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Electrolux kitchen appliances


2:16 pm
May 21, 2011




Electrolux is a funny brand. I've been selling appliances at Lowe's for almost 5 years, so I've gone through my share of Electrolux products. Internally, most of their appliances are well-designed and well-made, and in theory should work exceptionally well. About 80% of my customers who buy them are very happy. That said, Electrolux does seem to have a higher percentage of “lemons” than most other brands I deal with, in both their kitchen and laundry appliances. I'm not sure why this is, bad quality control, maybe? Strangely, though, this phenomenon doesn't seem to apply to Frigidaire, which is owned by Electrolux. It also only applies to the appliances they sell in America, which are all made in North America- their European-made appliances have a nearly spotless reputation.

No brand is 100% perfect. Any product line that is manufactured by machine will have a certain percentage of defects- that's why the manufacturers offer warranties. If you're buying a semi-premium kitchen suite and like the ultra-modern look and fancy features, I would definitely consider Electrolux. I generally like Bosch and KitchenAid better, but they have problems too sometimes.

Susan, if you only bought your appliances in 2009, I would definitely call Electrolux customer service, several times if necessary. Even though they are out of their 1-year warranty, almost any manufacturer will bend if you pressure them enough. Get the vendor you bought them from involved too- don't expect the salespeople in the store to do miracles, we can't, but sometimes we know who else to get involved to get you some results. Lowe's, for instance, has a Major Appliance Escalation Team at the corporate level that negotiates with vendors like Electrolux on problems like yours (only, of course, if you bought your appliances at Lowe's). Once of my customers actually called her local news station and had one of their reporters call Electrolux (her Frigidaire refrigerator went through 3 icemakers in as many years), and they finally replaced her refrigerator. Get creative, and be persistant. Good luck!

8:04 am
April 28, 2011

Daniel Smith

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The only negative thing we can say about an Electrolux refrigerator is its expensive price tag. Most consumer will not consider these first choice because of its price. But someone think about what one will be getting in return for money, then he or she might reconsider.

9:37 pm
March 20, 2011

Susan G



In summer of 2009, I bought an Electrolux refrigerator, range, and microwave.  Each of them has a problem.  The gasket on the refrigerator needs to be replaced–for the third time.  The furthest right numeral on the stove clock blew almost immediately.  I was told that the entire unit would have to be replaced to fix it.  The microwave no longer defrosts, softens, warms, etc.

Without questiion, these are the worst, least reliable, appliances I have ever owned (as well as the most expensive).  Avoid them.

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