November 25, 2015

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Dishwasher design


9:43 pm
November 25, 2010



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I'm pretty sure the one at work is 230 volt and I'm pretty sure it has a heater, because commercial units have to sanitize and that has to be above 172 or 175 degrees or hotter, [health dept. regulations.] The heater will be built in the unit. You can not heat water very fast in the quanity you need with 115 volts. I guess you could install one in a home if you could get the  supply power issue figured out, also most of the ones I've seen are gravity drain, no drain pump, just a dump valve, into a floor drain, no floor drains in homes, not at least in the ones I've seen. You also may have problems with some city inspectors, because of the high voltage mixed with water. Home rules verses commercial rules are very different.

12:28 am
August 25, 2010




 I guess what I don't understand is, what's the difference between the two machines? Why does it take 230 volts to run a pump, a timer, and a valve? (And if it does, does that mean I can't have a home electric range next to my dishwasher because would take  230 volts and so isn't practical?) Why does a commercial unit get so hot? Ours used water out of a typical hot water tank, with no additional heat, just like a home unit does. Indeed, in this  small restaurant, it was a home water tank at the beginning. The design was extremely simple, and I can't see how it differs in any major way from a home unit, except in its simplicity. (In the early design, soap and sanitizer were fed via gravity from upside-down gallons. Later, the engineers lost confidence in gravity and added pumps, so there'd be something else to break.) A commercial unit costs a lot because it has to take a terrific amount of use and abuse, and so must be very sturdy. But in terms of design, it seems to me less complicated than a home unit. So I can't see why it would need to be more expensive. And mostly I can't see what difference allows the commercial machine to accomplish in 3 minutes what it takes the home machine 2 hours to do. What is it doing different?

6:19 pm
August 18, 2010



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There are several reasons, 1–Commercial units are 230 volts (Not very practical for home units) 2–Most commercial units get way to hot for under counter installations.  3–Cost issue most commercial units are around $4000 and up .

12:41 pm
August 7, 2010




An off-the-wall kind of question, maybe not appropriate here: I worked in restaurants for many years, and the dishwashers were great. They had no dedicated heaters or pumps, and took a little over 2 minutes to wash a load, with satisfactory results. My home dishwasher takes 2 hours. Why? Yes, you have to scrape the dishes at a restaurant, and every dishwasher repairman I've even had says you need to scrape them for the home unit too, regardless of what the manufacturer says. Yes, the commercial unit has only 1 level and thus a smaller capacity, but capacity/time is far higher. Why does nobody make home units like this?ll

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