December 1, 2015

Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : New Maytag Refrigerator Nightmares - They Just Don't Make Maytag Men Like They Used To

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New Maytag Refrigerator Nightmares – They Just Don’t Make Maytag Men Like They Used To
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9:22 pm
December 29, 2007

Bill Rogers



This whole story about the fridge is nothing compared to what I am STILL going through. We bought a Maytag Model MZD2666KEB side-by-side fridge/freezer, with water and ice on the door, last November. Our nightmare started in July. Here we are in the middle of October and I am still have the SAME problem that started in JULY. At first the refridgerator side, of our side-by-side, started freezing all the food. We made the call to have a service call made and was told 1-1/2 weeks. We had to throw away all the frozen spoiled food and buy the minimum food that would not be ruined by the freezing for the week and a half, try that with 3 growing kids. We dealt with it.

Service guy comes and informs us that he has to order the part and it will be another 2 weeks, because of back order, to get the part. What are you going to do? We wait 2 weeks and no service guy. WE have to call THEM to find out, we are told, the part is back ordered and it MAY be in, in a couple more weeks.

In the mean time the fridge side is working correctly on and off. The only way we knew the problem was starting to come back again was when the water on the door would stop working. Now, we are freezing ice to put into a cooler to keep some food around (milk, eggs, mayo, etc.). By the way, have you ever seen mayonaise or eggs after they have been frozen and thawed??

It turns out the repair guy for our area was on vacation and they didn’t have anyone covering his calls. After some heated phone calls they sent out another guy who installed the part and left. Every thing seams fine. A couple of weeks go by, the fridge is well stocked again and the nightmare reaches a new low. The water on the door stops working one evening, the sign of bad things coming. I go to bed with the intention of calling service in the morning.

Next morning I go to the kitchen to make some coffee. (I don’t do well without coffee in the morning.) I hear a strange sound coming from the fridge and open the door to the fridge.

When I open the door to the fridge a FLOOD of water, the kind you see in cartoons, comes streaming out of the fridge flooding the kitchen into our living room, a bedroom and into the basement. I’m talking LOTS and LOTS of water. It seems the plastic around the water filter froze and broke so water was pouring into the inside of the appliance! The wood flooring in the living room is buckled and popping (ruined), carpet in the bedroom is molding (ruined)and the basement has and INCH of water in it with the ceiling stained and ready to fall (ruined). The strange noise I heard was water spraying into the INSIDE of the fridge. It probably was happening most of the night.

Of course all this happens on Saturday morning with the Service Department closed on the LONG Columbus Day weekend, so the Service Department (oxymoron) is not in until TUESDAY.

The technichan doesn’t get here until THURSDAY orders parts and won’t be back for A WEEK AND A HALF!!! Partly because the parts had to be ordered and because HE WAS GOING TO BE ON VACATION FOR A WEEK. I call Maytag directly and they register the complaint, “feel my pain” and basicly tell me they have no responsibility, but “have a nice day”. If you can top that it would make ME feel better that someone else is worse off.

I never had a Maytag appliance before and never, never buy one again. If I hadn’t spent so much money on this fridge I would take it outside and set it on fire.

The saga goes on.

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8:48 am
December 27, 2007

Vic A



Conveniently, my Maytag refrigerator died a few days after the two year warranty expired. I have a back-up refrigerator that is probably about 15 years old that has never been serviced and is working fine. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A MAYTAG OR ANY OTHER MAYTAG RELATED PRODUCT. I am looking at a $100 repair and I am really disappointed

6:42 pm
December 24, 2007



posts 59


Remember avocado green appliances? I believe they were popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s . Last fall, my mother decided that this was the year that her almost forty- year- old refrigerator had to go. The green didn’t bother her, and it was working just fine, but she thought that at about forty years, she was pushing her luck that it would continue to work well. She felt should replace it now while she had the ability to shop around and make the best choice without being rushed because she was without a fridge.

So after learning that Amana, which …
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