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Finding a repairman


9:36 am
June 8, 2009



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No,  there is not anything that anybody requires. The state of California did at one time have a certifacation, that they ran through the some Electronic Association , but it did not last. There has been talk for a long time [30 years, here in the midwest, that I know of]  about certain cities getting some sort of licenses, but nothing has come of it. Most of your schools [vo-techs] have a appliance repair class or two. Most factories have classes all the time at various locations. I myself have around 100 hours of vo-tech training [mostly took night classes], and probaly double that in factory classes,  but I do not have a “license” that I can show people.      

9:09 am
June 2, 2009




Is there any training that repairmen can take and then we can know that they might have some idea of what they're doing? 

You know, the Auto club certifies repair shops, does anyone certifiy appliance repairmen?

4:13 pm
May 26, 2009




I have had the best luck asking friends for someone they used.  And like servicetech said, it's usually someone who has a smallbusiness and works for himself.

6:36 am
May 22, 2009



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Post edited 2:58 pm – May 22, 2009 by NightOwl

Being a serviceman for around 33 years I guess I'm going to be biased on how I answer a question like this, and I do not mean to offend anybody, so here goes.   Most of what I have seen in the last 20 years or so is people getting into this business that just want to make a fast buck and split, move to a different town,   they run full page ads in the yellow pages, and when they come to your house all they are concerned with is charging a service call, which they want up front, I tell people to stay away from full page ad guys, if you have ever done any advertising you know its not cheap.[ Most of the good people that I have known over the years ran a very small ad, one line ad, or none at all]   They have to pay big bucks for those ads.  So in turn they pass it on.  They work on volume.   I tell people to talk to freinds, relatives, people at church, work, anyplace they and people they trust talk.  Finding a good serviceman can be a lifelong search  [I have a car repairman that I have know and trusted for 20 years, I met him at through my ex brother in law] The important thing to remember is “When you find a good person pass it on to everyone you know” That way the person has work and won't shut down and move on. I hope this helps and again, I DO NOT MEAN THIS TO MAKE ANYONE MAD.       

11:18 am
May 21, 2009




In a different post, someone recommended finding a good service person.  HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  The people who have been to my house usually just seem to be guessing at what's wrong. Sometimes it seems like they are just making stuff up! 

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