September 25, 2017

Win a New Electrolux Range or Wall Oven

Kelly Ripa, spokeswoman for Electrolux, is searching for the perfect turkey.  To that end, Electrolux is holding a Perfect Turkey contest.  Just submit your entry here detailing your turkey success story, or possibly better, your tail of woe.  The winner will receive a new Electrolux wall oven or range with the “Perfect Turkey” button – just in time for the holidays.


  1. Gerri Page says:

    Rinse the turkey out inside and out and soak in salt and vinegar cold water continually for a few hours and throw in some sliced lemon. Remember to take the giblets out and soak them also/optional. Then rinse the turkey again and cover as much as you can with buttermilk, cover and make sure buttermilk is occasionally poured over turkey. I also add spices with the milk for added flavour and leave in fridge overnite. Take turkey out until room temperature, rinse again, melt some butter-add spices such as garlic, onion powder, paprika, celery salt, pepper and whatever suits your fancy. Add the melted butter under each side of the turkey breast and down into the thighs. Rub some butter on top of turkey all over and salt to suit taste. Sprinkle some parsley and chopped basil all over. Dry the cavity and add garlic, onion and a few slices of lemon. I prefer to make the dressing separately. The giblets can be put in the cavity also.
    Heat at 400 degrees for half hour uncovered and turn down to 350 until proper temperature is reached