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wash times


10:33 am
February 10, 2008



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I contacted Fisher-Paykel whose representative declined to give an answer to your detergent question.  Instead he suggests that you call and they will answer the question directly to you.  I spoke to a rep in Southern California who said the number I used is fine and he supplied a second one, both of which he said will get you an answer 24/7.  The numbers are:

(888) 936-7872

(800) 863-5394

Try it and please let us know what you learn.

11:04 am
February 8, 2008




I have a Fisher and Paykel a New Zealand product. I am not sure how much detergent to use. The information that came with my machine was not helpful and the number to call given in the information is a NZ number. It doesn’t go through always.  When I did reach them, they couldn’t give me a satisfactory answer because they only use powdered detergent in NZ. Some support!  I not convinced that my laundry is getting clean. This is a top loader that is also considered to be HE. I have been told that I can use either regular detergent or HE detergent. HE detergent is not required. I need advice as to how much to use of either kind.  I would prefer to know how much in terms of something measurable like TBS or 1/8c. etc. Just saying 1/8 of a capful is too hard to measure because the various caps vary in size and shape. How do I find other Fisher and Paykel owners? I feel like I am in some sort laundry "twilight zone". Would appreciate any enlightenment. EMock

10:21 pm
February 6, 2008



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Thank you for posting and keeping us up to date. I’m so glad you seem to be resolving this.  It’s bad enough that the laundry pile seems endless, it would be nice if the job was uncomplicated, wouldn’t it?

I’d suggest using only about a tablespoon of super (3x)concentrated detergent.  When  using other brands, I find that half of the smallest amount usually works best.  That’s about 2 tablespoons more or less. You can  add bleach or an "oxy" type booster.  Those don’t effect the wash time. 

It does take a while to figure out what works for each individual machine.  Water hardness, detergent type and load size will be factors as well.

5:23 pm
February 6, 2008




Well, I used even less detergent, and the time greatly improved. Now I can’t wait to do another load! Now, I’ll even save on detergent. I can’t believe how little I had to use. It is concentrated, I never used the top line to measure with, just slightly lower than the bottom line. Now, I use even less. Hopefully this is the problem. I will keep you up to date with it. Thanks for all of your input.


5:24 pm
February 3, 2008




Hello there and thanks for your responses. I have a Sears machine and I called them today, a repairman will be out next week. Even with the HE detergent, I’ve tried using even less, b/c I did read that it could be an issue and make the machine work longer and harder.I’m thinking maybe there could be a timer issue for some reason. I just don’t get it. I will let you know how I make out with it, though.


1:26 pm
February 3, 2008





I also found that cutting back on detergent helped.  My clothes still come out perfectly clean.

10:57 pm
February 2, 2008



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I do have a couple suggestions to try.  First, you can use less detergent than the bottle suggests. Maybe your machine is trying to rinse out excess soap. Second, even if the load is not too large, having a mixture of clothes somehow helps.  For example, mix towels, socks and t-shirts rather than do a load of just towels.

If you can tell us what brand of washer you have, I can try to find out more information for you. You can also try this yourself by contacting customer service for the company, or even the store where you purchased the machine.

I hope this is helpful.

5:25 pm
February 1, 2008




I have a new front load washer and the wash times take forever. If it should be a 54 min wash it takes more like 2 hrs, same thing with the "express" wash, it doubles from a 27 min wash. This is so frustrating to me. I use HE detergent and I don’t overload. I am about to send this thing back. Is this the norm for these washers, and if so, how do you save on electric? Thank you for any replies.

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