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GE Dishwasher Won’t Drain


7:24 pm
January 4, 2010


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I do not know the Danby washer, I wish I could help, but I argree with you. I hate to do dishes too.Kiss

10:49 pm
January 1, 2010




I am having some trouble with my Danby counter top dishwasher. It too does not want to drain. Is there anything specific to this dishwasher that is different from what is already posted. I am going to do my best to complete the tasks mentioned here to see if I can fix the problem myself. I am hoping so…I hate dishes!!!

thank you

7:15 pm
August 28, 2009




Greetings, Yes, you can test them. These machines are light. take it outside hook it up to a hose for water plug into power outlet. { if yours is hard wired in you can make a jumper} Set it up on a platform so you can watch it work or not work and run it through a cycle or two or three. There is not much to them, you can see if the motor is working. If you are outside you can lay the drain hose out to see if the pump is working. Richard

5:51 am
May 22, 2009



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On this GE D/W there is a seperate pump for the drain. You need to check to see if you have voltage to the drain pump, if you don't then you need to refer to the wiring diagram to see where power comes from, I would guess the main control. If you have power you need to ohm the motor on the pump to see if its bad. It sounds like you do not have a restriction in your line if water flows from drain line.

8:40 pm
May 21, 2009




Post edited 2:41 am – May 22, 2009 by ApplianceGuy

I was also having backup problems in my dishwasher.  The water was pooled in the bottom whenever I opened it.  It wasn't completely blocked because when i would run the dishwasher and thereby pump in more water, it didn't get deeper and flood the floor,  it just wouldnt drain. it also wasn't cleaning the dishes so well either.  it was leaving a goopy residue on stuff.

I pulled out all of the screens on the bottom.  the screen cup and a big square screen were both coated with greige gunk.  I scraped them and used the sink sprayer to clean them completely and then replaced them.

Then i took off the hose from the dishwasher to the disposal and cleaned it out.  It was also kind of gunked up.

Its been a few months now and the dishwasher seems to drain fine now.  I assume that there just wasn't enough pressure to overcome the blockage .

4:54 pm
May 21, 2009


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Hey everyone, thanks in advance for any help! First off, the motor seemed to stop working. So we did dishes by hand for a couple of months before I decided to try to just fix whatever is wrong with the dishwasher. I found out that the motor can some times freeze up or lock with these types of dishwashers, and to just move the motor blades until they free up. I did that, and the motor started working. So I ran a test run on the dishwasher, only to find that the water doesn't drain out. I have run it once, and then twice in a row, and there is always the same amount of water in the tub at the bottom, reaching up to the bottom edge of the dishwasher door.

Here is what I have done to try to troubleshoot:

First, I unplugged the drain hose from the pump/motor area, and the water freely drained out. So there is not a clog that I can tell from the point of the tub to the drain hose. I looked in both ends of the drain hose, and they looked completely clear.

We do not have an air gap, and the alleged drain loop, isn't really a loop, the drain hose just comes out of the bottom left of the wall under the sink near the dishwasher, and slowly curves up directly to the point where it hooks over into the garbage disposal pipe. I would assume this would be sufficient to prevent backflow.

I am wondering if maybe the pump is not working anymore or what, as I have no idea where to go from here. Is there a way to test the pump? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks

If Required, dishwasher is around the 7-10 year mark I believe, Model Number is GSD5560G02SS

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