August 17, 2017

Sears Unveils Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer and Dryer

Laundry Pair Combines High Efficiency with Deep Clean Functionality and SteamCare Technology
Kenmore Elite’s SteamCare technology, harnesses the power of steam by saturating dry clothing with a fine mist of water while simultaneously heating the interior of the appliance. The water and heat work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and odors, so consumers can avoid washing an article of clothing that may only need refreshing, saving both water and energy.

The new Oasis washer cleans better than any other model among leading brand top loaders, offering features like gentlewash technology to clean delicate items and Catalyst Cleaning Action to help ensure bright whites. The TimedOxi option, available in a top load model for the first time through Oasis, releases oxygen-based stain fighters at the precise time for powerful stain-fighting performance. Additionally, the washer is certified by the National Sanitization Foundation to eliminate 99.9 percent of certain bacteria found in clothes, sheets and towels.

Kenmore continues to deliver on high efficiency with this newest addition to the Oasis line up, as both models are more efficient than first generation Oasis HE models, surpassing ENERGY STAR standards. Adding to the efficiency, the Save Energy Plus feature conserves up to 20 percent more energy by extending wash times using cold water in cycles that may typically use hot water.

The Oasis washer’s Invizible Agitator sits low in its drum, allowing more space for clothing or bulky items like comforters and winter coats. Transparent, tinted glass doors on both the washer and dryer deliver a unique aesthetic, and consumers interested in second floor installation will be comforted to know that the Kenmore Elite Oasis creates the fewest vibrations in the industry.

The Oasis washer offers Kenmore Canyon Capacity — 4.6 cubic feet of cleaning space that efficiently cleans up to 24 bath towels in a single load. Also available in the Oasis dryer, the exclusive 7.4 cubic feet Canyon Capacity ensures that a full load from the washer will be effectively dried.

TurboDry technology in the Oasis dryer uses a 35 percent larger blower to increase airflow, drying a load of laundry more quickly than it takes to wash one. The Dual Action Drying system also contributes to faster dry times by simultaneously promoting airflow and tumbling.  Gentleheat technology uses an advanced computer to measure air
temperature and moisture more accurately and calculate exactly how long a cycle should run, resetting the temperature as needed to improve fabric care.

The Oasis and Oasis pair will be available in white in March 2008 at for the regular retail price of $1,099. SteamCare and energy efficiency are also available in the HE Steam Laundry pair in white and the designer color, barolo. Prices range from $1,499 to $1,599 for washers and $1,199 to $1,299 for dryers depending on color. Base pedestals retail
for $259.99 each in color and $229.99 each in white.


  1. Brenda Hester says:

    On March 5,2009 I purchased the Oasis Elite Dryer. I had purchased the companion washer a few months earlier. On May 7, 2011,a loud noise let me know that there was a real problem. Today–the diagnosis–needs a new motor. The washer has also given me fits but at least it works. I would not under any circumstance reccommend this washer/dryer set to anyone.

  2. patricia czumak says:

    so if anyone is handy and can take the washer apart. there is a paper inside the washer, it is a tech cheatsheet. it tells u what all the codes mean. i accidentally threw away the paper,and my husband was very upset. if anyone is handy and has the time to retreive and could copy for me. my address is
    1998 rt 44-55
    modena ny 12548

    thanks to anyone. i have the dreaded fi problem myself dealing with it for 4 years

  3. patricia czumak says:

    so i did call the resolution hotline and it worked, thanks wes

  4. Bertram kikuchi says:

    I too have had the unfortunate dealings with our Kenmore oasis washer. We have had all the problems listed above. It started with the F50 error, which they were wanting to charge us $65 just to come look at it. I looked around online and was able to find a guide to fix it myself. It turned out to be a sensor board that would shake it’s connector loose with the vibration during operation. I was able to fix this problem myself but about 6 months later we started getting the F1 error. Luckily we were able to get this problem resolved under the recall, in which they replaced the main control/mother board. Now a little less than 1 year later we started getting intermittent UL errors during the spin cycle. It has gotten progressively worse and now it does it every load, even with only one or two items in it. Again we are stuck because Sears wants $65 just to look at it and I think it’s $55 per hour to repair. Rather than dump any more money into this we have purchased a new washer from another reputable local company. Good luck to anyone else trying to find help for this problem, since Kenmore and Sears won’t do squat to help you, even though they know how bad a product they sold you.

  5. Bob Massey says:

    I too am having F1 and F51 errors which started 2 months after warranty expiration in 2007.

  6. Dave McAllister says:

    Oasis he top load washer with F51 code over and over again. Time for Sears to make good on this problem. Replace the washers or find a solution to this gigantic problem.

  7. I called Sears (the numbers you see here on this thread) about my F1 problem. Give them the serial # and so forth and told them about a recall on the unit (I learned that here, too).

    Sears told me my unit was NOT included in the recall. Basically, I was SOL for repair on this unit.


    If that’s the case, some of us could repair our own units if it is easy (a pico fuse, cap, etc.)…

    I will NOT pay $400 for a repair when I can get a NEW washing machine for that price. NEVER KENMORE, NEVER AGAIN. I’m happy to say I have talked several people out of buying this model.

  8. Vicky Reed says:

    Here’s a link to an incident report to the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

    After you read the report, go to the top of the page and click on Report An Unsafe Product and fill out the form. In the Incident Description box give them your model and serial numbers and ask that they be included in the recall. If enough people let them know that ALL the models and serial numbers are having exactly the same problem as the ones in the recall, maybe they’ll make Sears fix them all for free.

  9. Laurie Fly says:

    Sorry to say, just five days ago my sister got the dreaded F1 error code. Same thing. Hit stop/start about three times and it continues the cycle. It’s sad that Kenmore has allowed its brand to become ruined. Our father purchased a Kenmore exhaust fan that lasted over 33 years. We ran it every spring and summer, even through thunderstorms. When he finally had to purchase another one three years ago(Kenmore,)it didn’t even last two years. Needless to say, this will be the last Kenmore purchase in our family. Sad…

  10. I just called the 800-847-9083 number to check and see if my machine was one that was covered in the recall. I got this information from a 2009 post on this website. Unfortunately, I was told that Sears had reduced the range of serial numbers included in the recall and mine was no longer in that range. I am seriously considering cutting my losses and getting a no frills washer (and not from Sears). I thought I was doing a good thing buying a high efficiency unit. I think the high efficiency label is in reference to the efficiency of Sears in making a profit off of a defective product. Good luck to all in the same situation.

  11. Denise Denton says:

    Wow. I bought my Kenmore Elite HE in June of 2007. Have fought the F1 error code from the beginning and now tonight when I least can afford the problem now I get an error code of OL (overload according to the book) and I only have 5 towels in the load and they are very wet still. GRRRRRRRR !!!!! The OL error code comes on at the end of the spin cycle when the the minute is showing and the machine is almost done and then the 1 minute goes away and the OL shows with wrinking wet towels left !!!!

  12. Marianna Holmes says:

    My husband and I purchased the Kennmore washer and dryer elite and too have had nothing but trouble and repair after repair. My washer just went out again and I am mad. I have canceled all of my sears accounts and will look for help and legal action if need be

  13. Cheryl Bell says:

    purchased Oasis washer in 2006, Sears has advised my model 2708 serial CT48 is not under recall. I’ve had machine served four times. the basket in ’09; barrings; dispensers; error codes F1 and UL. I’ve gotten 2 warranties. It seems I need to keep renewing warranty because I have at least 2 major issues per year. This is gangsta. I’m being forced to have a warranty because the product is inferior & costly parts. If there is a lawsuit going on I’m going to be apart of it. I’ve always relied on getting good products from sears

  14. Angela hulse says:

    Ok, so I have owned the Kenmore Elite washer/dryer combo since 8/2006. I have had Sears out a few times to fix my washer but now I see that I too am a victim of this ‘f1’ error. To wash 1 load I have to press start/stop 6-9 times before my washer will continue to wash. This happens throughout the cycle too. Oh and when the spin cycle starts my washer sounds like its trying to hop out of the garage! Kinda scary! I have decided to purchase another washer/dryer combo, NOT from Sears and NOT Kennmore! My dryer works (for now) but I am so frustrated about the whole thing I’m going to get rid of both! Any takers????? Well LG….. Welcome to the HULSE household hope you can survive better than Kennmore did????

  15. Kim Bangert says:

    Has anyone started a class action lawsuit? Does anyone know what that entails? I am so frustrated with this machine.

  16. Elite Oasis HE Washer — yes, F1 has invaded my washer for about 3 months now, first only two cycles but others worked. Put off, like a dummy, and today called to find out my extended waranty expired last year. SO… I’m calling the help number Wes mentioned in his post and will repost with follow up.

    Yes, expensive purchase — faithful Sears customer in the past — lost of $$ b/c we owned apartments, but now, not so much! Sears, do you care?

  17. Oh I forgot to add that I pd her $150 for it. It is black and has a few scratches. I thought it would be worth it cause it was a Kenmore. But once I got home and it wouldnt work, I got online and was horrified to find out it is a new high tech thing and doesnt even wash like a regular washing machine. Then I found this site…….Im thinking she was having problems, thats why she wanted rid of it………..not because it was “too big” as she claimed.

  18. I used the number in this forum (800-847-9083) to call the recall line and my model was covered. (#110.27042600) They are shipping me the new board and sending a repairman out next week to install it at no charge. Two years ago, I had a repairman replace both boards while guessing what was wrong with the machine. This was under extended warranty, but I was able to see the retail price of the service call. I believe my wife would have chosen a new no-frills washer if we had to pay for the repair.

  19. I bought my washer and dryer in 2006. I just now got the f1 code. I have read all of the posts and will call the resolution line. But I really want to know why if there was a recall, they did not contact you. I bought the extended warranty so they know the #s. Just ridiculous!!!

  20. I am having same problem but don’t understand where I find the serial number on the control panel

  21. Kelly Howard says:

    We’ve owned this washer for about 5 years and just started getting the F1 code. I called 1-800-659-7026, the SEARS service line I got from this website. They are sending someone out in a week for our free “upgrade.” The repair person will replace our control board. Thanks to those before me who got the ball rolling on this, and I hope this helps other people with the same problem.

  22. Kelly Howard says:


    The model & serial number can be found on the inside of the washer when you lift the lid. It’s on the top back.

  23. andreia knowkaski says:

    F1 problem, first of all these washers are a peice of junk from sears!! raise the front legs up @ 1/8 inch. this stopped the f1 for a while. i am joining the class action suit!!!

  24. Shame on Sears! Shame,Shame,Shame,Shame,Shame!
    They are aware of this board problem (F1) and they still selling them. Main is only 1 and half years old and have F1 problem like everyone else!
    This product should be a recall one this is absolutely ridicules.
    All the unhappy customers should give Sears a big F1 lesson to them.

  25. Called 800 number with type and SN info, they are recalling certian types purchesed b,,, they are sending repair kit and will come out to repair when parts arrive for F1 problem. i will re-post if they come through!

  26. THANK YOU to all before me who posted all of their problems and the resolution phone #. We bought this washing machine from the Sears nick-&-dent store near Philadelphia, PA 5 years ago and began having problems 2 years ago. As we didn’t purchase an extended warranty, we didn’t have the $ to spend to have a Sears tech & parts bill. Our issues include the F1 code immediately after turning on the washing machine for which we have to turn it off & back on again, approx. 3 times. When on the Casual cycle, we have to do this a minute 26 approx. 4 times and then again at minute 16 approx. 3 times. When on the Normal cycle, we have to do this at minute 16 approx. 3 times. What a pain in the *&^%*#@ it is to go up & down the stairs all these times (though we’re greatful to not have to go to a laundramat)!

    Just (W, 10/12) phoned the 800 # and do qualify for the “upgrade”. Part takes 10 business days to ship & sub-contractor tech coming out on T, 10/25 to install. FYI, was told in 800 phone conversation that there are 2 control panels and the one w/the issue is the back panel which controls the enhanced spin cycle and helps with codes. Will re post after 10/25 to let you know how it went.

  27. Just called 1-800-659-7026 Sears Product Resolution Hotline
    Talked to a woman who asked my phone # put me on hold for 8min. came back on & said the mother board is being sent out today 11-30-11
    wanted to send a repairman out I said, “NO THANKS” My Husband will install it. I’m not giving sears any more money
    This information was very helpful!!!!!
    Good Luck F1 Brothers & Sisters

  28. Well, it appears there are many of us having the same problem…I just had my first set of “F-codes” explode on my washer last night. I got online, saw all of these posts and called the Hotline – my washer falls just outside of the serial numbers being covered. Fairly upset/MAD about this. The fantastic thing was that the Hotline rep I was speaking to told me that she “would do the same thing” when I told her I would never buy a Kenmore nor buy from Sears again…awesome, even the Call center agrees…that was helpful. I just contacted Kenmore via email as well and am hoping they will contact me back, but I have serious doubts…
    What can be done? They have a product that is experiencing the same issue across the board with this particular machine, yet only a certain block of numbers is being covered…

  29. Just spoke with Sears at the 800 number and said “tough luck” on the F1 code problem. It’s Whirlpool product and Sears will not back it. I purchased the Elite Oasis HE washer/dryer 5 years ago and can’t believe no one will back this product. No wonder Sears is filing for bankruptcy. Who wants inferior products. I am with everyone else…….will not buy anything Kenmore again. My next washer will be a “plain Jane” without all the bells and whistles that only go bad. The sad part is I cannot leave the house when the washer is running due to having to set the F1 at least twice in each load; one at 21 minutes and again at 12 minutes. What happens to those of you who start laundry then go to work? Guess the machine just “beeps” all day long! In this economy, who of us can afford the costly repairs much less a new washer/dryer? Doesn’t say much for Sears or Whirlpool.

  30. Penny. Melo says:

    You are not alone,so many people have had this pain in the neck,washer. If any one knows
    How or were to get help,even a law suit please let me know.
    After a long 1to2 or more trys to just start this thing, it than takes almost 10 minutes to push
    The start ,it still does not start. Aim done with this thing, maybe a hammer will work.

  31. Jessica & Henry says:

    FYI When you receive the F1 error code it does not automatically mean that you need a new board, me and my husband just purchased the oasis used, received the F1 error and Thank God my husband is a repair man because we researched the problem and it could either be the board obviously or it could simply be that the water level hose needs to be replaced. We were immediately receiving the F1 Error, but once he replaced the water level hose which is attached from the tub to the board, the code stopped and it works fine. In any event since it is under recall and from all your wonderful help and posts we just called 800 number and still getting free board in case anything else was to happen. Thanks for all your posts, hope this helps and if you have any questions email back at

  32. Just got off phone with Sears. Already have had board replaced and washer still is trash. They will come back again for a charge. No thanks. I will buy me a plain jane washer and will never own Sears again.Do you think they have a clue as to why they are shutting down stores.

  33. I have posted on here several times in the past. Here are some details with my washer and results.

    The washer was ripping our clothes on the spin cycle so we contacted Sears. We were told that we didn’t know how to use the washer and should only use a slower spin cycle.

    F1 error codes on the washer and error codes on the dryer. The warranty just expired so I purchased the extended warranty. Circuit boards were replaced in both machines.

    About 15 months later, the F1 code comes back. I contacted Sears and it was not a recalled serial number. Sears refused to stand behind their product. I contacted Whirlpool and they said there was an agreement where they did not warrant and Kenmore items. I went to the Better Business Bureau in Chicago. No resolution. The contact at Sears stated they would not handle the matter.

    There is a petition but that will do not good. The class action suit is being handled by Andrus Anderson and their web site is

    I hope this helps.

  34. I purchased this model washer and dryer and they both have given me problems. My washer has had the error code for over 2 years now. So, yes I have been pressing START/STOP 10x’s before the cycle and then again with about 12 minutes remaining in the cycle. It is the most annoying thing in the world BUT I simply do not have the money to repair it. My dryer also makes a continuous beeping sound at all time regardless of the cycle. I am so disappointed with Sears and Kenmore. I will try and call the toll free # again although I already did it 2 years ago.

  35. My girlfriend’s washer has been giving an F1 error as well. After searching online, I noticed there was an issue with getting service due to the serial number and model number not being covered. Just for giggles I headed to the local Sears Service center to inquire about a solution. They printed off and gave me a copy of an internal Service Flash report. The number is SF26-794R1, it cover the F1 code with a free replacement of the board. I was told to call 1-800-469-4663 for help.

    Sears Service originally gave us the runaround stating that the model number was not covered. The serial numbers covered according to the Service Flash are from CS48 – CU52.

    The model numbers covered are 27032600, 27032601, 27032602, 27032603, 27042600, 27042601, 27042602, 27042603, 27052600, 27052601, 27052602, 27062600, 27062601, 27062602, 27062603, 27062604, 27072600, 27072601, 27072602, 27072603, 27072604, 27082601, 27082602, 27082603, 27082604, 27082605, 27086601, 27086602, 27086603, 27086604, 27086605, 27087601, 27087602, 27087603, 27087604, 27087605, 27092600, 27092601, 27092602, 27092603, 27092604, 27152600, 27152601, 27152602, 28032700, 28032701, 28042700, 28042701, 28082700 & 28092700.

    According to Sears Service, because this is covered by a service flash the repair and replacement to fix should be zero cost ($0) to you. If there is another problem with the machine, that cost would be not be covered.

    We talked to several service people, once they confirm the serial number range of the service flash you should be good. The techs are under the impression that this service flash only covers serial numbers CS48 – CT45. THIS IS NOT CORRECT! The range covered by the Service Flash is CS48 – CU52 (as of 4/13/2009). This is the most recent update of the Service Flash

    Also, the service person I spoke to said the techs are supposed to honor any documentation you might have, so if you can get a copy of the service flash referenced above, they should honor that documentation.

    Hope this helps anyone with the F1 error.

  36. Scott, thanks for the information. I too purchased the waser and dryer set for $1900. I called to 1-800 number and after dealing with their inefficent automated system i was finally connected with their warrenty dept. From there after informing them that the washer was covered under a service flash notice they connected me with their “recall dept”. From there after providing them with the model number and serial number they will be sending out the part and then a repair tech at no cost with a whopping 90 day warrenty. WHOOPEE!

  37. Chris Phillips says:

    We also have the “magnificent” Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer.What a peice of crap!!
    I will never purchase anything from Sears again. I would advise anyone who is looking at buying an appliance to look elsewhere,

    Sears definitely stands behind their products,,,,,way behind.

  38. Is anyone having problems with the dryer? Clothes are catching on the lint filter and they get all wound up and then get holes in them. Anything with straps breaks. We have replaced the lint filter but it is actually worse.

    FYI When the repair man came out to our house he said not to buy the washer that goes along with the dryer because it has so many problems.

  39. I just found out bout the recall of the Elite Washer. I’ve had and having the same problems; F1, ul, ol &
    etc. codes. Sometimes load banding noises. I almost jumped out of my seat several times. I thank all of you for the information. I had just called Sears Repair to come out, when I came across the recall. I cancelled immediately. I made some calls to the 800 numbers that were given here. The said my Washer was not on the recall list. The 2nd number said it was and will be sending out parts for free install. I am aware that this may not fix the problems of this Washer. I also signed up for the class action. Again,Thanks to all of you.

  40. Kathleen says:

    I have been dealing with F1 error for past month. Called all kinds of numbers. Was told that my model was not covered under recall. Thanks to Scott’s email on Feb 20, 2012 I didn’t give up. I didn’t find help at the number he listed but after calling several places and asking about the service flash reports I finally got hold of someone who had one. She told me mine was on the list for the error code problem. The control board is being mailed to my house and a technician is coming next week to fix the washer free of charge. The number is 800-659-7926 and it is for “product resolutions”. The service flash report number is SF26-794R1. My model is 110.27032603. The Feb 20, 2012 post by Scott gives all the numbers on that flash report. Since I saw my number was on there I kept calling around even though many told me mine was not covered. I think there are 2 different reports: a recall list which mine is not on and this service flash report. Don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have access to both. Hope this helps someone. I am with the others who say they will never buy Sears appliance again. By the way, my 5 year old son knows what to do when the washer beeps. He stands on a stool and hits stop and start until the dumb thing continues the cycle. He likes babysitting the washer!

  41. I have been trying for months to have my Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis washer repaired at no cost after reading all these posts. After transferring me several times, I finally connected with Alex 1.888.949.7181 and referenced Scott’s comments above regarding the service flash report. My washer was not on the original recall but is included on Scott’s list above. The control board is being sent to me and a repair person will be out July 28th to install at no cost to me. I have my fingers crossed that this will work! THANKS Scott for your post!

  42. I have Kenmore Elite Oasis He Washer model 27072603 ser Cu07xx. I just called the I-888-0949-7181, about the recall. I was told that my model isn’t in the recall. I also am getting the F1 error code. I told the guy about the internal Service flash report. He said the model numbers up to 27072602 was under the recall. This machine has been having problems for a year now. I had a repairman here twice already, at this point I could have paid for a new machine. Word to the wise be careful about checking pockets. The machine eats change. Any idea of a good washer to buy.

  43. Well, I just moved into a house that came with this set. Guess I will bring my old reliable Maytag set from my other house and trash the Kenmores. Glad I found this site before investing any money into this “lemon”!

  44. I bought a Kenmore Elite Oasis HE, Paid new price at Sears. After tax, $800.00 plus. The thing has NEVER worked right. Started going off balance/ even with a light load, 6-7 items of everyday clothes, bra’s, panties, slips. This went on even with normal low cap. loads.
    Called a GOOD re-pair person. The shaft is broke.
    I’m not the only one, Kenmore-Sears, and your so called warranty plan,, You knew, it was bad, in the first place. NO. I never take an extended warranty on any thing. $200.00 a year, ARE YOU CRAZY?
    When,, one pays over $800.00 for something,,IT should last 20 years..

  45. I spoke my mind..
    Your washer Kenmore Elite Oasis HE,, IS JUNK. You read it.
    Replace it.
    Don’t give people the run around…

  46. Lamar Wilkinson says:

    The Kenmore Elite Oasis HE wish I had never bought it JUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Laura Borgmeyer says:

    My 2007 Canyon Elite washer is junk. Several repairs by Sears and also a private appliance repair business – and having off-balance problems again that seem to be related to the electronic control panel – AGAIN. Junk. Sears service could not be worse. The machines are pretty – but total junk. Sears not standing behind its products at all. Very disappointed.

  48. Denise Wandler says:

    No kidding I have a dryer that cannot be fixed it s only 5 yrs old only my husband & I in the house . Not much laundry .. Thank god were not a family of five … The repair guy couldn’t fix it ….. What do I do now buy another one .. A dryer should last more than 5 years .. the funny thing is the repair guy says it looks brand new ,, so much for taking care of my stuff ….Top of the line is not the way to go Elite what a joke …Big price not much value …