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please educate me – I need a new dishwasher


5:54 pm
March 18, 2008




Granted the Bosch diswasher is smaller, 14 place settings to Maytag or KA 16 place settings, but it cleans just a good and is made in New Bern, North Carolina. Bosch is a German based company but has manufacturing plant(s) in the US. Sears doesn’t make any of their appliances as they count on W/P, Maytag, GE, etc to make them. ALL they do is stick their name on them. I, personally, own a Fisher-Paykel double drawer D/W and I love it.

7:32 pm
March 4, 2008




If you are looking for a large interior I would not consider the Bosch. Go to the store and you can fit the rack inside of a KitchenAid rack. The Bosch interiors are one of the smallest. Maytag also offers condensate dry on many of their stainless steel dishwashers. They aren’t as quiet but blow away Bosch and others when it comes to cleaning and drying performance. They will be much quieter though then your present Dishwasher. Also no filter to clean on KA or Maytag unlike the Bosch. Sears makes a high efficiency  DW that is 47 db and has excellent cleaning but it is about a $1000. By the way the Maytag and KA are both built in the U.S.A.

4:41 pm
February 13, 2008



posts 59

3 has an article about choosing a dishwasher that you might find helpful. You can view it here: Choosing kitchen appliances dishwashers/ You can also check our archives or use the search box at the top of the page to help yourself learn more.

10:16 pm
February 7, 2008




bittersweet said:

I am wondering if anyone can help to educate me and help me decide on a replacement for my current ( yucky) dishwasher! No offense if you have one and love it!! In purchasing a new home it came with a dishwasher and i was so excited but to my dismay it cleans poorly and runs for almost 2 hours and yet the dishes have redeposited gunk on them and have t o be washed again i have tried to keep up hand washing but with a family of seven it is quite tough! Currently i have a GE nautilus model gsd2600g02bb 120 volt 1.8 motor i think only one arm and it comes up through the middle. I assume this is a very cheap model since it was put in with t he house and no other appliances were "included". So i am looking for the largest capacity, quiet( did i mention how loud it is!) energy efficient model but i also need to look at cost and can only afford the 4-500$ range. Any expertise would be helpful thanks!

The dishwasher you have is a rental property piece or for better words, a piece of junk. Black in color BTW. Bosch does make some very quiet models starting at $580. They are different then American d/w as they dry by condensation rather then a large heating element and have a stainless steel interior. Basically the way it works is during the last rinse the water temperature is taken up to 181 degress by a heating element. This sanitizes the dishes and any food particles that are in the filter are emulisified and taken out during the drain cycle. now there is a lot of steam in the d/w because of this and as the stainless steel interior cool the steams seeks the cooler area and turns into water and drains back into the pump. It takes a bit longer to dry but if you use jet-dry it is well worth the money.

10:39 am
February 6, 2008




Not all dishwashing detergents work in every machine.  I like Cascade.  It has worked best for me in every dishwasher I have had.  I do not really like Electrasol and forget the store brands.  Bittersweet, before you spend $500+ dollars, try some other brands!

10:17 am
February 6, 2008



posts 59


Here is an article on this site about bosch dishwashers ranking highest in customer satisfaction

Bosch dishwashers are thought of as generally being expensive, but their ‘Evolution 300 Series Energy Star Dishwasher’ model is online for $550 (Maybe you can find it for less.)  And it is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  I have a different Bosch that is great and my informal surveys of Bosch owners yield mostly positive comments.

9:25 pm
February 4, 2008



posts 59


Having a dishwasher seems like a necessity to me if you are a family of seven, so I’m going to give some thought to your problem and try to help if I can. 

 In the meantime, I suggest you check the owner’s manual and see if your current washer has a filter that catches bits of food. This filter needs to be cleaned regularly. The manual should explain how to remove it and then you just rinse it off and possibly give it a brief scrubbing.  It’s also possible that some of the jets (the holes) in the sprayer arm are blocked and need to be cleared. I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas now about the long running time, but most dishwashers do take a while to get the job done.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.  Please check back here for more suggestions – and let us know how it all turns out.

1:35 pm
February 4, 2008




I am  wondering  if  anyone  can  help to  educate  me and  help me decide on a replacement  for  my current ( yucky) dishwasher! No offense if  you  have  one  and  love it!!   In purchasing  a new  home it  came  with  a  dishwasher  and i was so  excited  but  to  my  dismay it cleans  poorly  and  runs  for  almost 2  hours  and  yet  the  dishes  have  redeposited  gunk on them  and  have t o be  washed  again  i  have  tried  to  keep  up  hand  washing  but  with  a family of  seven  it  is  quite  tough!  Currently i  have  a GE nautilus model gsd2600g02bb 120 volt 1.8 moter  i  think  only one  arm  and  it  comes  up  through the  middle.  I  assume  this  is  a  very  cheap  model since  it  was put  in with t he  house  and  no  other  appliances  were  "included".  So  i  am  looking  for  the  largest  capacity, quiet(  did  i  mention  how  loud  it  is!)  energy  efficient  model  but  i  also  need  to look  at  cost  and  can  only  afford  the  4-500$ range.  Any  expertise  would  be  helpful  thanks!

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