November 25, 2015

Kitchen and Home Appliance Forum : Wall and portable air conditioner questions

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Wall and portable air conditioner questions


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March 4, 2015


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November 30, 2013

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Air conditioning systems are designed to help you cut down on your electricity bills without compromising with your comfort.Would Suggest to install central A/C at home.The cooling capacity of a central air conditioner is measured in British thermal units or BTU per hour. For a 1000 sq. ft. space, you will need around 12,000 BTU.  However, if the ceilings in your rooms are relatively high, your system will have to have an increased cooling capacity in order to maintain a comfort balance.  Hope this would help you keep your room cooler.Smile

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May 24, 2012




I have some questions about wall air conditioners vs. portable air conditioners. I'm a renter living in a very hot apartment the windows of which all face due west with no shade on my small, 1 bedrm apartment. The building is a dark brown and my apartment is right under the low slung roof, so it becomes unbearable in the Summer especially on the very hot, very humid days. I've got to get an air
conditioner. The management of the building says that only a wall type air conditioner can go into the special sleeve (General Electric model RAB46 sleeve). You see, ALL the lousy windows in this building slide left-right instead of up-down. So only a wall air conditioner can be used. The management also says that the max. size for a wall air conditioner is 10,000 BTUs. [In the special electrical outlets by the air conditioner sleeve, there are 2 outlets: one for 110 and the other for the higher voltage.]

[In a wall air conditioner, the waste hot air is blown out only at the back of the machine. In a window air conditioner, the waste hot air goes out the sides of the machine.]

If I get a 12,000 BTU machine and run it at a medium setting (rather than run it at the maximum setting), will it maybe put out only 10,000 BTUs and therefore will draw the same amount of electricity as an official 10,000 BTU machine?

I understand that with a portable air conditioner, if it's rated as a 10,000 BTU one, it really never puts that 10,000 BTUs out–> it produces something less than 10,000. Is this true?

Who makes a good, reliable, durable, rather quiet, 10,000/12,000 BTU portable air conditioner? What's the model number?

[If I buy a portable machine, I'd run the exhaust heat tube into the wall sleeve space for the wall air conditioner. Of course, I'd get a piece of sturdy, stiff 1″ to 1.5″ foam, cut a hole – or two if required – in the foam, push the hot air exhaust tube into that hole and then insert the foam to fill the rectangular opening of the wall air conditioner sleeve. Since I have only those lousy left-right sliding windows, I have to use the wall air conditioner sleeve to get rid of the hot air.]

Who makes a good, reliable, durable, rather quiet, 10,000/12,000 BTU wall air conditioner? What's the model number?

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