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Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : Oven heats unevenly

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Oven heats unevenly


10:23 am
June 8, 2009



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A lot of this has to do with a lot of things,   PREHEAT, PREHEAT,  PREHEAT,   you would be amazed how many people put stuff in oven THEN turn it on and wonder how some things burn on top or bottom. I recomend min. 15-20 minutes, 30 is better.    Rack positions, closer to the elements the hotter it will be.  How much are you cooking at one time?   What type of pans you are using, darker the pan the hotter it will get.  Older pans cook different than new ones. Alum. foil in bottom to catch drips? It will affect the temp. in a oven like you would not believe.   Use a good thermometure, not one of the spring wound style mostly $2-$5 bucks. Get a good one, one that has a bulb and is filled with liquid. Move it around inside oven to see “hot spots” They are there you need to find them. About all the ovens now a days can have the temp adjusted higher or lower [usally around 35 deg.] Look in your owners manuel. It will tell you how to do this. This is probaly the hardest type of call that I have ran over the years and sometimes you can't make it right, according to the customer.  Most of this can be used on any stove, standard or convection. Convections mostly do a better job, but not always .      Short story, I got my mom a new stove a few years back,  [ she had cooked on her old one for 35-40 years]  She tried the new one and hated it. I ran over and checked the Temp. in about a weeks time,  I think 12 different times [It was right on the money, according to my $200 dual temp digatal meter every time] I finally took a can of bisquets and cooked them acording to the can times and they came out great. [She still thought I left  them in 3-4 mins to long] I still laugh about that call and have done this in the past on a few problem calls I have been on. Sometimes it works sometimes it don't. Hope this helps.      

9:22 pm
June 7, 2009




I think convection is supposed tot help the oven cook more evenly, but sometimes I still need to turn things around because the back is cooking faster than the front.

1:27 pm
June 2, 2009




My wife bakes a lot, cakes and bread.  She always has to do the dance in the middle.Kiss

upper rack cake comes out spins around, and back in the lower rack.  lower rack cake comes out, spins around and back in the upper rack.    I don't know of any oven that does a great job of heat distribution top to bottom, front to back.   I guess we need a spinning tray like in the microwave.


9:13 am
June 2, 2009




I don't think I've ever had an oven that did heat evenly.  I have no idea why!  You'd think  that someone could figure it out!

11:07 am
May 21, 2009




Why does my oven heat unevenly?  I've asked my friends and it happens to them too.  Do all ovens heat unevenly and why?  Confused  Confused

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