August 18, 2017

New From Jenn-Air – Duct Free Down Draft Cooktop

Jenn-Air is debuting its new duct-free downdraft cooktop, offering some of the industry’s best and quietest ventilation. This latest innovation allows high-rise dwellers and others who are unable to run ductwork or vent smoke outside to take advantage of the proven performance and versatility of downdraft ventilation technology.

Available this fall, along with the new collection of top-of-the-line wall ovens and cooktops, the exclusive duct-free downdraft kit allows for the high performance Jenn-Air downdraft ventilation system to be installed in virtually any home, including high-rise apartments and condos, without a major remodel to accommodate ducting. Using a powerful, filter to capture smoke and steam, the new duct-free downdraft system also allows for an open kitchen layout and the flexibility of placing cooktops on islands or peninsulas without having to worry about installation constraints. Aside from offering a smoke-free kitchen with virtually no design limitations, the new system has been refined to offer extremely quiet operation.

Additional features include touch control for a sleek, integrated surface that allows for easy cookware maneuvering and the highest BTU on a gas model downdraft cooktop. Other design elements include electronic ignition and automatic re-ignition in case gas flames are blown out; continuous cast-iron grates with a porcelain coating; and a shallow downdraft chamber for easier cleanup.

The new downdraft cooktop collection will be available in 30- and 36-inch configurations in Euro-Style Stainless finishes for both gas and electric models, and in Floating Glass and Oiled Bronze finishes for electric models. The new duct-free downdraft kit, available exclusively for use with the new collection of downdraft gas and electric cooktops, will be sold separately as an accessory.


  1. patricia hill says:

    I have a Jenn Aire gas cooktop with a down draft. Will this model replace the old one and how much will this gas top cost?

  2. Ms Hill – Good question. Jenn-air did not provide a price with their announcement, but my guess is that is will hover around $1000.

  3. Does Jenn Air have any plans to make the duct free down draft electric cooktop in a larger size than 36 inches? I would like to replace my current 47 inch Jenn Air electric downdraft cooktop.

    Please advise if it can be special ordered. Thanks

  4. NightOwl says:

    It seems at this time that it is going to be released only in 30″ and 36″ sizes. Look for future changes.

  5. Anne Todd says:

    Would you purchase the gas 36# glass top or the inset burners? I am somewhat leary of the glass top.

  6. Hello…Wonder what the cost of the Jenn-Air new duct-free downdraft cook tops will run? When will they be available and what applicance stores in the Denver area carry them?

    thanks, -john

  7. Does anyone have any first hand experience with the 36 inch duct free Jenn-Air gas downdraft shown here? I am seriously considering purchasing one and need some practical advise!!

  8. There are only few brand carries (Jenn-Air, Whirlpool, GM) gas downdraft cook top. I believe Jenn-Air has the best feature amongst the other competitors. Throughout my research, Jenn-Air has the highest 425 CFM output and their European Sleek design is a high selling point. I am in the process of house shopping and the Pre-Sale floor plan that I like has an open kitchen concept. I would definitely have the builder to put in either 30’ or 36’ gas downdraft cook top for me. Beside, Jenn-Air is often seen as high-end kitchen Appliance Company and most importantly you would get your money back in case you sell your property. If I were a buyer, I would definitely look into kitchen appliance first and to many people that is their #1 goal on their house shopping agenda.

  9. nellie wilkes says:

    I am looking for a Jenn-Air with downdraft electric cooktop with 30″ size. I would love to have the grill element on one side. I had a Jenn-Air in my other house and loved it. Please recommend some model to me and where can i find one close by. my area code is 71360