I believe you will find that you turn to it as your first choice for mixing.

Product Features

Mixer Style Tilt-head
All-Metal Construction
Direct Drive Transmission
Bowl Finish Polished Stainless Steel
Bowl Handle Contoured
Motor Wattage 325 Watts
Flour Power™ Rating 9 Cups
Mixing Bowl Capacity 5 Quart
Planetary Mixing Action 67 Point
Mixing Speeds 10
Multi-purpose Attachment Hub
Flat Beater
‘C’ Dough Hook
Wide Chute Pouring Shield
5 Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl w/Handle
Wire Whip
Weight 22.8 US pound
Depth 14 3/32 in.
Height 13 29/32 in.
Width 8 21/32 in.

If you want to read more about the Artisan Stand Mixer, click here for the Care and Use Guide.


  1. Brooke K. says:

    I have just purchased a Black Kitchenaid “Deluxe 5 Edition” series Standalone Mixer. It imparts a 450W output but I do not have a clue as to the “INPUT” wattage that the motor generates. Kitchenaid does not tell it’s consumers this information. It is the input wattage that I am most interested than the output as printed on the box. I still have my old mixer (300W) “Ultra Power” mixer which still works OK as it imparts a funny smell and noise when working it hard. It will be perfect for cottage life but no longer meets my needs in kneading heavy cookie and bread dough, thereby the reason I have now upgraded in going to a more powerful motor (I hope)!
    Can anyone tell me what the input wattage power is with this mixer? Also does anyone have the same model as I have now and if so, how do you find it? Any noticeable problems or quirks? I purchased it at a local outlet store in Cookstown, Ontario with their saying it is a “G2″…meaning it has never been back to the manufacturer for repair…that they got these models in offering them for $199.00 each due to less than perfect, damaged boxes that the mixers come in. With my purchase I have only a one-year warranty through the store which I feel is not long enough for a product such as this. I am abit leary with this mixer just because of where I bought it and for the price I paid for it ($199.00)! Also I couldn’t get over how cheaply the wire whisk is compared to the stainless steel mixer that came with my older White model (Ultra Power) standalone mixer. Why has Kitchenaid made the whisk with cheap aluminium instead of sturdy stainless steel. I am not terribly impressed with this newer version whisk at all. I would like to request Kitchenaid in sending me a proper steel whisk than keep this less than comparable one. Perhaps they could do this for me? In the end…I hope I didn’t get a lemon mixer as I do believe in Kitchenaid products and stand behind their dependability.
    Brooke Knight
    Bradford, Ontario