August 22, 2017

Sears Unveils Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer and Dryer

Laundry Pair Combines High Efficiency with Deep Clean Functionality and SteamCare Technology
Kenmore Elite’s SteamCare technology, harnesses the power of steam by saturating dry clothing with a fine mist of water while simultaneously heating the interior of the appliance. The water and heat work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and odors, so consumers can avoid washing an article of clothing that may only need refreshing, saving both water and energy.

The new Oasis washer cleans better than any other model among leading brand top loaders, offering features like gentlewash technology to clean delicate items and Catalyst Cleaning Action to help ensure bright whites. The TimedOxi option, available in a top load model for the first time through Oasis, releases oxygen-based stain fighters at the precise time for powerful stain-fighting performance. Additionally, the washer is certified by the National Sanitization Foundation to eliminate 99.9 percent of certain bacteria found in clothes, sheets and towels.

Kenmore continues to deliver on high efficiency with this newest addition to the Oasis line up, as both models are more efficient than first generation Oasis HE models, surpassing ENERGY STAR standards. Adding to the efficiency, the Save Energy Plus feature conserves up to 20 percent more energy by extending wash times using cold water in cycles that may typically use hot water.

The Oasis washer’s Invizible Agitator sits low in its drum, allowing more space for clothing or bulky items like comforters and winter coats. Transparent, tinted glass doors on both the washer and dryer deliver a unique aesthetic, and consumers interested in second floor installation will be comforted to know that the Kenmore Elite Oasis creates the fewest vibrations in the industry.

The Oasis washer offers Kenmore Canyon Capacity — 4.6 cubic feet of cleaning space that efficiently cleans up to 24 bath towels in a single load. Also available in the Oasis dryer, the exclusive 7.4 cubic feet Canyon Capacity ensures that a full load from the washer will be effectively dried.

TurboDry technology in the Oasis dryer uses a 35 percent larger blower to increase airflow, drying a load of laundry more quickly than it takes to wash one. The Dual Action Drying system also contributes to faster dry times by simultaneously promoting airflow and tumbling.  Gentleheat technology uses an advanced computer to measure air
temperature and moisture more accurately and calculate exactly how long a cycle should run, resetting the temperature as needed to improve fabric care.

The Oasis and Oasis pair will be available in white in March 2008 at for the regular retail price of $1,099. SteamCare and energy efficiency are also available in the HE Steam Laundry pair in white and the designer color, barolo. Prices range from $1,499 to $1,599 for washers and $1,199 to $1,299 for dryers depending on color. Base pedestals retail
for $259.99 each in color and $229.99 each in white.


  1. Sharon Canessa says:


    I’m glad my sister found this website for me and that i’m not alone! I would relay my story but to tell you the truth I’m so tired of repeating myself! I am SO done with Sears. A few years ago a technician ruined our central air conditioning unit during a routine maintenance call and it took what seemed like forever to get fixed. We had to get the replaced. I have to hand it to Sears, they do hire some really inept people.


  2. Unhappy in NH says:

    My experience was that the technician found that the part had come unplugged and was loose! But he installed a new part just to be safe. I believe that is why those of you who paid for a new part are still having problems. The vibrations of this loose sort of washer tub set up just eventually allows the part to come unsnapped.

  3. Unhappy in NH says:

    It looks as though I am going to have to try to dry my clothes a bit before I can even LIFT them to put in the dryer! The machine just refuses to spin… UGH!

  4. Oasis Dryer…’Mother’ board fried…
    The buttons stopped working on our ‘Elite’ Oasis dryer. Sears service wanted $129.00 to check it out, and repair it + parts. I also have a cook top and vent hood that needed repaired. That would have been $390. for service plus parts., whatever they may have been. These appliances are 2.5 years old and they ‘break’? I’ll have to wait 10 to 15 days for parts, the repairman knew exactly what was wrong on all of them, before he even looked. That tells me Sears/Kenmore/Elite line of products are trash and a joke. All of the new parts will total $220. and the labor will be $110.00 and all the parts will have a free lifetime replacement.
    Sears…You have put your name on the line and it is NOW not worth anything… I would warn anyone…Forget the service contract, forget the name ‘Sears’, and buy from a reputable company, who cares!!!
    Anyone want to start Legal CLASS ACTION against Sears???

  5. We also have this LOVELY washing machine. When we purchased it in 2006, we were told how wonderful it was and how it would save us money. Our problems came about 1 year after we had it. Within the last couple of months,we have the F1 problems,too. The machine is possessed!! It will beep and spurt water even when it’s not on. It will beep F1 when machine’s not on…..usually in the middle of the night I can hear it. I’ll have to go just unplug the crazy thing to get it to stop. Now, it just beeps the entire time of the wash cycle!!!!! I will be getting my FREE circuit board if its the last thing I do. Should have known not to purchase this machine; but the sales rep praised it. What a crock!

  6. I purchased my Oasis washer in Jan 07. About 2yrs down the line, I too started to have the dreaded F1 problem. It started with the wash cycle and has gone to the rinse cycle. Now it wants to do the rinse cycle twice!

    I just talked to Sears and seems my washer is not on recall list. I told them all of the Oasis washers should be on recall list since they all seem to have the problem. I was told to get a hold of Consumer Affairs.

    I had an old Kenmore washer and dryer for 17yrs with no problems and paid far less for them.

    Like everyone else with this problem, I am very disappointed with Sears and will not buy or recommend their products.

    I do not want to invest more money on this washer and hoping that a recall comes about.

  7. Jim (Cornwall, Ontario) says:

    RE: OASIS from Sears in Cornwall, Ontario.
    I will not be back with my business, and will discourage others, unless Sears honours their promise. to fix my washer.

    1. I called the Sears number given on the recall notice and was told that although my washer had the same symptoms that warranted the recall, my model and serial number weren’t covered. I was referred to local Sears store Parts & Service.

    2. Parts & Service said they only know what Whirlpool tells them and suggested calling Whirlpool.

    3. I called Whirlpool and was referred back to Sears.

    4. After several transfers and dropped calls a representative of Sears told me that if the problem was the same as the recalled washers the repair would be covered by Sears.

    5. Sears sent a repairman who confirmed that the problem was the control board as in the recalled washers. He didn’t have the part but said he’d have it in 2 days. He called 3 days later to say Sears would not honour their promise and that I’d have to call them.

    6. I called Sears and was told they didn’t know the person (whose name I gave them) that made the promise, nor did they have a record of the call. They promised to call back.

    7. I went to the Sears store in Cornwall, Ontario and was able to find the name of the “unknown” employee in the database as well as a record of my call.

    8. Sears later called (careful to not leave a name) leaving a message telling me the promise to fix the washer was a mistake and the part and repair would not be covered.

    9. I have informed the local Sears sales people about this corporate representative who will make a bonus for sluffing me off, at their expense. Because although the salespeople are quite nice and helpful, Sears can not be considered a source of trustworthy product nor service and support.

    10. I of course will not be back with my business, and will discourage others, unless Sears honours their promise.

    11. If anyone else is doing something about this issue, feel free to write:

  8. I just called this number and they fixed it for free!! 1 800 659 7026

    Also, this is the great part, any work you have already had done can be “refunded” for example I had paid sears $250 to fix it already, so that will be refunded here is the number for refunds….


  9. I have been experiencing the dreaded F1 on my Kenmore Oasis HE washer for some time now. It first started out doing it just once in a while. It now does it with almost every load, and is starting to occasionally do it on the rinse cycle also. I have not called a repairman yet. Sears no longer has a store in our town. I had looked online to see what this error meant and was shocked to see that so many people are having this problem. Where do I need to start to get this fixed? We have had this washer a couple of years. I do not know the date of purchase. I paid $1000 or more for this washer. We are a family of 2 and do not have all that much laundry, so it has not been overused. Need advice on where to go and get this problem taken care of, without it costing the price of a new washer. I am very disappointed with the “life” of this machine. We chose this product because it was a Kenmore and thought they had a good reputation.

  10. I love how over and over again people blame Sears for the failure of their washers. You do understand that Sears does not have a giant team of engineers and plants building Kenmore machines right? Kenmore is a name only….Whirlpool, LG, Frigidare and others build the Kenmore appliances for Sears.

    I gaurantee that the Sears salesperson informed every one of you about the manufacturer warranty….one year parts and labor. I also gaurantee that they offered you a 3 or 5 year protection agreement, and that 70% of you decided to “take your chances” and pass on it. Bad move. Yes the sales people make a commission on PA sales, but they will also push it based on experience. The experience being that a large percentage of ANY machines with a computerized control system WILL have problems within the first 5 years. Trust me, I see it every day.

    Truely, it seems that many of you expect Sears (or Best Buy, or Lowes, or Home Depot) to go above and beyond the warranty and cover your machines out of warranty. What’s the point of having a warranty at all then? Maybe they should take care of your 30 year old frige too? If every company took care of every machine out of warranty they would all go out of business. Sears offers service plans for a reason, you took the chance to go without it and now you have to pay up. Be responsible adults and stop complaining about a choice YOU made. Trust me, salespeople get a kick out of telling customers that they are out of luck, especially when they decided to forgo any type of extended coverage. Appliances are an investment. The best bet is to shell out a few extra bucks and protect that investment, or be cheap and stick with a Kenmore 400 series washer.

  11. Greg LePine says:

    I’m over 62 years old and ALWAYS bought SEARS products because they were the BEST. NOT ANYMORE. Everything that they sell is private branded with SEARS or KENMORE name on it. King V must work for Sears, I do don’t. Our Kenmore Oasis started all this 18 months after we pluged it in.F1 code until cleared (all the time) Drain & Spin goes to 60 mins. not the default 15. Alarms do not work. Water level only gets to five inches (5″) deep no matter what setting and there is NO Auto Level. On Normal Wash no med water level. Cloths are WET on small load on any cycle. DO YOU THINK THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM HERE! Service calls are $130 just to come out, the touch screen pad is $110, and the brain box is $166. Sub total $406, then you have to pay labor to replace the part. I can buy a NEW machine for $400.. When you spend $700. on a new wash machine you would expect it to last like the old Sears one did (30 years old))..

  12. Jason Sturgill says:

    Well, my wife and I bought one about 3 years ago and it floods our floor everytime we wash clothes in it. There are times during the cycle that it sprays water into the tub while still washing, well the spray doesn’t make it all the way into the tub, so it runs down the side and floods our floors. The Sears repairman has came out 4 times and he always leaves by saying, “well I can see its doing it, I just can’t figure out why”. So today, before we wash clothes we have to pad the floors with old towels and moisture absorbing clothes, then after we’re done washing, we have to dry them out. I will never buy anything from Kenmore or Sears ever again!!!

  13. Amazingly my Oasis has not come down with the dreaded F51 code…yet. But I got a begger problem, my Oasis is only 3 yrs old and the outertub center bearing/seals are shot! Water is now leaking through the bearing…don’t know how much long she’ll last! To replace the bearings/seals I need to replace the whole outertub assembly. Part through searsparts online is $129.00….but I live in Alaska and shipping is $300.

  14. I agree with Greg. As I said in my previous statement, I had
    a Kenmore washer & dryer that lasted 17yrs and no problems. When
    I bought this Oasis it was because I believed in the Kenmore name and the fact they lasted. I also have a 20 yr old microwave from Kenmore. I did not think I needed extra coverage, regardless of computer imput, when it came to the Kenmore name. These washers were having problems before I bought mine in 01/07 and should have been pulled out of production till they perfected their control boards.

  15. I too have one of these washers,and have had the F1 code and had it repaired under warranty a little over a year ago.They came right out and fixed it. It still gives a code for something every now and then.I had a Fisher and Pykle washer before and it did the same thing. I think your best bet is to buy a washer that is not computer controlled .I don,t think vibration heat and moisture go well with electronics. The cheep stuff works better.

  16. King V, don’t you find it at all ironic that so many people are having the exact same error code on the exact same washer? I’m assuming that you must be on the payroll for Kenmore…get a clue, a known defect on a product is NOT the consumers responsibility, especially if the manufacturer knows about it before the product is sold.

    I too am having the “F” issues with my Oasis. I called 3 different numbers and was transferred about 11 times all together with no resolution.

    I have signed the petition and registered for the class action law suit, and I recommend that you all do the same.

    I am also contacting a local news station reporter that investigates these kind of issues. The segment is called “Get Gephardt”. Here is a link if anyone else is interested:

    Good luck to everyone!

  17. I too have had numerous problems with this washer. First when I purchased it the left hinge would crack due to corrosion over the bleach cup. After 3 replacements Sears finally figured a different metal was in order so as not to corrode. NOW–the F1 code comes up. Everyone says to check the kink in the house but I fear it will take replacing the mother board. There are examples on line on how to do-it-yourself so I guess Sears cannot keep up with the number of repairs?! Thankfully I can read and am somewhat mechanically inclined. Wish me luck.

  18. After reading these blogs I realize that computers do not belong in a washers or dryers. The lower priced mechanical timers outlast the modern ones. A money making Idea that backfired on Sears due to lost of customers. The Kenmore Oasis machines ARE lemons that are NOT worth 5 cents They’re garbage. I could and have done much better buying one from or finding a reputable appliance store that sell used ones with a warranty. I found washers with a six month warranty starting at 125.00. There are alot of people in craigslist that offer good quality machines starting from 50.00 unless your one of those type of people that think inside the box or that are spoiled and need to buy new all the time. But look what you get…Burned

    Many people move, sell, even give away perfectly good washing machines that are extremely more reliable. Beacause the older (mechanical timers) models were so reliable they don’t want to make machines like that any more.

    My condolences to Those people who bought this machine from Sears.

    P.s Never purchase a computer controled washer or dryer. We have to draw the line on technology and I strongly disagree that it belongs in what should be a simple appliance.

  19. Karen Bradford says:

    I have the same washer and dryer..Today we had a tech come out to check the spin cycle. It is so loud during the spin cycle you can’t hear the TV, even through a closed door. $437.00 to replace the tub and shaft. The is a leak in the tub, which I dont know how that can happen in a stainless steel tub, other then had to arrive that way from the manufacture. Anyways, the water has leaked into the shaft and rusted and worn down the seals, etc. The leak is so small that we have never seen any water in the pan under the washer and there were no water stains in the pan under it. So I guess my battle will begin with Kenmore/Sears as I feel my problem is more of a manufacture defect. I have not had the F1 issues, but it sounds like I should be looking for that next.

  20. craig boyer4 says:

    We have the same problem as everyone else. We bought the oasis in Nov of 2006. Everything was fine.Every so often,the washer would not spin and shut off. On April of 2009, Sears called and said there wes a recall on the computer board and he replaced it in 5 minutes. About 60 days went by and the F@ light would come on and the machine beeped the entire load. It even started beeping in the middle of the night. A few times it spit water into the tub. I called Sears and they said that since the warranty was over there was nothing they could do. I dsaid that i didn’t have a problem until they replaced the computer.Another month went by and the beeps got unbearable. i called Sears repair again and they gave me a different number to call. I called and that lady said there was a 90 day warranty on the replaced part. i ex[plained to her thjat Sears failed to tell me that fact. Since noew it was 3 1/2 months,that warrabty expired also. They suggested that I have a serviceman come out at 79.00 and look at the machine. The part would cost 160.00 and to come back and install it, another 79.00. I said that;ds totally unacceptable and wanted her to have the technician who installed original part to call me. So far,no call. Sears is a rip off. Has anyone done the class action lawsuit? Let me know.

  21. F1 error code means the mother board has gone up – I just paid to have my replaced. Sears customer service over the phone is a joke – they will not tell you the error code because do not want you to repair the washer on your own.

    The mother board is easy to replace – it is cheaper to order the part, and put it on yourself if you are not under warranty.

  22. We have the Elite Oasis washer and dryer. We purchased them just after their release and they have been problematic from day one. The dryer has already been replaced once but continues to “stick” at 40 minutes of drying time even though the clothes are completely dry. Just this month, the washer started giving the F! error code. Called Sears resolution line on 12/31 and was informed that my dryer IS part of the recall. New control board is enroute (via UPS) and tech is scheduled to come install it on 1/11. Absolutely HATE that you have to be available from 8 AM until 5 PM for the service tech; local Whirlpool reseller will give you a two-hour window and schedule at your convenience. Plan to replace this $2000 set of junk sometime next year. Someone said it correctly earlier on this blog: Sears is headed the way of Wards (who usually gave much better service!)

  23. Stacey Auvenshine says:

    My Elite Oasis washer is giving the F1 error code approx 5x per wash load, whenever the water comes into the machine. It still works, but I have to stand there and babysit it. We have had the washer approximately 2 years. Our model number is 110.27032603 and our serial number is CT5271076. I called the product line at 18008479083 to report the problem today and was told by Sears that my model number was not included in the recall because it ends in 03, even though it is having the exact same problem that the 02 and 01 models are having. I was told to call consumer product safety, which I did. They said there were no recalls on this product whatsoever for any model number, but theirs is just for safety issues, not lemons. I am very angry and disappointed with Sears. They acted like they had no idea what I was talking about until I said I’d already read all the complaints of other owners on the web. Then they admitted that 01 and 02 model numbers had been recalled due to defect, but just not mine. If anyone has had any success in getting a replacement mother board for a washer with a model number ending in 03 under the recall, please post it. If this is not resolved, I will never again buy anything else from Sears and literally ALL of our appliances have been purchased from Sears in the past.

  24. Jill Watt says:

    I two have been duped into believing time after time that Sears cares about their customers. I have been a loyal customer for many many years, purchasing all of my appliances with them because of the service and service plan agreements.
    Both the washer and dryer, Oasis have caused me nothing but trouble. First the washer started with the non-stop beeping and once the washer was fixed, two tries and one day off work, the dryer started to act up and would only work with the timed cycle.
    The repairman showed up again, I was very detailed as to what the problem was when I called the service department. He called the scheduled day which was a Saturday so I would not have to take another day off, and called, very rude to say he didn’t have the right part! What is that all about? Anyway, what could I do, so I waited again, another week and a half, he came, told me he couldn’t fix it still the wrong part, went to his truck, came back about 15 minutes later and had the “parts” required. After another hour or so, he came upstairs said he had to replace the entire electronic board and could not use my dryer.
    So, finally it is now, two more weeks and they are suppose to be coming today. I have emailed Sears twice to complain, and also called, no one ever gets back to me. So Sears, no more business from me.

  25. I had the F1 problem called the 18008479083 and gave them my serial # and model # and the guy said my S/N recall ended in Aug 09. A few hours later I called back, spoke to someone else and they said no problem, they ship the part and set up a service date. DON’T GIVE UP.

  26. jeff west says:

    the oasis is not the trouble free machine the salesman said it was it rattles at least 5 restarts per load F-1 and it stops duing cycles F=1 the sears guy said to bad they want dollars

  27. Pete Potter says:

    Whats with all the complaints? Why blame Sears they didn’t design it or make it. You bought it and believed all the crap you found out by ” RESEARCHING” the internet. Only now you find out it is a load of B.S. ! B.S. that the manufacturers have sent out! Sears buys their products from the Manufacturer and sells it to you. ( in this case the manufacture being Whirlpool) So go after them not your local Sears store! How many cars are on the road that has made all types of claims as being the best and? and what happens? THEY FAIL !! Is it your local dealers fault? NO!!! It’s the manufacturers who are making all the money they can by outsorsing their parts to places like Mexico in order to save a buck or two. The consumer gets it in the end!How many products are out there that says ” this machine is not reliable or the best?” NONE! They are all comercial quality and the best on the market. As an appliance technician of over 25years I have never seen so much crap on the market! But keep buying the best most economicaly friendly machine that promises you the world, one which you can start it and forget about it and I will be in buisness for many more years to come. Go for it and I will keep my 20year old Maytag enjoy the bells and whistles and so called stainless steel eco friendly bunch of crap !

  28. As a sevice technician with my own buisiness believe me we are as frustrated with todays junk as the consumer,25 yrs ago i would leave a client with a working appliance and a clear concious…these days however i secound guese myself on quite a few calls.When it comes to electronic control boards espeacialy when you are dealing with more than one on an appliance its a shot in the dark as to witch board is defective,if the appliance is under warranty i order both,if it isn’t i do my best to determine whitch of the two is defective but its not easy and its not ovious.
    my advise to you folks is stick to the plain jane appliances…stay away from electroniclly controled crap..and we’ll both be happy campers.

  29. Those of you whose dryers lasted a few months should consider yourselves lucky. My last Kenmore dryer was a piece of junk. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. My husband researched through Consumer Reports and the Sears Kenore Elite Oasis got excellent reviews. Against my better judgment, we bought it. It was delivered last Wednesday. Today, Saturday, it stopped working. I’ve used it three times. I will never, ever buy a Kenmore product again. They are replacing this, but of course not for a few days, so this means more trips to the laundromat after shelling out over $1,000. No more Sears for me – EVER!!!

  30. Our machine started with F1 errors about 1 1/2 years after we purchased it! What a piece of crap washing machine! I am so fed up with babysitting F1 errors! Thanks to everyone for posting phone numbers, recall info and repair costs. I’ll be calling the 800 # to see if we can get it fixed.

  31. Tim / Louisville, KY Jan 28, 2010 says:

    We have the SEARS Oasis HE top load washer. Same issue the dreaded F1 ant then the thing cycles up? Have to unplug this thing because it cycles the water. The repair man came on a Monday, went through some diagnostic issues. Told my wife the part will be ordered and come to our home. When it arrives call them and he will schedule a time to come back and service it. This was after having to take off work to be here and now having to do this again. It is now Thursday and no part. We have to do laundry somewhere until this is resolved.
    Reading the issues above, Sears should have the parts on hand to resolve this when they arrive. Had a Maytag, gave it away to buy this thing because my wife wanted one? Never another Kenmore washer.

  32. Ronny K. Myers says:

    What a piece of junk. Our Oasis HE washer has been nothing but trouble. Will not buy from sears again.

  33. ACNeilson says:

    I have the HE washer, it didn’t get my clothes clean enough, thus it is in the garage.
    I have the ST dryer, loved it until it tried to burn my house down last night.
    Apparently, customers HAVE to take the back panel off and clean out all the lint that is NOT caught by the lint trap.

    Why would SEARS give people the run around about repairs?
    It comes down to money.
    The part that costs you $150 +/- only costs them around $30 max.
    Technicians get paid by the hour. average is around $15/hr for an Appliance tech.
    Sears doesn’t care about the customer, only the profit.
    If you are lucky, then you know somebody who is a DIYer or have the “in” with a tech.
    Otherwise, you are out of luck.

  34. Does anyone still have the letter of the recall for the Kenmore Oasis washers? If so could I get a copy of it?

  35. I would also like to get a copy of that recall letter if anyone has it. Thanks

  36. We purchased the Kenmore Elite Oasis 28032 in late January 2009, I loved it so much, a few weeks later, I purchased the matching dryer. Here we are the first of March 2010, and my washing machine started with the uL code, now it displays the error code F51. I found this website when I googled to find out what the code might mean, needless to say, I was and still am extremely upset. Yesterday, I went and purchased the Electrolux perfect steam wave touch pair, plus the extra warranty, that I now, thanks to Kenmore, feel the dire need to have.
    I have signed the class action law suit survey, the petition to the Whirlpool President, and am leaving this little tidbit for others to read.
    I sincerely hope Sears and Whirlpool do the right thing and at least fix the problem before they sell any more of these horrible machines.


  38. I can add my name to the list of people who are having problems with an f1 code. I thought that my machine would be included in the recall. The lady on the phone made it sound like it would be. Nope….I just paid $137 for a tech to come out and tell me that I could replace the mother board for over $400 (including service fee) or I could buy a warranty and that would be $300 (with service fee). I said “No thanks. If it starts happening again to where it needs to be fixed (if it’s not fixed with start/stop/start/stop) then I would rather pay that money to just get a new machine. It won’t be from Sears.

    I signed up for the class action law suit.. but that looked like it was just for F51 codes. The service guy did show me that there was a recall for f51 codes. But.. that wasn’t for my model either. So hopefully that doesn’t start happening to me!

  39. I purchased the Kenmore Elite washer and dryer two weeks ago. I was so excited to have this nice washer and dryer. Now, I am anything but excited. My dryer started making a horrible noise everytime it was in use. It sounds like the drum is scrapping something. I finally got in touch with a repairman from Sears. He said he could come out and look at it in two weeks. I have gotten the run around from the people in the store. No one really seems to want to help. After reading all these complaints, I have decided to send both appliances back to Sears and ask for a full refund. The dryer is falling apart after 2 weeks, it is just a matter of time before the washer begins to tear up. I’m getting rid of these machines while I still can. I have vowed to never shop Sears again!!!

  40. Richard Wilkins says:

    I have had continuing problems with this Oasis washer from Sears from the day I bought it. The first problems was the rear hinge on the lid completely rusted into after only 3-months. Sears sent a new hinge and I installed it myself. Next I noticed water on the floor during each wash. I was told this was normal and to just put a towel on the floor during wash times. Next the main board was recalled and was replaced by Sears. I now have the UL fail code and have to keep the washer unplugged to prevent the alarm from randomly going off.

    When I purchased the maching I was told that it was extremely quiet and used very little water. They were right since it doesn’t run most of the time when I am ready to wash clothes. It is a piece of junk and never again will I trust Sears.

  41. Could anyone please post the information about the class action lawsuit? I’d like to sign it.

  42. NO MORE SEARS says:

    OK I’ve had it with this thing!

    2007, 2009 and now STILL UNHAPPY IN NH.

    It’s 2010, I have had it fixed twice, and now I have a warranty but who knows, it might be over.

    I am getting the oL error now. I hate this $900 piece of JUNK!

    My old washer lasted 20 years!

  43. I have read some of these horrible nightmare stories above and hope that I do not find myself in the same situation. We have owned our Kenmore Oasis for about 3yrs and it’s starting to act up.The cycle complete signal is beeping off continously throughout the entire wash cycle with the little green light jumping from on/off repeatedly. It’s so annoying. HELP!!!! I called Sears and they said that they couldn’t toubleshoot over the phone and would have to send a repair person out. After reading these stories I’m not sure what to do????!!!!!

  44. Heidi Walter says:

    Purchased the Kenmore Elite Oasis He model 110.27086601 in June of ’06. I’ve never been satisified with this machine–especially when compared with my last Kenmore Elite set that lasted 21+ years and was still working when I got rid of it. Luckily, we’ve not experienced the dreaded F codes. My complaint has always been that it does not clean the laundry and twists and knots it all up. How can anything get clean when it’s rolled and twisted tightly into itself and barely any water is used. Answer–it can’t. I have read the washplate or impeller was redesigned and I’ve been told by a Sears salesman that all customers were notified (of the “recall”) and the part replaced. Obviously, I was not notified. Eventually, I made it through the gammit of calls at Sears and was informed that a “free updgrade” (not recall) was available. Both the part (control board) and labor are free. I’ve scheduled, but I almost hate to have the upgrade done because then we might starting having the F code issues. (I’ll be keeping the old control board.) I wash all loads on Towels/Sheets to get the machine to use a little more water than it does on other cycles. Stains that would have come out in my previous washer don’t come out or take multiple washings.

    Dryer only works marginally compared to my previous dryer. I dry everything on Towels/Sheets to get my loads dry.

    I agree with everyone that Sears/Whirlpool should absolutely be held accountable for replacing these very expensive machines. I submit my comments to reinforce there are still appliance owners out there who are disatisfied, but probably not as active as they should have been about their complaints.

  45. I’ve been totally unsatisfied with my Kenmore Oasis washer/dryer also. I bought the set in December of 2006. Within the first couple of months the dryer drum starting making a terrible noise. There was some part that was made out of plastic and after being heated up so much, it would break. After that, I got the “F”-ing problem that everybody else did on my washer. Now tonight I went to use the dryer and press the power button and nothing happens. It has power because the drum light is on. I’ve never bought such expensive junk before.

  46. It is unfortunate when I have to resort to google instead of Sears repair for assistance. I called the repair line yesterday regarding my Oasis washer (F1 code keeps appearing) and was furious to learn that the simple meaning of F1 could not be explained (no technical assistance by phone). So I googled the F1 problem and I found this site. I purchased the machine in 2007 and I have been re/starting my loads for the last 5 months. It is getting worse, so I have no choice but to get it repaired.
    I will not buy a Sears product again either and a class action lawsuit is in order.

  47. Brian Piper says:

    Well it 5 2010 and it still a problem Maybe a class action law suite will work… I am one of perhaps hundreds of unhappy owners of the Sears Kenmore Oasis HE washing machine. After only a year and a half, one day, just prior to the rinse cycle, all of the lights lit up on the control panel and a message appeared that read, “F1″. I went to the Internet, ( and Googled Oasis HE washing machine. Sure enough there were
    dozens of owners of this machine who had the exact, “F1″ error message. I called Sears and they sent a repair technician who after scratching his head for some time called the factory (at least that’s what he said he was doing). After a trip to his truck and another half hour, he finished the repair job by installing an electronic control panel at which time I was presented with a bill for $394.49. He tried to get cash from me and when I would pay him cash he fled.

    Sears has a well documented problem with this machine for which they appear willing to risk their reputation for fair and honest dealing with their customers. In the first place, the Oasis was not an inexpensive machine to purchase, however, with an additional $400 dollar repair bill I may be at the point of saying good bye to them forever.

  48. Charlotte says:

    After over a year of F1 codes, re-starting, etc. and seeing online how many people have had this problem, I finally called today and was told there is a recall on some models – but not mine. When my machine is doing to same thing as the “recalled” why is this particular model not included??? Makes no sense. After being told it would be $129 for service call plus any parts I was offered a 1-yr repair plan for $214 that will include service and repair up to $500. I opted for that since the part is likely to be more than the difference. Sears can add me to the “never again” list.

  49. David White says:

    We too are having trouble with the Kenmore HE Oasis washer – used to be the F51 code – now it is the F1 code. I have signed up with the Andrus/Anderson class action investigation.

  50. Dungcao says:

    I bought a Kenmore elite oasis he at Sears on 10/2007, 15 months later the code F1 appear on screen, I must re-start 3-5 times for each load until now, so, what going on , how i can do it without the gruaranty etension ???