December 1, 2015


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12:32 pm
November 29, 2010




thank you, you confirmed what i have found place else.

i brought that universal kit back to Reliable Parts, they tossed it into trash can.

i found that OEM replacement comes with 2 relay contacts, one i had working fine had 3. hence, i found exectly same one i had installed. $25 ebay, overload+3 contact relay+ some wire. should be just plug'n'play. apparently, OEM relay was replaced with a 3 contact one. it worked ever since we bought the house, so 6 yrs or so. will be easier to replace, than mess with wiring.

2:35 pm
November 26, 2010



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The part they sold you will probaly work for a while, BUT, it is rated for a 1/4 horsepower compressor,your compressor, on your box, is rated 1/5-to 1/6 horsepower. It will and could, there has been reports, of them getting too hot and shorting out wires. I would find a factory parts place and get the one it calls for. The 4387835 is what I would use, it comes will everything, relay, overload, cover. Its around $50- $55. On your wires, from the box,  the red and white, they will come from a loom from inside throught the back, are your power wires, the other two come from the condenser motor.  The relay ought to have 5 wires, 3 are red-black-white, they go to the compressor, the other 2 are black they hook up to the power wires. Hope this helps. 

10:38 am
November 25, 2010


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Happy Holidays

my kitchen fridge dies few days go.

compressor does not start, resulting in no cooling; fan works.

model is KSRS25FFGWH02 

initially, there was a continuous click coming from the rear bottom area, tuesday i have noticed water puddle and found it's all defrosted

found that click is coming from a chocolate color piece sitting on top of a white piece, both connected to the black canister, which i assume is compressor.

white piece was somewhat hot in touch; brown piece is shaddered inside, rattles and pieces of junk coming out.

with some snooping around found that brown piece is relay, #2188393 and white piece is overload, #2187145 (production alternate)/4387835(service) whatever this means.

went to Reliable Parts yeaterday. of course, it's couple weeks to order parts.

they sold me a part R041, can't tell if it's 0 or O, by Supco.


i need help though

1. is it ok to install? only 20 bucks, but i do not want to fry something else
2. i have 3 prongs, in reverse triangle arrangement, on compressor; 2 on the top and 1 on the bottom, just like on the connection instructions above; do i follow the same color coding they suggest?
3. 2 black wires are to be connected to 2 thick black(power?) wires that were connected to the original relay?
4. i am ending up with 2 loose wires, red and white, [U]coming from fan[/U]; those should be simply spliced into the red and black wires on combination relay? does it matter whicj wires they are spliced into? i mean, say, red goes to red, white to black, or white to red red to black?

compressor is embraco fs 90haw; terminals are either not marked, or it's tiny black on black and shoot me i can't decipher what it says.

i had contacts marked, but did a mistake and ended up with 2 out of 4 contacts marked as 1. i know red wire from fan goes to the white, overload piece; i can match original wiring to the original parts, but am not sure how to match Supco piece contacts to compressor/fan wires. once again, ORIGINAL fan wires are red and white.

please, help to connect it all right, most thankful





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