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Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : Fridge water dispenser just stopped working

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Fridge water dispenser just stopped working


5:50 pm
October 14, 2009




I had to come back and tell you what happened.  About four days ago, we had a power outage- it lasted for just a few minutes.  Later that day, my daughter noticed that the lights on the dispenser were lit up and IT IS WORKING!  I have no idea why.  My husband thinks the outage was a power surge and that fixed it somehow.  Whatever it was, I'm glad to have the water back.  Weird!

6:02 am
June 16, 2009



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Yes,  there is a harness in the door,   but you also must have  a harness [from the box]  going to the door to power the dispenser, as well as going back out to the water valve. Dispensers come apart all different was, some screw on, some just snap on.  I can not, or will not,  tell someone if they can or can't work on something. I just don't go there.    Yes,  you can hurt yourself,  as long as unit is plugged in you have voltage in dispenser unit. 

4:25 pm
June 15, 2009




Thanks for the replies.  We checked and don't see any plugs on top of or under the door of the freezer.  Is the door harness just part of the door?  or is that part of the dispenser that's in the door?

Thre is a ridged basin for catching drips and it we take that out, there are some plugs that probably unscrew to get into the dispenser.  Ca we do anything with that? 

My husband is pretty handy and has those meters, but can he hurt himself or the fridge checking it out?

Thanks again!

10:30 am
June 8, 2009



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Sometimes there are 2 two on models,  sometimes 1 one,  depends.  If plug deal does not work, I say call someone.   You really need voltage and ohm meters to go further.   

10:05 am
June 8, 2009



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I'm asking to clarify for MJL, who's not online with us — by boards, do mean the electronic control board?  Is there one inside the ice and water dispensers?  Can a homeowner repair that themselves or do you recommend calling a repairperson?

9:49 am
June 8, 2009



posts 160


The first thing I would look at is the plug for the door harness, It is going to be either at the top of the door or the bottom of the door, depending on the model, I would unplug it and replug it in a couble of times. If that don't fix, it could get into boards inside dispenser area or your not getting power to the door, That is boards or door switch in unit itself.

6:53 pm
June 5, 2009




My husband was in the middle of getting some water from the dispenser in the front of ou Jenn-air fridge and it just stopped working!  The lights went out and nothing works.  The fridge itself seems fine, but no ice or water.

I don't want to pay for a repair visit ($65+ just to walk in the door).  Is there some way we can figure this out ourselves?  Does anyone have experience with this?


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