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Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : washer/dryer not getting hot

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washer/dryer not getting hot


10:23 am
August 5, 2009



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The more a keep looking at this machine the more it looks laike a Equator brand. I think they are still around, but probaly won't have anything under the “Indesit” name.  Probaly would be better off replacing unit.  

5:30 pm
August 4, 2009


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this is an off brand off a machine made by Heier. they use a condensation drying system. they're not supposed to get “hot” but may feel warm. GOOD LUCK finding a schematic they about non existent the one I managed to get for this machine, direct from the manufacter mind you, was so poor quality I couldn't make out anything but a bunch of lines with blurry writing. The company went bankrupt early 2007, so once again good luck

6:59 am
August 3, 2009



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Hey sorry it took so long to answer, been on vacation,  I do not have any info on that brand or model, from what I see in pictures it looks like one of the heater terminals does not have a wire to it. I can not tell who makes the machine. There ought to be a wiring diagram on it somewhere. From what you have said, it sounds like a power issue. I would be very careful about that, when you have bad power connections, they  pull higher amps and tend to melt wires. NOT A GOOD THING.        

10:42 am
July 22, 2009



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Hi, I'm hoping ServiceTech will be by soon with some help.  He knows his stuff, so hang in there.

11:16 am
July 21, 2009




Sounds like you need a schematic.   Or an old appliance repair guy.  Young guys just swap circuit boards without any real handle on how the things really work.  We don't have that brand around here.   Good luck.


6:28 am
July 21, 2009


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I have just moved into a house and the dryer doesn't appear to be working

on the Indesit WDG1195W washer/dryer machine that is installed it turns

but is not drying clothes or getting warm. Apparently it has a 'self cleaning'

filter and I can't see one in an obvious place being a novice and pretty much

clueless with washing machines etc one odd thing I notice is the power light

above the on and off switch intermittently flickers on and off it's sporadic

more like a bad earth/ground somewhere. I popped the lid off and found this:

First of all whoever had been in this last had done a really bad job with

cutting the main power wire off to wire it up to the mains as there was

straggles of wire hanging out of it. But also noticed these two plugs taped up..

One with brown and black wire:

and one with two brown wires:

The only spare terminals I can see where they could/should? be attatched

to is here:

and possibly on the selector dial here

(that last one is probably an unlikely guess but since I know nothing

about these. Or why indeed the previous occupier or whoever decided to unplug these I'm finding it difficult to suss out. Any ideas where these two plugs should attach to or any other ideas?

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