November 25, 2015

Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : Extreem mold build up in Dishwasher drain cover

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Extreem mold build up in Dishwasher drain cover


5:33 pm
December 11, 2009


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This is fairly common wherever water collects in appliances…in a dishwasher drain cover, in the gasket of a front-loading washer, etc., etc.

Manufacturers don't want to mention the possibiity of mold (the average consumer would consider this a design flaw instead of simply a reality of life…), so you'll rarely find information about it within owner manuals.

My suggestion is to make sure the dishwasher is maintained on a semi-regular basis.  Surely the owner's manual mentions the best way to clean your particular machine.  Clean out all the parts and pieces to avoid this sort of thing from happening.  Take all of the removable parts and clean them up thoroughly.  Additionally, running vinegar or bleach through the cycle will also help get rid of the mold you currently have.  Depending on how bad it is, yes, you may want to consider replacing either the moldy parts or the full machine.

Good luck.


10:44 am
November 25, 2009




We don't have that problem – but I just noticed that the compartment in the door that is used for a rinse agent, collects crud.  We don't use a rinse agent and ignored that little door- until now- clean it out! dried on crums and other crud.  UGH.

10:41 am
November 17, 2009



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This is a good one—If the unit had only been installed less than a year I would say it did not have a high loop [where the drain hose is above the tub before being hooked up to drain, kinda like a p-trap in a sink–kinda] The only other thing I would ask is if anything had been moved around under the sink? This may have allowed the hose to fall down allowing this problem [hose just jammed by something to hold it up  sink, cabinet, etc- -not permanently attached]  Hows you water supply?  Other than that I really don't know You can run some diluted bleach water thru unit to clean up mold.

9:07 am
November 16, 2009




It might not be as dangerous as you  think but – I agree – EWWWWW!!!! 

11:43 pm
November 15, 2009

V Gautam



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Dishwasher Model: GE Potscrubber 680

As embarassing and gross as it is, but I feel it as my duty to share it, so that others can avoid this in their and their loved one's life, also if I can answer/advice from experts that will be great. Today I opened the drain cover of our dishwasher and look what I found (caution, grossness quotient high) – here it is. It's a proof of divine act that we are still alive, God knows for how long we have been having our dishes getting cleaned with water circulating through this gunk.

Lately we had been not happy with our diswasher and were thinking of replacing it as it is nearly 14 yrs old, but never in my wildest dream would I have thought this. We have 2 little kids and we always keep things as hygenic as much we can. I started wondering why this happened, why did I have no clue about it, why would the owner's manual didn't have any warning or specific instructions about it. I don't have all the answers, but here are some thoughts – it appears to be a result of partial drain clogging or a drain in the process of clogging. Why I am not sure is, because diswasher runs fine everyday and water drains also except for a little left on bottom which according to the manual is “normal” for keeping the seals lubricated. We did see mold growing lately (a clue) along the seams and on the filter like thing behind the control panel. We bought the house when it was 5 yrs old hence everything was installed, didn't see the installation instructions ever so don't know if it was installed properly. Owner's manual does not talk about drain connections of checking the drain cover. I am no scholar, but if everyday our dishes get washed with water circulating through this gunk, the potential hazzard of long term use of something like this could be … well as bad as I can think. I had no other signs, warnings or care instructions in the manual to prevent this. I am not sure how the plumbing is done for this, though I am sure it does not go to our sink erator, also we don't have air gap, but we are living here since last 9 years and the mold build up around the d/w we started seeing only like last 6mo to year.

I am ready to throw out this d/w, but any advice to prevent such things would be great. Thank you!!

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