November 29, 2015

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10:29 am
July 4, 2012




Service Tech,

I want to thank you for posting your experience with the LG product line.  It is endlessly helpful!  Kiss

I hadn't thought about Googling “problem with . . .” as a question.  I'll try that in the future.  And as much as I like the appearance of LG products, I sure won't purchase one.

I don't know if you can post what I'm going to suggest here, but from your experience will you post back and let us know which manufacturers make the best qualilty products?  I don't know if the following is true, but I think some manufacturers make better washing machines than refrigerators, better microwaves than dishwashers, etc.,  so . . .  

Would you let us know which refrigerator has the best repair history/quality?  Which 36″ fairly simple 4-burner stove?  Which dishwasher?  It would be so VERY helpful.  I don't need a lot of bells 'n whistles on my appliances either and just more features to break.  Thanks much! Smile 


3:51 pm
February 16, 2011



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Night Owl  I do not nor have I ever ran factory service for lg.    I did have a friend that ran service for them for awhile, they got to owning him a lot of money, about 90-120 days out, [most manufactures will pay within 2-3 weeks] on calls he had ran for them. He quit doing service for them. As far as I know nobody is doing service for them, in my area, at this time. I do know they have had quite a few refrigarators that have caught on fire, apparently the inside light stays on, melts a lot of plastic, I personally have seen 2 of these , one customer was trying to get in touch with lg about the problem, and has not had any luck [I was working on her stove, not lg, at the time] that has been about 6-7 months ago, I saw her about 3 months ago and lg still had not done anything at that time. She was not very happy. Have also heard about some stoves that are messed up, I think they were the touchpads, have also heard of some washers having different issues. 

8:56 am
February 16, 2011



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Servicetech- do you see excessive problems with LG appliances? Many of complaints?

5:28 am
February 16, 2011



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I hate to sound like a broken record but….I do not know why people buy something without checking to see if anybody works on them in their area first. If you were to buy a new car, would you buy it without knowing anybody that would work on it first? I don't think so. Major appliances should not be any different, since most things [stoves, refrigarators, dishwashers, etc.] now a days run around 2-3 thousand dollars each. It is pretty simple today to check online to see if servicers are in your zip code range. If you check lg [at least in my area] that can not be done, you end up in the UK somewhere, that ought to throw up a red flag. If you google lg problems it will scare you. All I can say is Buyer Beware!!!

4:05 pm
February 8, 2011




I will NEVER buy lg (I won't use capitals for them) products ever again. Brand new house, all lg products except (thankfully) for the fridge. 3 service calls on microwave, 3 on dishwasher, 2 on washing machine, 2 on stove in under 3 years. Unbelieveable. I hope they go out of business!

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