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Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : gas cootop igniter problem

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gas cootop igniter problem


6:28 am
May 18, 2009



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I did not mean “back spark module”  I meant “BAD” spark module,  sorry about that. You can do different checks,  but sometimes they can be tricky,  you have to switch the leads on module from one that is igniting to one that don't ignite,  sometimes they are wired on the appliance in a different way that this is not possible.  You have to look at the wiring diagram and know how the switchs are wired.  I have no way of looking up Miele,  so I have no way of knowing how they are wired.  Sorry!  I would suggest that you try to find phone number for Miele and see want they would or could do for you.  If you are getting sparks at the burner,  that usally means that you have another problem,  I.E. gas or air mixture issues, but not always.    

9:51 am
May 17, 2009




a bad lead to the ignitor, or a back spark module.”  Can we fix something like that ourselves?  They do seem to ignite in the right place?  How can I tell if it's the other two problems?  Or should I just live with it?  Is it damaging the cooktop?

6:45 am
May 15, 2009



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You probaly have either a cracked ignitor [spark is coming out somewhere other than at the burner] a bad lead to the ignitor, or a back spark module.

10:49 am
May 11, 2009




Thanks Sevricetech-

We've tried some of your suggestions in the past and we still have the problem.  A repairman came out years ago and adjusted the igniters too.

I'll check all the burners today.  Some of them won't even go on.  It's made by Miele and does have reignition.  (that's when it turns back on by itself if the flame goes out – right?)  It does that a lot – it's one of the things that drives me crazy.

10:20 am
May 8, 2009



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First think to look at is see if the igniter tips are dirty, take a damp rag and wipe them off, also look as to where the spark is hitting the burner, again wipe them off. I have had to take a piece of sandpaper [very fine grin 220 or higher, not 60-80 grit] and genty wipe off the ignitor as well as where it hits on burner.   Check to see if the flame is going all the way around burner and the flame coming out is even  [not very high on one side and very low on other].     What brand are we talking about?    Some brands have self-reinigtion, some don't, that will make a difference on what to look at next.

3:10 pm
May 6, 2009




Post edited 9:10 pm – May 6, 2009 by NightOwl

Hi, I have a gas cooktop that is about five years old.  It has an electronic ignition that repeatedly clicks.  It's driving me crazy!  Sometimes it starts clicking after the flame has been on for a while – like 5-15 minutes.  It always stays on for a few seconds after the flame lights and sometimes it doesn't go off until I turn the knob or start it over.  It can go on and off 6-7 times while I'm boiling pasta.  How can I make it stop?  Thank you.

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