June 16, 2019

Downsizing? Some Choice Advice for Baby-Boomers

As the population ages, many people choose to move to smaller homes or condos for ease of maintenance.  Some Baby-Boomers are purchasing smaller, second homes that can become retirement homes in the future. 

Marriette Mifflin at about.com advises:

Take a serious look at your appliances, large and small, and consider their age, general condition, capacity, performance, and how likely you are to use them in the future. Consider the impact of moving certain appliances. Older refrigerators or freezers may not survive a physical relocation and would be best replaced for the new home.

Replacing older appliances for more efficient ones will save you energy dollars and the outlay to purchase now, will hopefully provide you with many years of trouble-free use. Replacing later on a limited budget may be more difficult.

We all have our favorite appliances and housewares, but most of us have items that we actually like, but seldom use for whatever reason. And, we often store appliances that aren’t working quite right, for disposal at some undetermined time – well now is the time. When you’re faced with moving, re-evaluating and de-cluttering is a must.

A second or retirement home may be smaller than the family home you’ve spent many years in new appliances should be evaluated accordingly.

Do you really need a high capacity washer and dryer, or would a compact set be sufficient? What size of refrigerator is adequate? Maximize counter space by choosing space-saving appliances and limiting counter presence by importance, and storing the rest.
Consider handling and ease of operation. Choose a vacuum that you can easily lift and maneuver, or consider an upright that may be easier to handle. When buying a new laundry set, the optional pedestal drawers do add to the cost, but may greatly increase the ease of transferring clothes and reducing back strain. An upright freezer may be more accessible for you than a chest model.

It is worth the investment of some careful planning now– it could pay off with some serious savings financially and emotionally, in the future.