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Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : Bosch SHU3306 Door opened during cycle. Now it won't work.

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Bosch SHU3306 Door opened during cycle. Now it won’t work.


6:21 am
December 17, 2009



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The only reason it would drain all the time, like you said, is that there is a flood swith with a float in the left side of the machine, it kicks on if you have water in the base pan of the unit. I would remove the toe panel and see if you have watere in the pan. Its kinda hard to see but you can look around in different holes.

1:21 pm
December 13, 2009




Ok, I think it was the float being stuck because I just reached in the dishwasher and banged on the 2 sides and the bottom with my hand a few times and now it works! Just thought I would post that in case anyone in the future has the same problem.

1:46 pm
December 11, 2009




We have a Bosch SHU3306UC/UC12 dishwasher. We accidentally opened the door while it was in the middle of its cycle and now it is messed up. When you try to run any of the 3 cycles, you just hear a motor running (I think it's the drain motor) and that's all that happens. It will just sit like that indefinitely until you turn it off. The reason I think it's the drain motor running is because if I fill the bottom of the dishwasher with water before shutting it and starting the cycle, it will immediately drain the water and then just sit there again with the motor running. No water ever gets pumped into the washer because when I open the door, it is always dry. All the indicator lights act normal as if it was working properly, but the cycle just never starts.

What should I do first? I have tried starting each cycle and then cancelling it by pushing and holding the 2 outside buttons, which makes the Clean light come on, but nothing changes. The drain motor just keeps going. As I said above, I tried filling the bottom of the washer with water thinking maybe it would reset if it actually drained some water, but that didn't work either.

I did a test procedure by holding the 2 outside buttons as I turned it on and got the flashing lights. Then, I pushed the 2 outside buttons again to start the test and the light above Regular Wash immediately comes on. So that might give you a clue.

I can't believe just opening the door during a cycle could mess it up like this. This happened once before, but the dishwasher fixed itself after starting it a few times. However, it is not fixing itself this time.

I looked in the manual and of course it only says how to cancel a cycle BEFORE you open the door. It doesn't say anything about if you open the door without canceling.

I read on another website that the water level float being stuck could cause this, but I don't know how opening the door during a cycle could cause this.

I would just like to note that the dishwasher has worked perfect and had no problems before opening the door during the cycle.

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