August 18, 2017

Sears Unveils Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer and Dryer

Laundry Pair Combines High Efficiency with Deep Clean Functionality and SteamCare Technology
Kenmore Elite’s SteamCare technology, harnesses the power of steam by saturating dry clothing with a fine mist of water while simultaneously heating the interior of the appliance. The water and heat work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and odors, so consumers can avoid washing an article of clothing that may only need refreshing, saving both water and energy.

The new Oasis washer cleans better than any other model among leading brand top loaders, offering features like gentlewash technology to clean delicate items and Catalyst Cleaning Action to help ensure bright whites. The TimedOxi option, available in a top load model for the first time through Oasis, releases oxygen-based stain fighters at the precise time for powerful stain-fighting performance. Additionally, the washer is certified by the National Sanitization Foundation to eliminate 99.9 percent of certain bacteria found in clothes, sheets and towels.

Kenmore continues to deliver on high efficiency with this newest addition to the Oasis line up, as both models are more efficient than first generation Oasis HE models, surpassing ENERGY STAR standards. Adding to the efficiency, the Save Energy Plus feature conserves up to 20 percent more energy by extending wash times using cold water in cycles that may typically use hot water.

The Oasis washer’s Invizible Agitator sits low in its drum, allowing more space for clothing or bulky items like comforters and winter coats. Transparent, tinted glass doors on both the washer and dryer deliver a unique aesthetic, and consumers interested in second floor installation will be comforted to know that the Kenmore Elite Oasis creates the fewest vibrations in the industry.

The Oasis washer offers Kenmore Canyon Capacity — 4.6 cubic feet of cleaning space that efficiently cleans up to 24 bath towels in a single load. Also available in the Oasis dryer, the exclusive 7.4 cubic feet Canyon Capacity ensures that a full load from the washer will be effectively dried.

TurboDry technology in the Oasis dryer uses a 35 percent larger blower to increase airflow, drying a load of laundry more quickly than it takes to wash one. The Dual Action Drying system also contributes to faster dry times by simultaneously promoting airflow and tumbling.  Gentleheat technology uses an advanced computer to measure air
temperature and moisture more accurately and calculate exactly how long a cycle should run, resetting the temperature as needed to improve fabric care.

The Oasis and Oasis pair will be available in white in March 2008 at for the regular retail price of $1,099. SteamCare and energy efficiency are also available in the HE Steam Laundry pair in white and the designer color, barolo. Prices range from $1,499 to $1,599 for washers and $1,199 to $1,299 for dryers depending on color. Base pedestals retail
for $259.99 each in color and $229.99 each in white.


  1. I also own the oasis washer and dryer that were a huge waste of money. The washer gives me the ul code and takes all day to rest and the dryer takes over an hour and a half to dry the cloths. Would never purchase kenmore products or shop at sears agian. Would sell both washer and dryer but pretty sure I would have to pay someone to take them.

  2. Well, surprise, surprise, I am in the same boat. So, I purchased the washer and dryer in May 2006. I have had issue after issue. Thankfully I also purchased the extended warranty! From day two of ownership I had problems with BOTH of my machines. Sears actually replaced my washer pretty quickly, I think because the technician felt so bad because he had been out to my house so many times and they were brand new. However, since then I have had to have the door replaced due to rusting. In fact, I have a repair service appointment in two days to look at the second door because its rusting as well. On to the dryer… the dryer has had tons of issues itself. I have had the computer replaced twice. At least now when the F codes come on, the dryer is still operable, whereas before it would compltely shut down and I had to call it in for service. The sensors inside the dryer don’t work, so all those fancy drying cycles cannot be used. When I do use those various cycles, either I get an F code that stops the drying process and my clothes are still wet, or the dryer runs for hours and doesn’t stop until I manually stop it. So, I am forced to only use the cycle that allows me to specify the drying time. Even with that specification, 99.9% of the time, the dryer stops drying and has a flashing F44 code. Most of the time the clothes is actually dry, but sometimes I have to run it again.

    When I have had technician’s come out in the past, they don’t know what to do. They don’t know what the codes mean and their answer is to replace the computer. But that doesn’t fix the problem! Even when the computer is replaced, the codes still come on. Like I said, I am on computer number 3 right now and I still get the F codes!

    Here’s what I found out about the extended warranty. In order for your washer or dryer to be eligible for replacement under the Sears Protection Agreement and the No Lemon Law Guarantee, you have to have FOUR service calls in the same year and FOUR functional parts replaced in the same year. So, shame on me for not continuing to call and instead putting up with the F44 codes everyday. All the repairs and service calls I made in the beginning don’t count because it was over a year ago. So, now I am tracking each appointment and I will make sure I call every time there’s an issue.

    I agree with everyone else on this site that I am so disappointed in Sears for producing such a low quality, high cost product. I feel robbed.

  3. Update to my post from yesterday… ironically when I got home yesterday there was a letter in the mail from Sears! It said that if you have a Kenomore brand Oasis or Oasis HE washer where the first four characters of the serial number begin with CS48 through CS52 or CT01 through CT49 you are eligible for an electronic control board upgrade at not cost to you. The upgraded control board features new software designed to improve the spin perfromance of the washer and improve detection of and adjust for potential out of balance situations. Call 1800-847-9083. Have your product model and serial number available.

    Hope this helps someone out there!!

  4. Laurie,
    Thanks for coming back and sharing what you learned. You, and others can read about the letter being sent to consumers in our article here:

  5. My Wife and I also bought this big waste of money. The dryer works good, the washer is a waste of money. We bought the washer, and 5 months later it went out. Because we bought the washer and the dryer prematurely for our new house, and our old house sale fell through 3 times, we sat them in the garage for a year. When we finally installed the washer it worked for 5 months, we paid to get it fixed, getting the runaround from sears. It was about $400. We finally received a letter from sears saying they would fix the board (F51 problem) for free. We were told we would be reimbursed for the repairs, after jumping through numerous hoops, but we still have yet to be reimbursed. Sears keeps telling us it takes a while. Then, yesterday the washer flashed the wonderful F51 code again, so we called sears and they sent out another board, and told us that we would have to pay for the repair, and that the board is not under warranty. Nice!!! I think that I will go and buy a basic washer and take this one outside and send it to washer heaven!

  6. There is a recall on Elite Oasis HE I have hade mine for about 2 years just got a F code called sears recall center 800-659-7026 there is a two week back order but it beats paying 400.00

  7. catherine voyack says:

    Just got off the phone with product resolution regarding Kenmore Oasis elite- problem with F1/ leakage since I bought it- 2006-have just been tolerating it. There is a recall on Model no. 110270 with last 5 numbers in the model no.between 32600 to 87603. I did receive that info in the mail, but discarded it because it wasn’t clear that the last 5 numbers of the model number had a range. My washer is indeed recalled for that F1 problem ( computer mother board) as well as leakage. There is a backorder on the computer component- Sears should contact me in 2-3 weeks- free repair. If you have this washer- kenmore Oasis Elite. CALL 1-800-659-7036- I bet your machine problems have a recall.

  8. I commented a couple of weeks ago. Well the repairman came out this past saturday and replaced the motherboard. It’s now wednesday, and I was doing a load of laundry and the F51 code came up again.

  9. Lonnie says:

    I made comment on April 4th above and finally got replacement board for this machine and works ok for now! Don’t like what I’m reading since my last post. I got board on 4-28-2009 and have been hounded by A&E Appliance repair. I will never let me repeat NEVER let an A&E service guy in my house again after a dissapointing and expensive experience earlier this year. Another repair guy came after my A&E experience and diagnosed the problem with our Range and it only took him 2 minutes and returned in 4 days and fixed the problem. A&E is a joke!
    I got my new board an installed it myself. No rocket science just pay close attention to how you unplug and just reverse the process when installing! Make sure you unplug the Washer first! Total time is about 5 minutes start to finish!

  10. sue baker says:

    I purchased a kenmore elite oasis washer/dryer set in august 2007. LEMON!!!!!! Night before last the infamous f1 started to make it’s appearance. I called the 800 number to india. The lady barely spoke English and told me it would be a week to get service because there are not enough technicians in our area. She stated that they are trying to hire more and if I had a complaint write a letter and then proceeded to hang up on me. I am so disappointed with sears. My machine apparently has the updated motherboard so this product was supposed to be problem free. Yeah right. That’s only the washer. The dryer takes 3 hours to dry one load of clothes..These were not cheap appliances. Shame on Sears, ripping off the consumer with poor quality products.

  11. James Aiello says:

    Looked on line for repair tips and found out that replacing the logic board is a temp fix that cost over $400.00 Sears will not recall the machine so you’re stuck with a big tin cube of junk in your house..
    I may make a go kart out of it!! I’m not going to put any money into it.

    I bought it Jan 2006 Serial number CS4870317

    I read some of the submits above and called with my serial # and they said I did not qualify..

    I do live about 30 mins from the Sears corp offices … I should just drop this thing off ….

  12. My washer was on the recall list. First Sears’ tech never showed, never called. Second showed to replace the recalled board and left. First load of laundry same problems. Same Sears tech came back to my house later that day and told me if the board he replaced did not fix the problem he was going to charge me for a service call. Called Sears and they are coming back next week to try to fix the washer at no charge. When they show up I hope they can fix the problem but I will have already purchased a new “not Sears” washer and will donate the one they fix to Goodwill with a sign on it explaining all of the problems everyone is having with this product.

    Good luck to everyone with the replacement board but it doesn’t sound like it will fix the problem permanently.

  13. We purchased the oasis washer and dryer in 06. The dryer stays on until I shut it off. The washer started to have trouble at about 18 months. All of the F codes would flash. Three weeks ago the tec rebuilt the washer all except the motor, after waiting 2 months for the parts. Now it starts to wash and flashes F50 and I am out of a washer again.

  14. 6/1/09 – Bought my washer in Feb 07. 4 days ago, started “F1” error. I went to check this out on line and found this web site. My washer is not covered as my ser # starts with CU. I called two of the 800 #’s found here. One told me I was not covered and gave me the other 800 #. He told me for $70.00 they would come and look at it. If we had them repair, the $70.00 would be wavied. Or I could buy an extended war. for $215.00 and then he started telling me options and lost me. I think I will print up some flyers and go to my local mall and as people enter sears, tell them my story and tell them they should not shop there.

  15. Gordon Duff says:

    My Oasis started leaking first. Not a lot of water, but enough to ruin a floor if left alone. Service rep came at my expense to evaluate the machine. He told me that Whirlpool ( who makes the Kenmore Oasis ) has a repair for the leaking. It will cost us for the part and repair. I called Sears about the problem, asking why the repair was not a recall, on their dollar. After I talked to the right person ( two days of phone calls ) they agreed to reinburse me for the labor and part. The rep returned and did the repair, I paid him, and then called Sears and they did refund me the whole amount.

    I also received a recall leter about the “board”. I called and when the board arrived, they installed it free.

    And, now I have the same leak again. Just a small amount of water, but after every load. I am still under the 30 day warranty from the first repair, so they say they will come out again for free. We’ll see what happens tommorrow!

  16. Hello, I am a owner of a new washer after I threw in the towel. Not really though, because if I did that I would get a F-51 error. I too Have a Kenmore Elite Oasis He washer & dryer. My wife and I have three small childeren 4, 2 , and a 1 month old. So you can imagine our horror when in the middel of a load the wash just stopped running and beeping non stop. It flashed the F-51 code which my owners manual says nothing about. At this point the fun began when on May 17th of this year after buying the pair in November of ’07 I googeled Kenmore Oasis washer. It wasn’t until I had read about 40 of these messages that I knew we were sunk. But like the rest of you I tried my best calling 3 or 4 different 800 numbers getting put on hold for 10 to 12 minutes at a time, getting transfered from one department to another for two days. I finally decided to go talk to the salesman at Sears that we had bought our washer & dryer along with stover, fridge, dish washer, micro, freezer for around $5000.00 total. He was very nice and tried his best by telling me the tech manul is on the inside of the washer, if you tilt it back and reach between the front panel and the tub I would find the tech book but other than that he couldn’t help me beacuse of course you guessed it we didn’t purchase the service warranty. I asked him about a recall letter that we had gotten. He told me that the store has a different 800 number to call than what is listed on the web. He dialed it so I don’t have that one for you. The lady had me read my model number which falls under the recall but not my serial number which starts CU4. She did inform me that it will evenually be recalled that it’s about 6 months out. I explained that I couldn’t wait 6 months for my washer to get fixed. She then gave me this number 1-888-536-6673 which is what I guess is supposed to be Kenmores customer service center. (I’m using that term loosly). Now to my excitemnet the young lady that answered the phone was very nice, I explainded that after only 17 months of owning this washing machine it doesn’t work. I told her about my family situation and she seemed to understand she also noted all of the kenmore appliances I had purchesed over the years not just the ones in ’07 but also the house full of Kenmore stuff when we built a house in ’99 which all were still working when we sold them with the house. So according to her because I was such a valued customer she was going to help me out. Wow now I was in shock beacuse of all the stuff I read on here and about 100 other website were all negative. She told me what I would need to do is alow an A & E service tech to come to my home at a cost of $75 to me to confirm that my washer wasn’t working. Now here is the good part she said once the tech tells you that parts and service are needed. You tell him “I don’t want it repaired, I want it replaced” she told me at that time the tech will give you a certificate for a new kenmore washer from sears. I was thrilled. The draw back was this was May 19th and the soonest they could get a tech out was June 2nd. However I agreeded to it, remember I’m getting a new washer. She told me the service company would call with a time frame for the tech. Well by monday June 1st still no call. I called the 888 number back and got a different lady this time. I asked her to confirm that service was coming june 2nd and she said yes, I asked if she had a time frame of *am until 5pm. Wow so luckely for me my Wife works from home so no big deal. Well I got home from work at 3:30pm on June 2nd still no repair man so I called the 888 number again this time I got a guy that was very helpful. He confirmed that the tech was in route to my house. So just to confirm what the first lady told me I asked him about what I was supposed to say to the repairman was “I don’t want it repaired, I want it replaced” and this will get me a certificate for a new washer right? He quickly said No! The only way the repairman can do that is if he declaires the machine beyond repair. Well I’m no dumby they will rebuild this thing from the ground up all on my dime so I asked if I could talk to the tech befor he got to my house the guy said he would page the tech to call me. Now it really gets good. I told the repairman that I had gotten multiple F codes including F-1 F-51 F-70 F-71 & F-72. I also told him that I know between the parts and labor this will cost me about 400-500 dollars to fix on a machine I spent $900 for originally and all I’ve read is that they are junk. Here is the best part he confirmed all my statments. I then asked about the certificate that the CS rep had told me about and the tech had no idea what I was talking about. He said the only thing they are allowed to offer upset customer is a coupun book for 20-40-60 & 100 dollars off specific items from Sears. I think it was at that point he knew not to bother driving to my house. So after all of this I went to a local appliance store that services everything they sell themselves and give you an in-house 5 year parts and labor warrenty on any purchase over $1000. Now beacuse I read all of the stuff about the dryer too although ours hasn’t crapped out yet I figured just to take the beating now and get a new pair and vow not to go back into Sears ever again. One more hint for those of you who have cloths in your Oasis with the lid locked and an error code flashing. Press the stop button twice then wait a bit press and hold the Clean washer button for a 3-1000 count release it for a 3-1000 count press it again for another 3-1000 release it agian for a 3-100 count and finally press it one last time for a 3-1000 count release and all the lights will flash the lid will unlock. The F codes will come on the display turn your dial slowly to see all errors you have ever had. It will then run through a diagnostics check C-0 through C-9 which is about a ten minute mini wash cycle. Sorry to all that bought this piece of junk and good luck. I’m going to leave mine in the garage until the recall and the let them come fix it and try to sell them cheap with the for warning that they may crap out but if I even get a couple hundred dollars for them that would be great.

  17. Mallory says:

    OASIS P.O.S. I am so sick of these machines and sears… The recall lady just told me that my machine was not a safety hazard… BS!!! the lid was open last night and it started filling and spinning all by itself! The only way to get it to stop was to unplug it. Once I told her that I had placed a complaint with consumer product safety comission,, she quickly informed me that yes, it was under recall… but she wouldn’t be able to process the claim until I recieved the letter from Sears… I said “not acceptable” I have 2 small children… Low and behold, she ordered the part and scheduled a tech. I will never buy from Sears again… 2 new boards in the dryer, now the washer!

  18. Melissa McNeil says:

    Well all, I guess I’m in stellar company with this Kenmore Elite Oasis HE Washer/Dryer problem mix. My washer is doing the F1 thing too. My dryer is inconsistent on the drying times. The display for example will say 20 minutes on a specific cycle setting but it will only dry for 10 minutes and then stop. I have been very specific about timing the cycles myself to test them. On top of that the dryer is not consistent with the same cycle times. Sometimes the same cycle will give the 20 minute dry time and dry for only 10 minutes and then the next time I select the same cycle type it gives the 20 min display but will dry for 12 minutes or 18 minutes and sometimes it even does do the whole 20 minutes of drying time. The washer is doing the F1 thing on 3 of the washing cycle types, especially the bulky bedding cycle. I’m not out of commission yet but my time and nerves are worth more than trying to go through what you all have experienced. I bought my set January 13, 2007 and this is the first time May 2009 that I began having problems. It went a whole 2 and a half years before going crazy. I’ve also gotten the ld errors and the uld errors as well as the F51, but it seemed to re-set itself with the on-off button action until this f1 thing started. So, I will notify all the entities you mentioned of my problem but will also notify Consumer’s Union of Consumer’s Reports Magazine fame since that is where my eye caught mention of the machine when I was reasearching a new set. However at that time Consumers said the machines were too new to assess and stupid me went in and got them anyway. I recommend to everyone to sign up for a subscription to Consumer’s Reports. I never buy anything that isn’t rated highly from them except for this one blip and lack of good judgement on my behalf. I’ve always had great luck with relying on Consumers to lead me to great and safe products. I wish you all well and resolution and will as the rest of you expressed never buy another thing from Sears or KMart. This should be written up in a college business class book as the way to not run a company if it wants to prosper. I was practically raised in a Sears store. My parents bought nothing but from Sears and had wonderful experiences with them. Not me. This is the last of my money you will get, Sears.

  19. We bought our Kenmore Oasis Elite washer on December 2008. So after 18 months is doing the F1 thing too, every time is getting water. The technitian came today and told me that this is a common problem. We need to change the main board, is going to cost us around $400.00 I can’t believe this. It’s a brand new equipment. Why I need to get a maintenance program for new equipment that should work for long time? What is the different between the old appliances, that last forever, and the new ones?

  20. Well I just called the recall # only to be told that according to my serial # I already have the upgraded control panel. If thats true I feel sorry for all of you who went through the recall process to get the “upgrade” because its not gonna work!!
    I bought my washer October 2007 and the F1 nightmare started last month!Thanks Sears for allowing me to purchase $1000.00 worth of crap!!!

  21. My kenmore elite oasis is a p.o.s.,i thought it was just a simple error,wow. i guess there are thousands of people experiencing the same fun F1 problem as well.very faulty product,and the fact that theyll charge an addional 400$ for a control panel to fix the problem is ridiculous,expecailly because it doesnt work!

  22. Elite he4 front load dryer – has blown 4 circuit boards. 2.5 year old machine and out of warranty.

  23. jan simpson says:

    taking a chance someone has to win and I am in need of a new washer and dryer desperately.

  24. just called product resolution at 1-800-847-9083 and my machine is on the recall list, the parts for the F1 code will shipped via U.P.S. and the service tech is scheduled to be here in 1 week at no charge.

  25. Chris Rees says:

    Another Dissatisfied Kenmore Oasis Owner.

    Long Story Short, these are over priced, poorly engineered from what I see so far

    our washer will turn instelf on and beep randomly and will show F code errors. If you can get it to wash it will beep erratically and mess with the wash cycle. The worst part is the machine has turned itself ON and while having a mind of its own it turned the wash drum dispensed water and turned the drain pump on WHILE THE LID WAS OPEN!!!. I even got it on video just in case anyone says I’m lying. Anyhow this is a major safety issue. It could easily twist your arm if you happen to be pulling your clothes out of if it did its episode.

    Since reading all of the complaints and issues with this washer It has added to my cause to complain. I have contacted the BBB the consumer agency and even my local TV station (they have a consumer spot each Friday showing consumer issues) People need to stand up for their rights. We Will NOT be ripped off! If you build it cheap and sell it for an expensive price you deserve the consequences

  26. Peter Molnar says:

    I took Scott’s advice and called Sears Product Resolution at 1-800-847-9083 and spoke to Greg. He acted clueless about the F1 problem and told me my Oasis HE was not on the recall but he would refer me to a tech who could help me…yeah right!

  27. Rhonda Van Laeke says:

    Well, Sears is sending out the electronic control board, and I have my fingers crossed. They are hearing all of these complaints and will be sending the repair man to fix it. It’s pretty obvious that some of you may need to re-complain if you paid for this service. My machine is almost 2 years old. Thanks everyone for paving the road to their enlightenment. The internet speaks load and clear for consumers.

  28. Thanks for the info. I too have a Sears Kenmore Elite. It is stuck on permanent press and beeps continuously. On my way tomorrow to purchase a new machine. Will not even stop at Sears.

  29. MIke Amble says:

    I just called the 1-800-847-9083 number and gave them my model # and serial # for my Kenmore Elite Oasis HE with F-50 problem. It took only 5 minutes and they are sending a free control board and set up serviceman to come to my house in 14 days. The lady that helped my was very friendly. Hopefully, this works but it is definitely worth a try. If this doesn’t work – I’m done with Sears.

  30. Purchased the washer in November 2006 and had no problems, except when a (rare) unbalanced load made the machine “walk” a bit off center. I was surprised to receive the letter earlier this spring, as I had no complaints, and at that point the machine was over 2 years old. I was busy, but finally called and scheduled the appointment for this week; the part subsequently arrived. Sears made a confirming call the day before the appointment; the service technician called en route to confirm that the part had come, and to say he’d be there soon, which he was; and he quickly replaced the board at no charge for part or labor. I’ve done 4 loads from mini to full since, with no problems. What a contrast with what others have gone through!

  31. Cindy Myers says:

    My Oasis HE is about 2 years old and I’ve been having the F code for several weeks. I’m planning on calling the 800-847-9083 number for assistance. Hopefully, they’ll repair my washer as well.

    I was also going to call Sears for advice on the F code. I decided to research it on the internet first. I was shocked at the number of people with the same problem!

  32. Dawn Jackson says:

    My experience same as Anne’s. Purchased the washer in December 2006 and had no problems, except when a (rare) unbalanced load made the machine “walk” a bit off center. Received the letter from Sears few months ago and didn’t open it, thought it was junk mail. Then Sears started phoning. Finally caught up with me and mentioned recall. My model & serial # are on the list to replace. They are coming out Aug 31st to replace the motherboard. No charge. Up to this point we haven’t had any F errors on the washer.

    However, we fought with Sears over the matching dryer for almost a year because of a whole mess of F errors starting 4 months after we got the dryer. Had 2 motherboards replaced and were within 20 days of warranty expiring when it went again. I went at Sears hard. Local store and then upwards. We received a brand new dryer 5 days before warranty expired and have had no issues since…touch wood. Hope we will have no issues with the washer after the motherboard replacement. I am very afraid after hearing how awful the washers have been for some many others. The dryer experience I had was very frustrating so don’t need a repeat with the washer.

  33. Dave Johnson says:

    I wonder when Sears is going to have a recall on these Elite Oasis washing machines? Elite? What a joke! They have lost me as a customer. When I get a technician here within 8 weeks for the same problem (Ld Code) that tells me they really need to look in the mirror to see if there going to be in business for a very long time. It also makes you wonder what happened to those machines from the past that have lasted 20 years before going out, like the refrigerator I have in the garage, still working! All these complaints and they do nothing. Do not buy anything from Sears for appliances period!

  34. Norma Garcia says:


    I thought I was alone at babysitting my Oasis with its F1 trouble. The only way I get it to work is by pressing the Start button until your finger hurts and the cycle starts. Then when is time to rinse you have to do it all over again. Sears and its wonderful reputation does nothing about it.

  35. Loura Dickinson says:

    I can’t believe what I have read all of your problem are similiar mine. I have problem with Kenmore dryer since I bought a new ones. Dryer works fine, but not dry completely…had to do is to twice time from the start knob!!! Always double time!!! Waste bill!!! I have been thinking about to buy a better one. Not going to Sears! Thanks to you all and bless!

  36. So I just spoke to a Renee #69514 rep …. Sears home services… She had informed me the same thing about a service tech… with a fee … didn’t tell me how much but assuming from all the other comments,,, close to $100.00. I had explained that I had yet to hear of a POSITIVE feedback on this Oasis Kenmore ELITE!!!! product… NOT SO ELITE! I BTW have the F1 issue … earlier this year I had another F issue,,, and will not take the time to have a service tech come out and tell me what you all told me… I need a new mother board!!! Outragious!!!! I will go to the lawsuit website and walk into my LOCAL Sears and have a chat with them… CUSTOMER SERVICE does not understand “YOUR FRUSTRATION” like they tell you!!! NO more business from me !

  37. We’ve had similar problems with error codes, and Sears has done a terrible job of responding to our complaints. We’ve also had a problem with Sears refusing to unstack our washer/dryer to do the repair work unless we agree to pay $150 in labor charges, even though the repair work is covered by our warranty. Has anyone else with a stacked unit been told they have to pay labor charge to unstack and re-stack their units? If so, email us at

  38. There are machines that are not on the recall that should be – this problem is not solved. Customer Service will not assist you if you call and are not within the serial numbers. If you have the same problem, off and on machine to start, after the F1 write the Executive Vice President William C. Crowley and Chair of the Board Edward S. Lampert 333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 and demand action – Don’t pay them for something that should be fixed free. The loud voice is heard, silence is ignored and forgotten.

  39. My husband and I purchased the Kenmore Oasis Elite in 2007 and it has never properly worked. The electronic board has been replaced with numerous service repair calls. Still doesn’t work correctly. It comes on in the middle of the night with this loud beep and wakes everyone. This washer should be recalled. Now, I contact the service chat line and am told that I should purchase a service contract for $240. I suppose to cover all the forthcoming service calls on this worthless piece of junk. What a joke–you’ve got to be kidding me. I am told to write to the company. I will probably do that and also contact our local television station troubleshooter. This is ridiculous to spend $1,000 on a washer that has never properly worked.

  40. David Mosbaugh says:

    Our Kenmore Oasis Elite Washer also developed the F1 problem. I called the Sears repair line yesterday and was told it was $129 to send a technician to our home. I told the service person our make and model and the F1 problem. She then went on to sell me a protection service agreement for $227.89. I was told the F1 code was indicating at transformer problem and the part was over $300. She suggested I could save money by investing in the service agreement because it covered parts and the repair call. I reluctantly agreed to the service plan. A service call was scheduled for that day. In the mean time I did a Google search on Kenmore F1 and was I surprised. I called a number I found on one of the post and was told a new part would be mailed to my home and when it arrived I should call back and schedule an appointment to have it installed free of charge. Imagine that. No word was mentioned of this process when I spoke to a Sears representative and I was sold a $227.89 service agreement. I called Sears repair center back to cancel my service appointment and the service agreement and was told I couldn’t cancel my agreement for 24 hours. Needless to say I almost snapped! I spend over two hours making calls, waiting on hold and what I consider being lied to or mislead, then to be told I had to call back again? I will never purchase another item or even enter Sears again. I will also tell this to everyone I know at work, friends and family. Up to this point we had purchased many items at Sears but the washer will be the last!

  41. I too have been dealing with the F1 code for about 3 weeks. Our machine is not part of the recall. After pushing stop and start multiple times we can eventually complete our laundry. For those experiencing the problem, does the machine continue to have increasing problems? We plan to deal with the machine for a short time-but are keeping our eyes on sales for a new-non kenmore machine. We do not want to invest more in this machine.

  42. WOW… I guess this problem is wide spread… I purchased the Oasis Kenmore Elite washer/dryer pair 6/17/06 by 3/2008 I started to see the various error codes on the washer. Actually I had Sears come out and do the 1st year maint. which is part of the warranty. During that time I was not seeing the F1 or F51 error yet and the washer seemed to work fine… The week of 3/11/08 I experienced the first F1 or F51 error and the washer stopped working. I spent the next 3 months dealing with Sears incompetence eventually Sears determined that my washer needed to be replaced. I couldn’t get my money back for the washer and I had to purchase a like model so they gave me the latest version of the same model in white to go along with my black dryer image that… yes of course this was a problem however this model stopped making it in colors(replacement delivered 5/29/08). Saturday, Sept 19,2009 (this past weekend) I see the first F51 error on the new washer 16 months later and now no warranty I was told the same thing as David about the 129 fee to cover repairing the issue but I have to pay for parts. I have since reported this issue with the BBB and adding my issue to the class action suit. I wasted 3 months of my life dealing with this washer issue using the laundromat each week, 3 months full of frustration and inconvenience and I had a warranty the first time now its expired I don’t have the money to support Sears mistakes or better yet I believe Whirlpool makes this machine for Sears so they have blame in this too. I did check to see if my machine was on the recall list I called 800-847-9083 and gave them my S/N and MOD and was told it was not. At this point I am just going to get a new non-Sears or Whirlpool washer.

  43. Bobbi Green says:

    I won’t bore you with the details of the F1 code on our Sears Elite Oasis washing machine. Just another miserable customer to add to the list. I will now proceed to filing complains, calling Sears, and all the rest. Ours is from later 2006 and falls withing the recall numbers. That is if there is a “real” recall. No matter what, this is the last Sears purchase we will make. Plenty of competition out there. I’m going local and will check out consumers recommendation first. Meanwhile, after a tech told us F1 needs a whole circuit baord, we will limp along until we can afford a new one. Will keep you posted on any results from the big S. The BBB will hear from me too.

  44. I, too, have this problem with our Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer we purchased in August/2007. We did call to have a Sears tech come out this Fri. Sept.2009. But after reading all of these complaints and comments we will be canceling this appointment. We see no reason to spend $70 dollars just for the service call and to hear him say the same thing to us, needing to replace the control panel that apparently will not resolve the problem but cost us more money.

  45. cheryl west says:

    purchased the elite oasis on 3 aug.2007,,got the f-1 code about 1 month ago,almost bought the board to repair it ,not going to now sounds like a waste of money. called every number sears has they said they cannot help. guess i will go to lowes and wait for a recall. never buy from sears again or kenmore or whirlpool. and i bet they are still selling the same junk. F-1 to you sears,hope you get yours.

  46. My Kenmore Elite Oasis washer has shut down and will not power up. It was in the middle of a cycle and the lid is locked with my clothes being held captive. How do I open the lid??????

  47. All,

    For slightly over the cost of a service call you can buy and install your own user interface – this is the circuit board that contaons all the electronics for the control panel green LEDs, etc. – which will take care of most of the issues. As of 2 Oct 2009 it is available here:

    for $108. If it is not the user interface, it is the main controller which costs about $165. More than likely it is the user interface. I pulled my original out and it was revision “A”. The one I installed was revision “G”. It suggests a bunch of changes were made. The new board has a conformal coating and much higher quality soldering. Not to say this is a long term reliable solution, but to “limp” along until we save enough for another washer, it may be good enough.

    OK – how to replace….
    1) Unplug the washer – wait for 30 seconds or so to discharge any remaining power
    2) Remove 3 phillips head screws in the back of the control panel
    3) Lift control panel and lay face down on washer.
    4) Depress the clip on the electrical connector on the control panel and remove connector and note the position for reinstallation
    5) Pull off selector knob
    6) Remove three screws that retain the white plastic cover to the user interface circuit board and control panel itself
    7) Pull up on the plastic cover while inserting a flat blade screwdriver in one of two reatining features on the cover – these are a little challenge but they will release to allow the white cover to be separated from the control panel. Do the same on the opposite side. This will expose the circuit board.
    8) There are reatining clips that position the circuit board. You’ll need to lightly pry the plastic away from the circuuit board so the board can be removed. Insert a small flat blad secrewdriver near the clips and pry the clip away from the board so that the board can be lifted out. There are 4 or so locations around the board.
    9) Remove board.


    1) Try to avoid touching the actual circuit board. Touch a metal ground on the washer to remove any static build up.
    2) Position circuit board in the control panel. The top (if the control panel was in its final position o the washer) of the board needs to slide under the clips. The bottom needs to be pressed to snap under the top clips.
    3) Push the white cover back in place being sure to return the clips properly.
    4) Put the three small screws back in
    5) Push the connector back in place.
    6) Put the knob back on
    7) Return control panel to washer and fasten three screws from panel to washer.

    Plug it in, turn it on, and celebrate.

  48. Bobbi Green says:

    Hi All! See my post above. After calling Sears and getting the first brushoff, I proceeded through the ranks and everyone was helpful. Most were unaware of a recall of the dreaded “F1 error coding circuit board.” Being nice to the people answering calls, they helped me as if I mattered. Here’s the deal. Call this main Sears number. The department is known as “RECALL”. The number is 1 800 659 7026. I went to the Corp. Office 847 286 2500 when I couldn’t get through to Recall. They have an extention # and will connect you directly. Have your model and serial #. All these 2006 Elite Oasis models are recalled. I asked them to please repeat it when they told me YES, there is a recall and we are ordering an upgraded circuit board for you. FREE!! Also, a date when they will install it. A $300 part. If the part arrives here before they do, I’m to call and they’ll come sooner! End of story. They must have gotten tons of complaints!!Get going and don’t give up.

  49. Update from 4/09/09

    I am so very proud of myself for tricking Sears into selling me a $103.00 service agreement after Sears had already refused any warranty repairs.
    To date, it has cost Sears $750.00 to repair this washer.

    Shame on you SEARS for selling an inferior product and not owning up to your responsibilities!!!

  50. We’ve had our Kenmore Elite Oasis washer (model 110.2715) for just around two years now: since about September 2007. We also received the “recall” notice in the mail, but our model number wasn’t listed. Now our washer’s starting to act flaky, too. We haven’t called Sears yet, but we plan to this week. Here’s the message I posted to the class action lawsuit investigation site (

    We have owned our Oasis washing machine (Model # 110.2715) since around [September] 2007. In September 2009, the washer controls began acting strangely.

    First, almost every time after the Power button is pressed to turn the machine on, the “default” settings are different from what they normally were. Instead of “Auto” on the water level selector, “Large” is lit, and pressing the water level button will not switch the load size to “Huge” or “Auto;” it will only switch among “Large,” “Medium,” or “Small” water level options.

    In addition, the cycle selection dial can be positioned to one of the two positions that are blank, and instead of the options lights being turned off (soil level, water level, temperature), additional sets of options are available. In one blank dial position, “small” is the default load size (the washer never had a small default load size before on any of its dial settings), and the temperature setting can be cycled through all of the temperature options except “Warm/Warm,” but after “Cold/Cold,” the selection light disappears entirely until the temperature button is pressed again, whereupon the top (“Hot/Cold”) light switches on again.

    Also, whether or not the the wash cycle occasionally will stop with 17 minutes remaining and show a “LF” error on the display. (Washer taking too long to fill.)

    The other problem we’ve noticed (so far) is that after powering on the washer and selecting the “Drain and Spin” option, the wash time displays as “60” (ten minutes more than the “Normal” cycle’s new, mixed-up default of 50) instead of the “16” that it normally predicts for Drain and Spin.

    All these faults make me think that the control board is having some kind of hardware or firmware fault and is suddenly running options for the wrong model of washer (one with a smaller basket). That would explain why the options go all flaky.

    Anyway, here’s hoping that Sears finally has included our washer in their control board recall and will fix the problem for us. (I’m not too hopeful!) Thanks, too, to the person who posted the DIY board replacement instructions. If I have to pay for it myself, I’m not going to pay someone else to plug the board in, that’s for sure.