September 25, 2017

70’s Appliances – Do You Remember Harvest Gold?

Today stainless is still popular in kitchen remodeling, but it is slowly losing its standing to oiled bronze. Thirty years from now we will all look back at these kitchens and fondly remember them the same way we are chuckling at the kitchens of the 1970’s.

Although my mother chose the ever-so-popular Avocado Green appliances, another favorite of the era was Harvest Gold. This ad not only shows the wonder of the modern dishwasher, but also how important it was to dress appropriately for the job. Especially since this was one of the new portable dishwashers that she would be pushing around the kitchen.

Notice the stylish brown tinted glassware? My parents had something similar that I thought was the height of elegance.


  1. Heidi Smith says:

    I bought a house 4 yrs ago and the original refrigerator is a Sears Coldspot in Harvest Gold. The automatic ice maker has not worked since I moved in but the refrigerator runs fine. I know there was also a choice of Avacado Green but what was the third color? Something like Autumn Red I think. I do know it is a reddish color.

  2. The reddish color was called ‘Coppertone’

  3. My mother’s first automatic washer and dryer were harvest gold by Whirlpool, and our stove was also harvest gold by either Tappan or Magic Chef. I’m currently doing my kitchen in retro harvest gold. I have a harvest gold Sunbeam MixMaster, and my dishwasher is a harvest gold KitchenAid Custom 21 portable.

  4. I am curarently preparing
    pictures for my 1978 all original General Electric Harvet Gold electric stove to advertise for sale. I have used ti since 1978 when we built our house and it is in perfect working order original drip pans and broiler pan and shape rated at 98% (one small chip).

  5. Yes, the third color was Coppertone. I had Avocado Green at the time. This brings back memories!

  6. I’ve just purchased a home built in the 70’s and it still has the harvest gold appliances: Westinghouse electrice stove (in gorgeous working shape–clean, clock still keeps perfect time) and Maytag Jetclean dishwasher (from the 80’s maybe???). I am NOT into retro at all and would like to make sure these fully functioning appliances have a nice home to live in until they die. Any interest out there?

  7. Paula Welch says:

    I found a 1970’s pink Royal Chef oven w/lower broiler, a pink range hood and a pink double sink in a building we recently purchased. The oven appears to have been hooked up but never used. The bill of sale was inside along with the warrenty, etc. Does anyone know if there is a market for these items and where I might find out what they would be worth??

  8. The Third color was Poppy Red not Coppertone in the 70’s. Coppertone came in the 80’s.

    As the later 60’s approached, turquoise was replaced by avocado and a Harvest Gold shade. These became the new stars for the remainder of the 60’s, the 70’s and the early 80’s. Bright Poppy Red made a short appearance in the 70’s but as the decade closed New Naturals had become more popular. Harvest Wheat, Onyx Black, Coffee, Fresh Avocado and Almond were introduced with Almond and Harvest Gold definitely taking the lead. The 80’s saw Coppertone and Avocado fade away.

  9. Pink is from the 60’s…..

    By 1960 a few new shades had been added and almost as quickly cancelled including an attempt at a charcoal gray. Standard yellow, pink and turquoise were the only real survivors of this color craze. A new color, Coppertone became a popular choice until the 1980s. In fact, Coppertone and turquoise were the two favorite appliance colors, after white, for several years.

  10. Back in the 60’s we painted our kitchen flamingo pink (Kemtone, oil base!) If you were half asleep when you walked into that kitchen you woke up in a hurry! That color was so loud you could hear it 2 blocks away!

    We also had some room painted in avocado. Pity whoever painted over those colors. Bet it took 4 coats!

    I was lucky enough to buy a Harvest Gold pressure cooker on the web. Also, FYI has all the goodies–new sealing ring, weight, and etc. for it and a jillion other brands of pressure cookers. Only place I’ve found that really has availability for such a wide assortment of pressure cooker and canners. NO! I am not associated with this outfit, nor is this a commercial for them! Being a user of pressure cookers for decades I know the hazards (thank Goodness and savvy I’ve never had an accident with a cooker) of using a cooker with an old sealing gasket; so just though I’d pass that info along for a Christmas present to anyone who may have searched for cooker parts over the years.

    Happy New Year!!