November 25, 2015

Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : Need new washer for early onset Alzheimer's patient.

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Need new washer for early onset Alzheimer’s patient.


3:26 pm
May 21, 2011




An alternate model would be Whirlpool's WTW4950XW. Same size, same controls, similar features, and also retails at Lowe's for $549.

3:01 pm
May 21, 2011




Hi Jim,

You're right, front-loaders are very efficient, but they can be a lot to handle if you're not familiar with them.

I have dealt with many senior citizens and people with Alzheimer's in my job at Lowe's, and I usually recommend a high-efficiency top-load washer. Many of them look and feel very similar to what your wife is used to, but they also offer a lot in capacity and efficiency. Most will use anywhere from 18-32 gallons of water per load, compared to 40-60 in a regular top-load, and can save up to 68% on energy as well. They still require HE detergents, just like the front-loads, and they will take about an hour for an average size load, but they are a great compromise.

My favorite model of this type is the Maytag Centennial 4.3cf, model # MVWC400XW. It has all the efficiency of its big brothers in the Bravos line, but instead of spacey control panels and specialty cycles, the Centennial is nice and simple, with knob controls. You can special order it at your local Lowe's- at my store, it retails for $549.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

Vicki Temple- Lowe's Appliance Specialist, Store #2405.

9:32 am
April 28, 2011




I have a friend who bought herself a used dryer off Craigslist.  The guy refurbished them and sold them as his business.  Seems fine, and its been a few years now.

10:30 am
April 27, 2011



posts 59


How about buying a used, refurbished washer that is a few years old and similar to what you already have?  The changes won't be so diffficult for yor wife, but the newer washer will be more efficient.  Resale stores generally offer some warranty (usually 6-12 months) on their appliances.

10:18 pm
April 24, 2011

Jim Cramer



We've had a large, heavy-duty Whirlpool top-loader for 17 years, and had no trouble at all from it. Recently, however, it's been making some odd noises and I think it's getting close to it's use-by date. Here's the problem – my wife has early to mid Alzheimer's. She still likes to do the laundry. The Whirlpool has 3 controls – low or high water level, wash and rinse temperature and a rotary programme selector.

We don't need a large machine as there is only the two of us. Front loaders appear to be the most efficient and they use less water, but their controls also seem more complicated. The top-loader models also seem not as easy to operate as the old models. Angela gets a bit stressed-out when faced with anything confusing. All we want is an efficient, reliable washing machine that is simple to operate.

I'd appreciate any advice anyone out there could give me – thank you in advance.


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