April 18, 2014

Recall: Bosch and Siemens Model Dishwashers by BSH Home Appliances Corporation Due to Fire Hazard

Name of Product: Bosch® and Siemens® Model Dishwashers

Units: About 476,500

Manufacturer: BSH Home Appliances Corp., of Huntington Beach, Calif.

Hazard: An electrical component in certain model dishwashers can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: BSH Home Appliances has received 51 reports of incidents, including 30 reports of fires resulting in property damage. No injuries have been reported.

Description: This recall involves certain Bosch® and Siemens® dishwashers manufactured from May 1999 through July 2005. The brand name is printed on the dishwasher’s front control panel. Model and serials numbers are located inside the dishwasher door panel on the upper right side.

Brand Model Numbers Must Begin With Serial Numbers Must Begin With
Bosch SHE43C, SHE44C
FD8503 – FD8507
FD8501 – FD8505
FD7905 – FD8505
FD8407 – FD8505
FD8004 – FD8211
FD8205 – FD8507
Siemens SL34A FD8308 – FD8505

Sold at: Appliance and specialty retailers nationwide from May 1999 through December 2006 for between $550 and $1,100.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the listed model dishwashers and contact the repair hotline for a free repair.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact the BSH Home Appliances at (800) 856-9226 anytime or visit the brand’s Web site at www.boschappliances.com or www.siemens-home.com


  1. Nash Gray says:

    Ref Dishwasher problem
    My Bosch Dishwasher Model number begins with SHU33, but serial number is FD8304. As I read info you published on internet, I am OK, but want to double check. If I do fall into category of Dishwasher needing repair, could you please send Hotline number.

  2. The number is (800) 856-9226 and can be found in the notice above. I suggest you call and double check – it can’t hurt to ask!

  3. Sandy Jones says:

    I was wondering my Bosch overheated and started burning, I kept the wire that melted, I do not know what my model number is my bosch is a 2006 model, it has not buttons on front, just the top hidden super quite, I am concerned now, my husband took the burned pieces out – what should we do?

  4. Devin Gomez says:

    for Nash your dishwasher is under the recall list. give em a call.

    for Sandy im sure your dishwasher is fine, was it a power wire behind the toe kick on the right side of the bottem of the dishwasher that burnt? it could have been from installation why that wire was burnt. if someone came out and fixed it then im sure your fine.

  5. Pissed Off says:

    DO NOT LET SEARS TOUCH YOUR BOSCH DISHWASHER! Tech had no training, only HS diploma. Never worked on Bosch dishwashers and knew nothing about the recall. He broke my perfectly working machine. Now I’m trying to get another company to come in and repair the mess Sears made. I’d rather have the house burn down. My dishwasher is loaded with 1/2 cleaned dishes and my sink is filled up. Now I have to wash by hand.

  6. This list is not complete. Call (800) 856-9226 to make sure your dishwasher isn’t on the recall. Mine was not listed here but was still part of the recall.

  7. I definitely recommend calling. I spoke to a representative at the dishwasher hotline who informed me that both the model and serial numbers must be affected and that it is worthwhile to call and check.

  8. Bernie Garl says:

    My model # is SHU33AO2UC/22, does this fall under the recall? I live in Bend, Oregon, if I need repair, please advise of a person. thanks.

  9. Dale E. Webb says:

    My Bosch number is SHE45M06UC – is thee a Recall on this model?
    I will call the number to verify it also. Thank you

  10. Just finished replacing the kitchen.. Damages paid by insurance> How much should I sue them for grief…

  11. I knew everything went to smooth when I made the recall call. The part came in on time and the appt was scheduled quickly. Now here I sit— for over an hour while the Sears repairman tries to get technical assistance from Bosch over the phone. Apparently the wrong board was sent to us for replacement. My dishwasher was working fine before he touched it. I sure hope it does when he leaves! Looks like we will have to try repair/replacement again next week. So I’ll have to leave work AGAIN!

  12. Bosch is impossible to deal with they sent the wrong P/N for our dishwasher, sears could not get it to work. Every time we call Bosch they tell us it will be shipped next day UPS. They have said the same thin every week for three weeks. Bosch has no customer service they lie when you call and refuse to provide any reasonable answer. the problem is not with Sears it is Bosch.

  13. I have tried to contact the Seimens company using the phone number 800-856-9226 and am told that a $5.79 charge will show up on my bill for this call and then they give me a 702-555-1212 number to call. Anyone Ever try to get on the Seimens-home.com web site. I also can’t seem to do that. Actually began to wonder if this was a hoax. How can I get a hold of someone to fix this issue?

  14. NightOwl says:

    You might need to allow cookies before the site will load. The toll free number you listed works fine, but someone was joking with you, because the other number is for time. You might have just miss-dialed. Also there is no charge for the 800 call.

  15. David Reid says:

    I was just going to turn our dishwasher on…SHU33A 06UC/22
    FD8512 00362

    Is this one OK!
    Thanks you.

  16. I recommend using the 800 (toll free) number – (800) 856-9226 to call and check with the company, your numbers are a close match.

  17. Carolyn Vaisin says:

    I have waited since February 13th for someone to come and replace the defective board in my dishwasher. Is someone starting a class action suit on this? They sent me a second safety notice instead of repairs. They knew the number of these products made with these defective parts but can’t produce replacements. This is just another Maytag Neptune debacle in the making and they know it. I want a replacement dishwasher NOW!

  18. I just had the control unit replaced in my bosch 4326 dishwasher (purchased in 2002) as part of the recall. Since it’s been replaced, the timer countdown is inconsistent. Sometimes the econo wash starts with 39 minutes, the next time it’s 55 minutes. Same with the regular wash, could be 104 or 95 or 98. This dishwasher cycles always started with the same countdown time prior to replacing the unit. Is this normal? Anyone else seeing this?

  19. When I read about this recall in Consumer Reports, I went to the Bosch website as recommended. Surprisingly, there was nothing on their site about this recall at all! I guess Bosch is afraid of scaring away future customers. Thanks to Consumer Reports and Appliance.net for providing valuable information regarding this recall that is lacking on the manufacturer’s own web site.

  20. This has been a nightmare – and we didn’t even have a fire. The new control panel doesn’t work with our machine. (We bought the dishwasher in ’03 and for five years it was perfect!) So far we’ve had 4 new boards, 3 different repair men and 2 of them from Bosch. They’re baffled. Meanwhile, I put the old control panel back in and it works fine. The new panel doesn’t allow enough water into the machine resulting in unclean dishes and a detergent tablet that doesn’t dissolve. Also it starts at 105, while the old board starts at 122 for regular wash. At one point the Sears guy told me to open the dishwasher and add water to it myself. (Sears, gotta love’em.) On the phone, one Bosch technician told me to run it for a week or so and the timer will self-correct, allowing more water into the machine. Really? How does it know the dishes aren’t clean? I mean, if the machine is that smart, why would it burn itself to begin with? The last Bosch guy that came (April 9) ran the machine with both control panels and saw the difference – not enough water with the new panel – but had no idea why this was happening. Has ANYONE else had this problem? Out of 500 thousand recalls I can’t believe I’m the only one. If I am, I’m playing the lottery! And has anyone else heard about the “self-correcting” thing? And oh yeah, so I just spoke with Bosch today (April 23, 7 weeks after the first installation of the new board) and they’re going to send out a “head technician” this time. I guess the other 2 guys were just torsos and legs.

  21. I thought Bosch is a well known brand name with great performance, and I was wrong. I bought my dishwasher in 2004. In January 2009, there was a recall notice for Bosch dishwashers, and those models were on the market from 1999 to 2005, due to fire harzard. I have to stop using it. I made my first call in early Feb, opened up my file, and set up an appointment for a technician to come in to replace the failure parts. A technician came to my home on Mar 2, but with a wrong part. The technician then placed an order for a correct part, and I was told that it would take about couple weeks. I called again in late March, a representative told me that they expected the part will be arrived in the first week of April……called again in 2nd week of April, didn’t mention about the availability of the part, and set up an appointment for me for April 24, for a technician to go to my place. I called on April 22, to reconfirm the appointment. Until the evening of April 23, I got a message on my phone, said the appointment is cancelled as the part hasn’t been arrived yet. When I called back, the representative cannot guarantee when the part will be available……this recall service is very unacceptable. I have an impression that this “well known brand name” company, is hoping that clients like me, keep getting frustrated, and eventually will give up waiting for the recall service and just go out and spend their own money to buy a new dishwasher. THIS IS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE! THE AFTER SALE SERVICE IS UNACCEPTABLE! Why do we have to pay more to buy a BOSCH dishwasher, if we only expect to have it work for less than 5 years. Just go for a cheap one, why waste our money on nothing, just because of their “name”.

  22. We called over a month ago. Bosch gave us two numbers for repair shops. One had a full answering machine and we couldn’t leave a message. We were able to leave a message at the second, but they never called back. We called again. Now, a month later, they say the holdup is Bosch not sending the part.

    We called Bosch, who said they would call back. We called Bosch again when we did not hear for them – the lady said “oh, I forgot I was supposed to call you”. ?? Bosch says the service company only ordered the part three days ago. We explained the poor experience with the recall service companies. The Bosch service rep said “oh”. ?? Wow.

    The Bosch dishwasher came with the house we bought. after this, I wouldn’t spend my own money on one. We’ve been running the dishwasher before we got to bed and then turning it off as a safety precaution. If we had actually gone the last month without a dishwasher, my wife would probably not let me back into the house without someone from Bosch’s nads in my hands.

  23. Our 2 year old dishwasher stopped working 2 months ago. The Bosch service tech came to our house and found the wires in the junction box were melted. He said that the installation had been done incorrectly and that he would install it properly this time so we wouldn’t have the problem again. 1 month later, we had a fire under the dishwasher coming from that same junction box. Luckily, my husband and I were in the kitchen when it happened and we had a fire extinguisher handy.

    Bosch service made me wait a week for a technician to come to my house and perform the same service. When asked if he could explain why I had a fire, he said no. He also said that he couldn’t promise me that it wouldn’t happen again. Bosch claims that they have fixed my problem and refuse to do anything else. I’m afraid to run my dishwasher unless I’m in the same room with it.

    My serial number indicates that my dishwasher was manufactured in the same place at the same time as the ones on recall, but my model number is not on the recall.

    Can anyone explain to me the nature of the fires on the recalled dishwashers? Does anyone have a suggestion that would help me to get an appropriate response from Bosch?

  24. Theresa James says:

    I got my recall notice. Called in teh number, got the part sent to my home. Called for an appointment to get the dishwasher repaired. The first time ( Sat. March 14th) and I received a call from the service confirming that I was home. After stating that I was home, I waited the enitre day for the repairman. Called a few times to make sure they were coming. Was told I was. Only to find out that someone called again ( while I was doing something else), did not leave any message and recorded tht I was not at home.
    Rescheduled the next appointment was schedule for Sat., April 11th, this time no one called and no one showed. After calling a few times during the day I was told I was last on the list. Waited till after 7:30 pm. Is this a joke…? TJames

  25. I started to replaced the control myself today, and found the wires would not plug into the new part. So I called the tech line- “We won’t help because your not a trained technician”.

    I asked if they wanted to pay a tech to read the part number from the old board, or have me do it. A couple of min later a someone approved me reading the part number. A few min later, they said mine was not effected by the recall. Because my ser # was close they included it, to make sure all needing repair were done.

    So FWIW, Bosch said my original control is ok! IF the wires don’t fit, have your tech give them the old boards part #.

    Also my board did not match the ‘bad’ ones on the install sheet- my original one has an orange label- not white as listed for bad ones.

  26. Does anyone have a story that their dishwasher was actually fixed?

  27. My bosch kept tripping my circuit breaker. I cleaned out the machine and it went for almost a full cycle when I head a pop and smelled something burning. After seaching the net for causes I found that my model was under recall (never received any info from company re recall).

    I just received the part and am on hold with Sears (was told I had to call them to replace part since this is where the machine was purchased) to set appt. Hopefully the tech I get will know what to do.

  28. David DeVowe says:

    We almost lost our house today. Thankfully, my wife and children were in the house, upstairs, children just tucked into bed when the front panel of our dishwasher burst into flames, flames shooting out of it and molten plastic burning the floor. Fortunately I had just purchased fire extinguishers for the kitchen. My wife got the kids out of the house and was able to contain the fire. Big mess. Horrible stench.

    We never received any recall notice.

    Any positive advice on how to begin the process of recovery with Bosch?

  29. Barbara S Duncan says:

    Our Bosch dishwasher has always been extremely quiet which I like. That’s the reason I bought it. The recall included our model. The repair person has been here 5 (five) times to try to get the replacement panel to work right. It still does not work right. The quick wash with about 35 or 40 minutes was another feature that I used all the time and now the minimum time to wash on it will be 78 or 85 minutes. Bosch has royally messed up my dishwasher. I asked them for help in a replacement one and they said they couldn’t do it unless I had my receipt of purchase!! Geeeeshhhh!

  30. saundra sillaway says:

    my Bosch dishwasher ,all stainless in and out , after being used less than a year, wore its finish off the front panel and shows black smudges two and three inches across the top where the instrument panel is. Purchased AT lOEWS for close to a thousand dollars. Service said it was cosmetic and that was not covered. We are an older couple and wash few dishes a night .It is a quiet machine but does not wash as well as my old kitchen aide.Never buy Bosch products again. A brand new kitchen looks shabby !!!

  31. Well, well, well. I smelled something in the kitchen that smelled like electrical burning. Couldn’t find it. Shortly thereafter, my 2006 Bosch diswasher quite in mid cycle. Thinking it was a clog or bad pump, I prepared to pull the DW out, only to discover that the electrical cord at the wall plug was obviously overheated and discolored. I found what so many others found: burnt wiring, melted wire nuts, and indications of serious heat in the galvanized electrical box.

    My wife reminded me that she got the recall notice, called, and was told not to worry since ours is not on the “List.” (Hey, Bosch, let me help you add to your list!) — Paul

  32. Part 2. After all the experiences I’ve seen here, I conclude that Bosch 1) doesn’t have a viable fix for the dishwashers, hence the delays, and repeated repairs that don’t work, 2) Bosch is overwhelmed with the recall response and (apparently) has been telling “stories” to get people to go away. It is interesting that on bosch-home.com they show model#SHE43P06UC, which looks exactly like my SHE44C06UC. Why can’t they put the parts from this unit in mine? How about just a replacement? I’ll even give them a credit for the time I used it! — Paul

  33. My bosch stopped working the other day. I had a friend come look at it. when he opened it up, the wires were all burnt up. he cut the burnt parts off and told me to keep them. then i looked online and found out about the recall. I hope i can get someone out this week to fix it. but from what ive read, the problem never really gets fixed. I think they need to replace all of them free of charge. this dishwasher could have burned down our house or hurt my children. i wonder what they would do if that would have happened? come out to repair my dishwasher that caused all the problems?? They should be held responsible for all our grief!

  34. I used to work for a call center that Bosch contracted to assist them during the recall, and I can attest that many of the problems I am seeing complained about on this page are the fault of customers, not the company. Customers should be glad that Bosch did the right thing and issued a voluntary recall without having to be coerced into it. Many companies let things go until a lawsuit or government agency forces them to make it right. Now, regarding some of the issues reported here…

    First of all, the vast majority of incidents where the wrong part was sent are due to CUSTOMER INCOMPETENCE. In many cases, especially in the case of Sears customers for some reason, the callers would give us the EXAMPLE model number and serial number from the letter they received from Sears! No wonder the wrong part would be sent when we were provided inaccurate information! The script we were required to use specifically indicated WHERE on the dishwasher the customer should look for the Model and Serial Numbers, but quite a few never bothered to look.

    Second of all, many customers DO NOT LISTEN when they call the hotline. Unless they bought their unit at Sears, BOSCH DOES NOT SEND THEM THE PART. They are given a Reference Number and one to three authorized repair services in their area, whom they can contact at their own convenience to arrange for a FREE repair. This way, they can work with the repair company to find a time that will work for them. Sears Customers are sent the part directly, and are advised to call a Sears hotline AFTER they receive the part to set up the repair. In RARE cases, for non-Sears customers in locations without a nearby repair service, Bosch would arrange for the repair directly. We had a lot of customers call back in wondering when they would be contacted about repairs when in fact THEY were supposed to contact their local repair service.

    Third, to “Steve,” who claims the recall is not on Bosch’s website… Can you read? There’s a Safety Recall link right on the main page of the website, and it’s been on the site since day one. It was far more prominent initially, yes, but then again, it’s been eight months since the recall was started. Most affected customers have had their units repaired by now.

    Fourth, to people who say they never received notice from Bosch: did you register your purchase with them? Bosch can’t contact customers they don’t know EXIST. Letters were sent to potentially affected customers whose products were registered with Bosch after purchase, and letters were also sent to customers of major retailers such as Sears who keep records of customers’ purchases and serial numbers and so forth. Beyond that, Bosch paid to have large advertisements placed multiple times in more than 2000 newspapers throughout the US and Canada. The recall was covered on TV, posted in retail locations, and detailed in other sources such as Consumer Reports and online. Bosch did everything it could conceivably do to contact customers about this issue.

    IT’s true, there have been some issues, and some of them are Bosch and/or Sears’ fault. But the majority of the problems experienced while I was working on this recall were due to customers providing us with incorrect information. Bosch isn’t my favorite company in the world, but they gave this an honest effort.

  35. I got an automated call today about this recall. I appreciate Bosch making an effort to fix this issue. I love our dishwasher and believe they make superior products. These things are designed by human engineers, so mistakes do happen. The important thing is to be responsive about it. Replacing boards on 500k machines is not an easy task to undertake.

  36. Maurice Gunderson says:

    I woke up one night smelling something burning, and found smoke coming from the door of our Bosch dishwasher. I pulled the circuit breaker and that was curtains for the Bosch. We were lucky. If we had started the wash cycle and gone out for the evening, our house could have burned down.

    We did not report the incident, nor did we make a warranty claim. Rather we just bought a new (Kitchen Aid) dishwasher. The 51 incidents reported must be a small percentage of the failures.

  37. Jackie Behling says:

    I had the same burning/fire in the junction box, and my machine is not technically on the recall. Bosch at this stage is claiming it is improper installation. It’s been working fine for over three years, now it decides to catch on fire? I’ve experienced exactly what Gale D experienced. I can’t believe that everyone has their dishwasher installed wrong! Bosch refuses to step up to the plate and take care of these problems!

  38. chris Pace says:

    My BOSCH (SHV99A) also stopped working mid cycle. I opened up the junction box to see melted wires too. It was installed correctly and it’s been working for almost 5 years without a problem. How do we get them to recall the junction boxes on all these melting wires?

  39. Interesting reading concerning this recall. This is the first I heard of it.

    My machine was built in 1999 (around the beginning of the recalled batch) and worked flawlessly until mid-2007 when it stopped drying the dishes. I had a Bosch service company come look at it and the tech showed me an error code of 2H on the display, said it was a heater fault. Showed me 2 burned spots on the board and said “here’s the problem, they all do this”. He didn’t have a new board with him so told me he could get it working again by carefully soldering the connections in the burned area of the board. Problem solved until yesterday, two and a half years later. Now I have the same 2H error code and wet dishes.

    His repair got me 2 more years out of the old board but now I wonder why the tech didn’t tell me about the recall, especially since he said “…they all do this”. I will dig up the repair receipt tonight when I get home and call them to see if they want to do the job right this time. I paid them once for a repair that should have been free, maybe they will stand up and do it for free this time.

  40. Has anyone had any luck getting Bosch to respond to the control panel problems. Our dishwasher has had the control panel replaced twice but the dishwasher still doesn’t work. In addition, we have had numerous service calls and nothing seems to work.

  41. My Bosch dishwasher (shx33m05uc/50) purchased 11/30/08 it is the model with the hidden controls.

    It worked fine for almost a year and half and just like the other stories stopped working in the middle of the night, woke up to water in the bottom, melted terminal box wires and my model is not under recall. I ordered the part to replace the terminal box, however I am afraid the same problem will re-occurr. I am going to make a formal complaint to Bosch in case the unit causes a fire. (I may look to interchange the part with a ceramic type electrical connection instead of the plastic Tyco Terminal used by Bosch)

    Electrolux next time?

  42. Robert Belanus says:

    Having problems with Bossh dishwasher. Model SHE44C Need repaired asap!

  43. terri pierman says:

    the last week our bosch seemed to not be getting the dishes clean. at first i thought we were opening the door mid-cycle, but after running two or three times, the dishes were still not clean. this happened sporadically over a week or so until this past weekend i was in the kitchen and started having a terrible asthma attack. my husband came in and said the dishwasher had an electrical fire and told me to go outside. he turned off the breaker, removed the door panel, and found that the control panel housing and wiring was smoking and completely melted. moral of the story is, i am now on steroid and breathing treatments and washing dishes by hand. as i investigated on line to find out where the model and serial number are on the unit, i saw the recall and called but was told we were not a part of that recall even though we had the identical problem everyone else is having. i was transferred from the hotline to the “customer service” line and was promptly disconnected. i hung up the phone and filed an incident report with the consumer product safety commission. not really sure where to go from here…

  44. We bought our house less than 1 yr ago, we have a bosch diswasher shx33a05uc/14, fd821201248, about two weeks ago it was in the middle of a cycle and i started smelling burning wires or something, i was just about to leave my house to pick my kids up from school when i turned around because the smell was unusual, there was smoke billowing out from under my kitchen sink cabinet, my dishwasher is right next to the sink, i quickly pulled open the cabinet doors and opened the dishwasher door and the kitchen window, no flames, so i went to pick my kids up from the busstop and called the firedept. They came and quickly noticed the smell of wires burning and went and turned off the breaker switch, they said I was lucky I was home when this happened or my cabinets would have caught fire!!
    They cut the burned wires and the junction box at the bottom right corner of the unit and taped and left everything exposed. I called the 1 800 number on the bosch unit, told them what happened and the sent an authorized repair dealer, he came took several pictures and said he see’s this often, usually he could just reconnet the wires but he said these were burnt too far back and that he would send a report to Bosch and that I should here from him in a day or two, he said when they here ” fire ” they get nervous. NOt so, it has been two weeks and all I’m hearing from Bosch is that they still haven’t received the report from the repairman, I called several times and was told the same thing , I tried contacting the repair guy several times and was never called back !! I called the hotline and was told that my model was not part of any recall list. I said well it better be now, and they told me they don’t do that and transferred me to the bosch service center where againg I was told they still haven’t recieved a report, I told to send someone else out immediately or I will write a letter to consumer affairs and the president of Bosch!! I am disgusted that such a serious issue is totally being ignored or disregarded by such a supposedly good brand name !! I will demand a replacement dishwasher or compensation and will purchase another brand. This dishwasher is about 5 yrs. old with the buttons hidden inside top door. Buyer beware of very potention fire !! I wonder what will happen when they see the pictures and fire incident report what they will do. I’m angry at the lack of regard for human safety, my husband is a firefighter and see’s this all too much. I will never purchase any Bosch appliance and will tell everyone else not to either !!

  45. My junction box caught on
    fire also. The tech that came out said he has seen this before, he called his supervisor and the supervisor told him to tell me its an installation issue. It is not an installation issue, it was installed by a licensed contractor, it has been working fine for 8 years, now its an installation issue? I DON’T think so Bosch. The technician even agreed is was bulls&%*, we all can’t have installation problems- whats wrong with this picture. I am outraged that this company is not accepting responsibility for their defective product, Someone’s going to be hurt and/or thier home burned down. When I called the company in Huntington Beach after 3 weeks of trying to get someone- I finally get to speak with Julie, who is supposed to be a manager, who tells me its an installation issue and to have my contractor come out and fix it. She will not let you speak to her supervisor and said from now on to correspond by mail, they don’t want to be bothered and blow you off hoping you just go away! They definitely will be hearing by mail from me. I will be looking into starting a class action lawsuit and will keep everyone posted on this site so we can get as many people as possible.

  46. We have a DW under the recall list. Had the part replaced that Bosch said was the problem. After the new control was put in, we had a fire. The repair tech was sent back out and we waited almost 3 months for the new part. The new control module was installed and within a few minutes of running the DW we had another fire. Once again called Bosch. Was told the tech installed improperly! Not true. I examined the newest module with the owner of the company that services for Bosch. There is no way it can be wired wrong. He then looked at the junction box and found all our wires melted. We have had two fires, and all of these complaints, and yet Bosch does nothing to protect their customers! I have yet to get a response from Bosch about this, but was warned by the technician that he has seen the fires frequently and Bosch always says that it is an installation problem.

    I will be contacting an attorney, but also notifying everyone I can via the internet what a dangerous product the Bosch dishwasher is adn how irresponsible they have been in regards to consumer safety!

  47. Glenn Peterson says:

    Our bosch dishwasher purchased in 12/08 she4am12uc/fd881101221 just stopped working last week in the middle of a cycle. After checking on the internet found out about the melting wire/fire problem. Am going to call them tomorrow as according to the recall list mine is not on it however I am having the same trouble everyone else appears to have.

  48. I’ve had my Bosch dishwasher for 15 years and it has worked great and quietly all that time until about the last 3 washes where something smells like plastic melting. It was under an old recall but I passed on it since it worked so well – It’s still working great and has done a much better job washing than any other washer I’ve had and, no, I have no connection whatsoever to the Bosch company. I can’t speak for what they’re building now. Hope you all are able to get your repairs done soon – it can be a real pain scheduling those things. p.s. sometimes overloaded house wiring can take awhile to show up as hot junction boxes etc. might want to have that checked out before plugging in a new machine.

  49. james murakami says:

    Hi All, Similar story: we bough our Bosch Dishwasher in September 2004. Had various issues with it related to noise and poor cleaning. Two days ago smelled plastic burning from the washer, and a day later it ceased working. No power. Removed the kickplate after shuting off power to the unit only to find melted wires in the wirebox, blackened by fire. Fortunately, nothing in the house caught fire. Went to this website and read the hprror stories, then called Bosch 800 827-2315 who scheduled for a tech to come out in 2 days to look at it. I requested a replacement given the seriousness of the incident, and was told they have to look at it. I insisted that only a replacement would suffice, given that this issue seems to have reoccured for several of you already, even after the tech fix, but was denied. I would propose a class action lawsuit or increased pressure on Bosch to replace these faulty units immediately. Jim

  50. Our Bosch dishwasher was on the recall list and we had the control panel replaced two months ago. However, the burning wires were in the junction box (smoke and fire again!) and the technician said the plastic connectors Bosch put in the kit to connect the wires were the wrong ones and he put better ones on. This time I called Bosch and the customer service representative told me that it’s not his problem if it isn’t on the recall list. I got so mad I hung up on him. These people are infuriating! Now I have to pay the appliance guy to come out and tell me why these wires with the new connectors are burning up again! I don’t know if these repair people know what the problem is, either. If there is a class action lawsuit, I would like to know about it because I will sign up in a heartbeat!

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