March 31, 2015

High-Tech Transparent Toaster

Have you heard the phrase “It’s as exciting as watching paint dry?”
Well this toaster has that activity beat. Now you can sit and watch your toast brown.

Bread is placed between two sheets of heated glass and cooked in full view so you can eject your slice at the perfect moment. No more burnt toast, or re-toasts (You know those – when the toast is not quite done enough so you put it back in and end up with charcoal.)

A traditional timer dial caters for users who are too busy to keep an eye on their bread. The kitchen appliance has a chrome base and neatly cut glass, meaning it should not look out of place in any modern kitchen.

The design allows for only one slice to be toasted at a time and the glass might be difficult to keep sparkling clean.

But it’s a better use of time than watching the grass grow.


  1. how much does it cost?

  2. how much does it cost

  3. This was only a concept, never fully developed into a product because the heat transfer off the glass was not fast enough. If you see one for sale or know differently, please post.