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Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : Strange Jenn Air Problem

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Strange Jenn Air Problem


8:18 am
October 12, 2009


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Sorry for the delay. No internet at home until Sunday night…

The GE microwave is a GE Profile JES2251SJ. The Panasonic is a NN-SD9875.

I put a hand held scope meter on another circuit and watched as I turned on the microwave. I have a nice steady sine wave on hot, neutral, and ground while the microwave is off. As soon as it starts, there is all sorts of noise on both the neutral and ground. They both get “ragged”.

I tried an inline filter from Newark:…..S/3902.xml

I was hoping for the best from a $5 filter, but as expected, this thing only filters the input, not the output.

This seems to be some inverter technology phenomenon. Maybe most people just don't notice?

Maybe this relay for this burner is just too sensitive?

Any recommendations on a choke on the output? Should I just replace the relay (infinite switch-custom) and hope that the new one is less sensitive? Should I just go with a non-inverter technolgy microwave?


6:22 am
October 8, 2009



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Sorry I misunderstood about the Hot light.  I would think there would be a line filter on the M/W. About every M/W that I run nowadays has one. I have not seen the inverter type, yet.  Do you know the model number for the GE one? I have no way of looking up Panasonic, but I can look up the GE. I can pull a wiring diagram and see if a filter is on it. 

7:09 am
October 6, 2009


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CryI wired the house myself. It is a 400 amp service with two 200 amp panels. The stove is a dedicated 50 amp circuit and the microwave is a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I can move the microwave to any 20 amp service in the house (even in a different panel from the stove) and I still get the same clicking.

I now know that the pencil probe is not an element, but is a temperature probe (just a simple 2 wire RTD). The red light on the stove (hot light) only comes on when I unplug the rtd (and when it is hot). This is correct. I can find nothing wrong with the stove. The element nor the rtd are bad. They both work correctly.

It looks to me like the inverter technology microwave is putting some high frequency “noise” on the line. I say this because I tried an old 1000w tried and true non-inverter microwave and the clicking does not happen. Granted, the new microwave is 1200w, but so is the jacuzzi heater and it causes no problems.

I am now trying to find information or someone who has seen these new inverter technology microwaves put high frequency noise on the lines. There should be some sort of filter for this? I would assume that someone else has seen this interference with a TV, PC, phone, or something???

7:09 am
October 5, 2009



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I have not ever had this exact problem. The reason the “Hot Light” is staying on is that the sensor [I take it thats the pencil shape item you are describing, is bad] the only way to replace it is replaceing the whole element. Do you know if they ran a separate power line to the Micro or did they just pull a line off of the stove ?

8:25 pm
October 1, 2009





I have a Jenn-Air range (JES8850BAS). The problem is that when I start my microwave (a 1200W Panasonic unit with Inverter technology, or a 1200W GE unit with Inverter technology – both brand new to rule out microwave initially), the relay for the left burner for the range clicks on and off (no lights or anything, just one of the ice cube relays clicking). This burner features an ultra low and ultra high setting. Initially thought I had a bad neutral somewhere (new construction). I have now ruled this out through much investigation. I have taken the glass top off and investigated. On the front left burner of this range is a pencil shaped probe (element?) that I assume is used for the ultra low or ultra high feature of this burner. If I unplug this element, the clicking stops. The only problem is that when I unplug this element (pencil shaped probe), the “hot” light comes on on the stove top. I am reading over 1000 ohms on this “element” when cold. Any ideas? Anyone heard of interference like this from a microwave? Bad element? Bad switch? Help, please…..

Do I need to scope the power while the microwave is on???

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