September 19, 2017

Win an LG HE Washer and Dryer Pair

The LG True Steam washer dryer pair is the prize available to contestants who enter to win through the LG or Benjamin Moore Paints websites.

From what we can find, the washer includes these Key Features:

* TrueSteam™ Technology
* Ultra Capacity (4.5 cu.ft.)
* TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System
* Wash/Rinse Optimizer™
* Trilingual LCD Display
* 1300 RPM Spin Speed
* 9 Washing Programs

Hey, it’s a chance for a free washer and dryer – Go ahead, give it a try.


  1. Hi, my husband and I are both in our 60’s and I have had my old washer & dryer since 1999…The dryer is really getting bad…Sometimes it just won’t dry my towels & washrags….We live on social security….And we just don’t have the money to go out and buy a new lg washer & dryer…. Thank You Darlene Robinson

  2. Sia Abadani says:

    Is it possible that I can be this lucky to win a Washer and Dryer set, or only a ?????

  3. My son and daught-in-law just lost their howse to a fire and I would love to win this to give to them. They have three little boys and both work so it woyuld help a lot.

  4. My son and daughter-in-law just lost everything yesterday when their home burned down. They ahve three little boys and I would love to win this for them.

  5. Donna Palmer says:

    I can never seem to catch up on my laundry. My washer and dryer are
    older and don’t hold enough. What a blessing to win this set! Wow!
    I could then bless someone else with my set that does not have any!
    Mine work fine-I just really need a higher capacity and with a
    child in college – it is just not in the budget.

  6. Sarah Svensson says:

    Just as many others, we really need a new washer/dryer set and would be very grateful to win. I have looked at the LG’s in stores and wished I could afford them, though cannot, nor anything else at this time.

  7. i despertly need washer and dryer me and my gf have to go to the washers to clean clothes cause he took every thing from her in the divorce pleasse i really would love to win

  8. Sarah H. Hager says:

    I think they are beautiful! Would love to enhance my laundry room wit a set.

  9. I would love a new washer and dryer. I wash at least once a day. My set is about 19 years old.

  10. Hi, my names Elizabeth & im actually trying to win this for my mom. Shes wanted one for awhile but hasn’t been able to buy one, so it’d be a nice gift! 🙂

  11. Mine set is 20 years old…yes 20!!! Can’t afford new ones
    This set is gorgeous!

  12. Nicole Moore says:

    I as well as others have never won anything. I have a washer and dryer that were my grandmothers 14 years ago..the washer really dont work well anymore. the adjutator just dont do its job. I was clothes EVERY day of the week. (my household and both of my sisters households..TOTAL of 6 adults. 4 teenagers. 2 preteens. a toddler and an infint) so this would be just helping me it would be helping alot of people..thanks for your concideration

  13. ronda federico says:

    not sure if this is still going on but i’m a single mom with 5 kids and my gas dryer caught on fire yesterday.. so i’m looking to win a set 🙂

  14. Not sure if this is still going on like last person said … I am in such desperate need of a new washer and.dryer set, bought our house that “came with” a gas dryer 11 yrs ago 1st thing to go wrong with the house was the dryer went out followed by just about everything except it catching fire. To upgrade to an electric dryer my house will have to undergo about $12,000 in electrical upgrades. We were finally able this year to fix our shower in our only bathroom from where the tiled walls that had been getting mold all the way thru to the studs and exterior wall. We have a 10 yr old son and brand new baby now and it’s really hard to come up with extra money to do anything these days. God Bless Your company for helping someone out!

  15. I don’t know if I am the most needy person on this post, but, I am recently divorced and trying desperately to hold on to my house. My washer just went out and I have been told that repairs will cost me $1,000.00. I need help. God Bless us all!! Keep the faith. Things will get better!

  16. I would love to win these, but the contest is only for CANADA!!! I am 61, I am disabled, my washer and dryer are Maytags over 30 years old. Washer doesn’t spin all the water out and the dryer heats but wo’t spin. I can’t afford to buy any.