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Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : Toxic smell from oven

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Toxic smell from oven


8:24 pm
September 6, 2010




Pat…..I've got the same problem.  I got my Kenmore glass top range 2 years ago and the oven had a strange smell first time I used it.  Called in and a tech came out and told me that was the 'new' which had to burn off.  Well, I live alone and used it maybe 4 or 5 times since at low temps, 325.  Yesterday I did a cheesecake at 375.  After 30 minutes there were toxic fumes and smoke coming from the oven.  Open windows and doors, turn on the fans, still my eyes burned……it took hours for the house to clear out.  There was a pool of black sludge in the bottom of the oven, that's what smelled so bad.  I cleaned it out after it cooled as best as I could.  This is a continuous clean oven.  There was nothing on the walls or floor when I put the cheesecake in and it didn't leak!  I'm afraid to use it again.  Sears just says they'll send out a tech for $129 so he can assess the situation and then charge me for repairing it!!!!  I've had a headache since.  Where to report this????  Any ideas?Cry

6:41 am
June 1, 2009



posts 160


Again I would get someone to check the Air adjustment on these units. If you are not ajusted right all the gas will not be burned correctly and can smell real bad. Is anyone able to look at the flames in there ovens?  They should be very blue with very little yellow [tips only]  or not  “rolling” up into oven. Also what gas are they running on? Sometimes orfices don't get changed or adjusted right.  That is about the only trouble I have had with gas ranges in my neck of the woods.

9:07 am
May 27, 2009




I've never heard of Defy.  Who makes it?  I'd call them again if you haven't already and complain.  How do you cook anything?

1:25 am
May 23, 2009




We bought a new Defy oven two years ago. I have tried to get rid of the smell from the oven for the whole two years now with absolutely no success. The smell is just as strong as it was originally. The fumes that come from the oven are so bad that, even with all the doors and windows open, everybody in the house gets nauseous and dizzy. So obviously the fumes are toxic. I have washed out every corner of that oven and the elements over and over again. We also had en electrician put the oven on a long extension chord and left it on outside for an entire day. This made no difference whatsoever. My 4 year olds birthday is coming up in two weeks and I still can't bake him a cake! Does anybody else have a defy with the same problem or did we just buy a dud?

3:27 pm
April 18, 2009





Thanks for the input. This is a serious issue. Of course I would take note if there was any toxic fumes. oven cleaner used, painting in the area, etc. But I guess you gotta assume everything and anything here. This has been going on for about a month. I can't use the oven at all.

The igniter glows only when I have the oven on. It does not glow when the oven is turned off. Now that I remember, it does glow immediately when I turn if on until the thermocouple opens. I guess it would stay on standby regardless of temperature reached.

I've never heard of this before. It is really wierd.

6:49 am
April 14, 2009



posts 160


Is it the oven ignitor that you replaced?  When you say it “stays on” you mean glowing? It should not be on  [Glowing]  when oven is turned off.  That is how the oven igniites and allows gas to enter oven is with the “Glow Bar”, it works off amperage.  As far as your smell you may have a air issue, is it on Natural or L.P. gas?  

11:46 pm
April 12, 2009




Shooboo, yes yes.  Same here exactly!

Hi Paula!  Yes yes, I also have the toxic plastic smell coming from a  new Kenmore electric glasstop range as well. The top burners emit the same toxic smell initially and  still lingers, my instinct says this is NOT GOOD. It is scarey to the point I am afraid to use the inside oven in particular.

After following instructions that said “remove live birds ” from environment, (recall why coalminers used canaries?) turn on oven to 400-degrees for 30 mins..  Well, I left it going for 1 hour with a fan aimed to push the fumes out of the back door.

I then washed the inside of the oven with hot water and a mild soap thinking any contaminants were gone by the time I baked a chicken last night.

Then I thought I would try the “self cleaning” feature.  The toxic plastic smell was 5 times WORSE, set up the fan aiming the fumes out the door again.

My son was unable to eat his dinner.

No one can tell me this is a SAFE oven.  The materials used to make this monster are poisonous throughout.  It is abundantly clear to me using this will expose us daily to toxins that surely cause serious health issues.Frown

9:46 pm
April 12, 2009




Did you clean it with a strong oven cleaner?  Maybe its still in there.

10:39 am
April 10, 2009




I have a Tappan Millenia which emits an extremely toxic smell, something like burning plastic. I put a new igniter in about 2 years ago, and that seems to be working…it does glow even when the burner is not on. Is that the way it normally functions, staying on until it opens the thermocouple to light the burner again?

I have no idea what it could be. The smell is overwhelming – it's not subtle. I took all the racks out and it still does it.

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