August 23, 2017

Sears Unveils Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer and Dryer

Laundry Pair Combines High Efficiency with Deep Clean Functionality and SteamCare Technology
Kenmore Elite’s SteamCare technology, harnesses the power of steam by saturating dry clothing with a fine mist of water while simultaneously heating the interior of the appliance. The water and heat work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and odors, so consumers can avoid washing an article of clothing that may only need refreshing, saving both water and energy.

The new Oasis washer cleans better than any other model among leading brand top loaders, offering features like gentlewash technology to clean delicate items and Catalyst Cleaning Action to help ensure bright whites. The TimedOxi option, available in a top load model for the first time through Oasis, releases oxygen-based stain fighters at the precise time for powerful stain-fighting performance. Additionally, the washer is certified by the National Sanitization Foundation to eliminate 99.9 percent of certain bacteria found in clothes, sheets and towels.

Kenmore continues to deliver on high efficiency with this newest addition to the Oasis line up, as both models are more efficient than first generation Oasis HE models, surpassing ENERGY STAR standards. Adding to the efficiency, the Save Energy Plus feature conserves up to 20 percent more energy by extending wash times using cold water in cycles that may typically use hot water.

The Oasis washer’s Invizible Agitator sits low in its drum, allowing more space for clothing or bulky items like comforters and winter coats. Transparent, tinted glass doors on both the washer and dryer deliver a unique aesthetic, and consumers interested in second floor installation will be comforted to know that the Kenmore Elite Oasis creates the fewest vibrations in the industry.

The Oasis washer offers Kenmore Canyon Capacity — 4.6 cubic feet of cleaning space that efficiently cleans up to 24 bath towels in a single load. Also available in the Oasis dryer, the exclusive 7.4 cubic feet Canyon Capacity ensures that a full load from the washer will be effectively dried.

TurboDry technology in the Oasis dryer uses a 35 percent larger blower to increase airflow, drying a load of laundry more quickly than it takes to wash one. The Dual Action Drying system also contributes to faster dry times by simultaneously promoting airflow and tumbling.  Gentleheat technology uses an advanced computer to measure air
temperature and moisture more accurately and calculate exactly how long a cycle should run, resetting the temperature as needed to improve fabric care.

The Oasis and Oasis pair will be available in white in March 2008 at for the regular retail price of $1,099. SteamCare and energy efficiency are also available in the HE Steam Laundry pair in white and the designer color, barolo. Prices range from $1,499 to $1,599 for washers and $1,199 to $1,299 for dryers depending on color. Base pedestals retail
for $259.99 each in color and $229.99 each in white.


  1. Prospective buyer says:

    Thank you to everyone who truthfully gave their honest opinions and concerns about this Kenmore Elite Oasis washer. I almost purchased one today, but I made the decision not too buy it, based on the reviews. I did not want to be the next person writing about the F-1 issue that all of you are talking about. Thank you for sharing. You saved another person from being victimized by this Sears Product. God Bless and Happy New year 09 to all.

  2. Joining the F1 Frenzie! says:

    Our washer is also doing the same thing, upon start up the F1 code flashes and beeps. I press stop and then start and the cycle restarts. F1 will stop the washer exactly 4 more times. Each time, I press stop and then start. Then, it runs until it is done. Twice, it has stopped at about 37 minutes. I notice both times, it is during a fill cycle. It is still working, but instead of replacing when it dies, we will purchase a new different model. The sad thing is we have the dryer too, so far it has been good. But they won’t match. Can anyone say what is going on with this class action lawsuit? Thanks!

  3. steve stoltenburg says:

    I bought this washer/dryer set in February 2007, for $2600 and this is the second time we’ve had trouble with the washer. The first time the washer was covered under warranty. Now we are getting the F code, ul code, and multiple beeping. When we start a load it runs most of the cycle until it hits 22 minutes remaining then the machine freezes, starts beeping and flashing. Washer will not drain remaining water or finish cycle. I tried to call sears to schedule an appointment and it would be nice to talk to someone who actually speaks ENGLISH! I ended up cancelling the appointment and doing some research online and was suprised at all of the people who are going through the same as me. I also noticed that our clothes were smelling like mildew at times from the dryer, unless you have the dryer on heavy duty and on high heat. I will never buy anything again from SEARS! They sell nothing but junk and they will not stand behind anything. I will also join the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and will call the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU of Pennsylvania! Good luck to all!!!

  4. I bought my washing in April 07 and in Sept. 08 I started getting the F1 code at first just when the cycle started. Now I get it everytime water gets ready to go into the washing. It takes about 4 tries to finally get it started and once at the rince cycle. I contated Sears and the guy told me that it sounded like and electrical problem to him and that a repair man would have to come and check it out. I asked him if there was anything that I could do to fix it myself and he said no. I asked him how much it would cost. He told my between $60. and $80. to look at it and then what ever parts were. I told him I would call him back (never did). My husband talked to a man at our local Sears store. He told him that the machine made a squeeling noice when the water goes into the machine. The man said that it sounded like the water was not being sucked in but being forced by the pressure. So he took the machine apart and cleaned out all the hoses and anything that had to do with the water and put the machine back together. It didn’t help. It still does the same thing. I am not happy with the machine. If I wouldn’t have paid so much for it maybe I wouldn’t be so mad. I too would like to be included the the class action lawsuit. Where do I sign up??

  5. piece of Junk sears shuld have the F-1 code stuck up their F1

  6. Joseph Pederson says:

    F1 F1 F1…
    F this…!
    I am sorry to hear so many of you are experiencing the same problem I am with regards to your HE washer/dryer…
    My washer stops with 17 minutes remaining & then I have to shut it off & select the rinse/drain/spin option like 3-5 times for it to complete its cycle…
    What a flipping joke…!
    $2k for these things…?
    Please email me if anything is happening legally with anyone…
    I will be all over it…
    Sears sucks…!

  7. Marcia Miller says:

    I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and would encourage everyone on this list to do so immediately also. I don’t know of any other way we can get help regarding this poor product! Here is the info. to do so:
    The BBB that will handle your complaint is:
    BBB Chicago & N. Illinois
    (Chicago, IL)
    330 N. Wabash, Ste. 2006
    Chicago, IL 60611-7621
    Phone: (312)832-0500
    Fax: (312)832-9985
    Filed against :
    Sears Holdings Corporation

    I purchased a Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis Automatic Washer on 7/9/2007 for $699.99 plus $60 delivery fee plus tax $55.48 for a total of $815.47 from Sears Retail Dealer Store, KS 03351. The cycle on/off beep signal beeps continually when you run the washer throughout the entire load. If you leave the machine plugged in when the machine is off, the machine will start up on its own, start filling water suddenly, weird stuff like that. I called Sears Repair Service Center and they finally had a serviceman call me a week later. I asked him how much it would cost to fix and he told me that it would cost $121 just to come into my house. When I told him what the machine was doing and that I had read on the web that it was probably a bad control board and that it sounded like it usually was a $400 repair, he agreed and said it would cost between a total of $350-450 to repair. I told him I’d have to discuss this with my husband and canceled him for that day. I think this is an unfair repair cost for a product that is only 2 years old plus it was a $699.99 machine and costs $400 to replace a control board????? Sears needs to recall this product. The problem is that people NEED their washing machine (like I do) so I either need to get this fixed or go out and buy a new one. This is very unfair to the consumer to be treated like this. I do not think the retail store should be charged for this problem because this is a producer issue.

  8. I posted this on the Kenmore Oasis Class Action Lawsuit Website:

    I bought the Kenmore Oasis machine in February of 2007. After the one year warranty ran out I started experiencing problems with it. I was getting a LD code on it and with this code the water would not drain. It would just beep. I would unplug it several times to reset it and would even leave it unplugged for hours at a time. I would have to restart the load and if I was lucky, it would complete the the whole wash. Then in addition to the LD code popping up regularly, I started to get the F1 code. It would come on at the beginning of the wash and would not start until I would stop and start the machine at least a few times. It got to the point where 80% of the loads I would attempt to wash would either stop due to the F1 code or the LD code. Sometimes I have had to unplug it for a couple of days and then attempt to use it again. Once in a while I was able to wash a load from beginning to end without any problem, but it got so bad that on weekends I was only able to wash 3 loads in one day, if I was lucky. I asked about this problem many times at Sears. They just told me that my 1 year warranty had run out and I would have to pay for a repairman to come out to look at it. I got tired of it and just purchased a new washer yesterday. My $1,000.00 washer is going into the garage where it will no longer be used. I can’t get rid of it since we paid so much for it and we did not even use it for two years. Now I feel bad because the machine I just bought yesterday is also a Kenmore.

  9. Joni, you could probably just return the new washer to Sears and get a new one somewhere else. This Oasis deal is awful, but Sears has a pretty good return policy – they’d probably take back the new one.
    Good luck.
    I don’t own one of these, and boy am I glad.



  11. I also have the F1 code on my Oasis HE washer. I read down to the end of these posts hoping to finally see a resolution to this problem. Guess not. I can easily replace the control board myself for the $176.00 the part will cost from sears but from what I have read the replacement part will probably not last long. I am just wondering what the F1 code actually means? Is the problem with the board or is it something that is hooked up to the board?
    F codes almost always have a meaning like a bad switch or a bad valve etc.. If anyone knows where I can find out more info on he F codes please let me know. I also wonder what model of Whirlpool washer uses the same parts as the Kenmore Oasis since someone said Whirlpool makes this washer for Sears. As with everyone else here any help would be appreciated.

  12. Greg Madsen says:

    Typically Sears – I told my kids years ago, I hate Sears. Then in a moment of weakness I bought this dog call the Kenmore Elite Oasis. One would expect a recall for a design flaw that causes the F-51 code. In my opinion this is not a manufacturing problem, but a design problem. A manufacturing defect is when they assemble the machine wrong. If a part is designed wrong, but manufactured according to the correct specifications, then a one year manufacturing warranty is OK. But if a part is designed wrong and fails (as it apparently is designed to do), then this is a design error, not a manufacturing error. Anyway, a service call cost me $69.39 only to be told the parts need to be ordered and the total repair will be over $550.00 for a new board and electrical harness. The electrical harness is needed because the board has been redesigned. So the harness isn’t broken, but a new one is needed because the computer board is redesigned. So the board isn’t broken at all, it is doing what it was designed to do – apparently designed to break down. This is the same old built-in obsolescence paradigm from the auto industry.

  13. From my “expert” Oasis experience……..F1 codes usually mean that the water is backed-up in the drain hose. Pull the hose out an let the excess water clear the hose and the F1 code will go away. F1 also comes up when the clothes causes the drum to become off balance. The solution is to redistribute the clothes and try again. Good Luck!

  14. If we all contact the BBB maybe we can force Sears to do a recall on this $800 piece of junk instead of making it a $1,200 piece of junk that doesn’t work properly after only 18 months.

    I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and would encourage everyone on this list to do so immediately also. I don’t know of any other way we can get help regarding this poor product! Here is the info. to do so:
    The BBB that will handle your complaint is:
    BBB Chicago & N. Illinois
    (Chicago, IL)
    330 N. Wabash, Ste. 2006
    Chicago, IL 60611-7621
    Phone: (312)832-0500
    Fax: (312)832-9985
    Filed against :
    Sears Holdings Corporation

  15. Thanks for all the posts, I too foolishly purchased the Kenmore Elite Oasis washer and dryer in 2006 and the dryer is the current cause of my headaches. For over a year the dryer would get stuck on a drying time, say with 10-20min left, and would require a manual shutoff or it would keep running. I didn’t think too much of it until the dryer started beeping continuously during it’s drying cycles. I filed a complaint w the BBB as i don’t want to donate hundreds more dollars to temporarily repair the electrical failures of these lemons. I saw the class action website for the washer, is there a similar one where we can file a claim on the dryer? Hopefully our unified efforts will make a difference.

  16. Ken Colburn says:

    We bought our Kenmore Elite Oasis washer and dryer in December of 2007. I had to replace the pump that was leaking less than a month after the warranty expired. Now the washing machine does not even work. It starts up then after about 3 or 4 minutes flashes f51 and just beeps. I really feel as if I have been ripped off by Sears. I will certainly never ever purchase anything from sears. Not even tools. You can’t tell me they didn’t know about this problem! COME ON SEARS —STEP UP

  17. We have had our Oasis for 1.5 years,and in Jun 2008 the F code appeared. At first sent the wrong control board. Then I just ordered the correct board from a local vender, who claims they have received a lot of request for the control panel for this washer. The part came and I installed it myself. So far so good. But one thing I have notice is that the times on the cycles are longer now, so I guess energy saver aspect went out the window. I’m now concerned because the dryer is getting stuck at the 27 minute mark. I’m keeping a close eye on that. I also called Whirlpool and they said since it’s not a saftey issue they won’t issue a recall. Ok, so a dryer starting on its own and not shuting off is not a safty issue, it’s on 220 amp, are you crazy Whirlpool? Also when we purchased the washer and dryer the sales person said the former Qasis model was recalled and the bugs were worked out, yeh right. Take it to the media, consumer affairs, no body likes bad publicity especially during these times.

  18. I am also a ‘proud’ owner of the Oasis pair. If I were being paid by the hour for the time I have spent trying to resolve the many issues with this laundry pair I could retire in good standing.

    I did call the ‘One Source’ number (1-800-479-5899/6351)and filed a complaint. Prior to calling the ‘one source’ I had called on the 17th to try to talk to someone in authority and again was sent to the technicial representatives. I was told a ‘Master’ technician was the only one that could make the decision about replacing my units-either with something else or the latest and greatest Oasis. Well, the tech showed up this am at 8am and Yep you guessed it, he was not a Master tech. So now I have another appointment for Monday. After all this, I found this web site and called the ‘One Source’ number. They have instructed me to keep my appointment on Monday and while the tech is here to call them and they will talk to the tech and make the decision as to how to proceed. I was one of the ones that did buy the 3 year extended protection but it will expire this April. Like most of you, I don’t feel I should have to keep a protection plan on something that is clearly defected but if I can not get resoluthon I will have no choice.

    Has anyone had any luck with the ‘One Source’?

    I will keep you posted as to the outcome.

  19. Amy Eustis says:

    WOW!! I guess I am in good company. We have owned our Kenmore Elite washer and dryer for almost 2 years. A couple of months ago it started beeping all of the time. We tried unplugging it and there are times when it still would beep. Then the dreaded F1 code started appearing on the panel and the drum would start to fill up with water and it will spin on it’s own. I have had it. Right now I am waiting until it no longer will wash my clothes until I call Sears to repair it. I am not sure it is even worth it at this point. I have 4 kids and bought these because of the size of the drum in both of them. I had visions of doing less laundry and freeing up a little bit of time in my day. Joke is on me I guess. I contacted the BBB and joined the class action lawsuit that I hope produces some results. Has anyone heard back from the company representing the lawsuit? All I want is a new washing machine. I can’t be without one but also can’t afford to buy a new one. I will NEVER buy another product from Sears. I hope this works out before I am left without a way to wash my clothes.

  20. Mike Pender says:

    TRY THIS — I JUST called the 800 659 7026 “Product Resolution” hotline with my Oasis HE Mod/Ser# to see about the ‘recall’ that the MANUFACTURER has authorized, sending out FREE control boards and service calls. That lady told me ours isn’t on the list and blew me off. BUT…I called back to ask some more questions, got a very nice lady named Leslie. She looked up my MODEL# (110-27087602), told me SOME have been ‘recalled’, but not my Serial#(CT3270708). I was transferred to another lady, also very nice, named Mary, who told me that ‘recall letters’ are being sent out to some Mod/Ser# owners while more are under review. She then told me to go to and file a complaint to pressure the manufacturer into speeding up the review/recall process. SO HERE’S THE DEAL — call the 800#. Find out if your model/serial# is on the list. Even if it is…go to – file a complaint. The more pressure they get, the faster they’ll work to resolve it. Good Luck To All!! Oh, wait, is that my washer ‘beeping’???

  21. Mark Gilbert says:

    I posted several months ago but I thought I would let everyone see what I wrote the BBB of Chicago and the response I received from Sears. I am not happy with the resolution and will post that at a later date when a response is given.


    W. Bruce Johnson, CEO & President
    Sears Holdings Corporation
    3333 Beverly Road
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

    Mr. Johnson,

    My wife and I have made several large appliance purchases from Sears over the past twelve years. Our purchases include two dishwashers, a cooktop, two refrigerators, two washers and two electric dryers. Everything has been fine except for one Kenmore Elite dishwasher needed new seals on the door and the other needing new seals and some plumbing pieces which were not included. In December 2006, we purchased the Kenmore Elite Oasis series washer and dryer that are manufactured by Whirlpool.

    For the $2,000+ spent on these two machines, neither has lived up to its expectations. The washer had a repairman visit after we first purchased it because it was ripping our clothes. We were told that this is because we were not using it properly and should not use the high spin speed. We took the advice and the ripping of clothes has decreased considerably. Thirteen months after the original purchase, we were receiving the F51 code. We were persuaded into the purchase of a one year service contract. The repairman had to replace the circuit board. The dryer started to have issues at about the same time and opted to have the washer fixed first. The humidity sensor for the dryer ceased to function properly. A normal load of laundry could operate for hours on normal heat and the dryer would not stop running. I believe this would be a fire hazard. In November of 2008, the dryer started beeping repeatedly and would stop and start at any time. It started on an occasional basis but by Thanksgiving the dryer beeped continuously and had to be unplugged when not in use. I called customer service to complain and was offered $150 credit toward labor and $100 credit for parts. The repairs exceeded this amount and we actually had to have another visit in January because the sensor still did not operate correctly. We had yet another visit to replace this part and it still does not seem to dry properly.

    I’m not sure how much the executive level of Sears cares but customers, like me, are very dissatisfied. The economy is horrendous but yet Sears does nothing but ignore recalling a defective machine. There is a class action law suit being brought against your company by Andrus Liberty & Anderson LLP ( There is also a petition being submitted to Jeff Fettig, CEO of Whirlpool ( Here is another of many sites dedicated to your Oasis ( I have signed all three in the hope that Sears (and Whirlpool) will try to keep the trust of the consumers. After all, these are the very people that made Sears successful over 100 years ago.

    I work for a company with over 100 years of success in the automotive industry. If we were selling a defective product and this caused us to lose market share, quite a few people would have to answer to our CEO.

    I am intrigued to see what response Sears and Whirlpool make regarding the Oasis and Cabrio washers and dryers. Ideally, Sears would replace/repair faulty machines or give a credit towards another Sears appliance purchase. I expect nothing to be done. Remember how the Big Three automakers considered themselves invincible in the 80’s. Build an inferior product and the customer will return sooner to make another purchase. Toyota is now number one in the world.


    Nita Virghes
    Better Business Bureau
    330 North Wabash Ave., Ste. #2006
    Chicago, IL 60611

    Re: Mark Gilbert – # 94222074

    Dear Ms. Virghes:

    We have completed the investigation of Mr. Gilbert’s complaint regarding his dissatisfaction with his washer and dryer.

    For clarification, there are no lawsuits or recalls pending on the Oasis washers or dryers at this time. The law firm that Mr. Gilbert mentioned is investigating the matter to see if there is enough evidence to support a class action suit, but nothing has been determined to date. As far as the link to the CEO at Whirlpool, that is simply a site to register a petition against Whirlpool and has only 682 signatures at this time, which is minimal considering the tens of thousands of units sold.

    In regard to the repair that Mr. Gilbert recently had on his dryer; he was reimbursed $250.00 of the cost of the repair which is more than most other retailers would provide considering the product in question is over a year out of warranty. It is unfortunate that Mr. Gilbert is dissatisfied with the performance of his washer and dryer, but we feel that our One Source group has already provided Mr. Gilbert with a fair resolution to his issue with his dryer. As to the washer, he purchased a Service Smart Agreement on February 25, 2008, which covered all the service calls to his washer, including the one part that was installed on February 29, 2008. Although we empathize with Mr. Gilbert, we are unable to provide him with any further compensation. If a recall or class action suit is formalized, than Mr. Gilbert would be contacted accordingly by the manufacturer. In the meantime, we ask to have this matter closed.

    We apologize to Mr. Gilbert and appreciate the opportunity to address this matter. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.


    Melissa Lando
    Regulatory Complaint Specialist

  22. Edna Watkins says:

    I purchased the Kenmore Oasis-he washer/dryer for $1800 in Feb 2007. In late Jan. 2009 the machine woke us up at night beeping….F1 code flashing. Repairman came out, listen to my complaints(randomly beeps, randomly fills with water, randomly agitates when not in use, and beeps constantly while in use) and without hesitation stated the control board needed to be replaced ($400). He voiced to us that he has replaced numerous boards, sometimes more than once in the same machine. I refused to pay for the repair after hearing this and finding so many complaints on the Internet. After visiting with the local Sears lg. appliance manager and the store manager, their answer was that Sears would pay for the $70 visit if we would pay for the $400 repair. Now I have a $1000 washing machine that needs to be unplugged when not in use and babysat while in use….this should not happen to a 2 year old high-dollar washing machine!!

  23. I am yet another customer with F1 issues. My Kenmore Oasis Elite was purchased in late 2006. A few months ago..the F1 appeared and started beeping loudly for my attention.

    As with anything unruly, I over-ride this lovely new message by restarting the load over and over until I win! Then washer does its job. I dont know how long this technic will last??

    I want to add, I tried to find an answer to my F1 problem via internet, I typed in my browser: Kenmore Elite F1 and I found this!!

    Wow I feel stupid, I thought I had purchased a good product!

    Yes I signed the petition!

  24. Oh poooo..
    Last night our 16-month old child (oasis washer) must have been lonely. It started beeping and woke my wife and I at 3am. It wasn’t in use and was flashing lights and had a F4 code. I rebooted the power cord and that seemed to reset it’s marbles, only to fail again while sending a load thru this morning.

    I was planning on calling the local Sears but instead decided to Google the fault code and found this site. HOLY CRAP what did purchase.

    As Mike Pender Feb 23rd wrote, I called into Product Resolution and was informed that our child is on the recall list and a tech will out on the 9th. I will inform you with the results.

    good luck to all…

    ps.. The local Sears store owner is a old friend and he is going to get a call from me in a couple of minutes. May not be friends after that…

  25. Melanie West says:

    I purchased the Oasis Elite washer and dryer April, 2007 and had my first problem October, 2007 with the dryer; cost to repair – $283! Now my washer simply won’t power up…waiting on the parts to repair this one, also!! I’m VERY disappointed after paying over $1800 for the pair!

  26. I’m sure you will all be surprised to hear that I am having the same F’ing problem. Kenmore Elite 11/2006 and started the F code right at 2 years old. I called for repair not knowing about this problem and the lady asked me if I wanted to buy an extended warranty before the repair guy even looked at the machine. I said “no” I will wait and see what is wrong with it first. She asked me “are you sure?” and said there would be a $65 service call. The repair guy showed up at 5:45pm after being told it would be between 8-5 and never even touched the machine and said it would be $389 to replace the “mother board” and that all of these machines have this problem. Sears knew what was wrong before they sent the tech to my home and charged me a service fee that was unnecessary. No way will I pay to repair this when I can buy a new machine for almost the same price. Sears you are a bunch of CROOKS!

  27. Brian Curry says:

    Can anyone lead me to the info on the lawsuit against Sears/Kenmore? I have been totally frustrated with Sears and these F-!!! HE4 Elite Oasis washer/dryer for 4 years! Help!!!!

  28. Mark Gilbert says:

    The lawsuit is at I contacted the law firm and the class action is only in the state of California but they are taking names. The law firm may consider taking it nationally.

  29. Marc Williams says:

    I just got the F1 virus on my Kemore Oasis after about 20 months. This is just terrible. I went to the class action link and signed up. Now I’m about to call 6 On your Side. I’m going to bring this to the media.


  31. I’ve started having the F1 problem after about 2 years. seems like if i restart it several times, and lean on the lid it will run. have not yet called a repairman, seems like that may be futile anyway!

  32. We too had to have the board replaced. Had the lights flashing and random beeping. I was just looking on line for an owners manual because I did not get one, and I can’t get the save energy plus setting to come on with this new board.

  33. Add one more F1 to the books. I called the 1 800 number=no help. I called Sears=no recall, I emailed the lawyer who is supposedly filing a class action lawsuit=no reply. Not just one dissatisfied customer here. I’m telling everyone I know to stay away from Sears/Kenmore products. I know they don’t care because they already have our money.

  34. The same thing happened to us with our dryer. It is a shame that sears does not take responsibility. I will never buy from SEARS again.

  35. My Krapmoore Elite toploading washing machine also went out on me last night. It was in the middle of a soak cycle when the POWER just completely turned OFF. No codes or anything like that it just won’t power up anymore. I just don’t want to spend any more money on it and end up in the future getting one of those trouble codes. My wife and I bought this crap from Sears about 1 1/2 year ago.

  36. lee tanner says:


  37. Sean Davis says:

    DITTO!!! My family has the same problem with this crappy washing machine. It’s as if invisible enemies have taken control and are turning on the rinse cycle, agitator, and BEEPING at will!!! We paid the $69.00 for the local repair genius to come out and give me an instant migraine for over $300.00! Which includes $200 for a new control board and $100 for labor! The whole incident made me want to scream INCONCEIVABLE!!! (I just got finished watching the movie The Princess Bride, go figure) I was going to try to replace the motherboard myself, until I noticed all of these blogs on repeat failures, and just happened to notice the beautiful three pro communist words blazened on the controlboard, once again reminding me that as long as we as consumers continue to support china by being greedy, and helping them get richer, smarter, and more dominate, by buying all of there cheap, insufficiant, garbage products, we will never be able to rebuild our once great country to the way it used to be. Greed is not good! It’s what took down the roman empire and it will be our undoing as well if we don’t take back this country very very soon!!! I’m buying american! And if I can’t find anything left that’s still made in america, then I’ll wash my things by hand and hang up a line for the drying! I’ll go Old School on there behinds! Sear’s quality has been destroyed by trying to compete with the likes of walmart and there pro china agenda! Take a stand and make a difference! Your children and grandchildren will thank you or judge you! Buy American!

  38. Ricardo says:

    Today (4/3/09) I got a letter from Sears. They will replace the electronic control board (you know, the F-51 business) for FREE, in warranty or not. Serial #s for the Bad Board begin: CS48 – CS52 or CT01-CT49. Call Sears at 800-847-9083. The voices of all of us have finally been heard! There also is a class action attorney firm in San Francisco looking into a legal remedy.

  39. Today (4/4/09)
    Thank You Ricardo!
    Came home from work and wife upset at F51 code flashing on 26month old Elite Oasis Washer. Called to get service no service for 3-5 days. Came upon this web site and guess what I found??? Uh Oh us too! Read to the end and Ricardo had some great info with the recall of these machines and or parts of these machines. Called the 800-847-9083 and talke to a lady who required Model# and Serial# and much to our surprise we were in the recall. Now I will keep all informed how this works out, she says we will be shipped directly to our home the bad part the recall is replacing and we then are to call them back so that service man can install at no cost to us! Well hope it works will keep you informed of this situation!
    Hope the repair man is not from A&E cause those guys can barely get themselves out of their vans by themselves let alone work on an appliance!

  40. Thank You Ricardo. Called this morning and Sears is sending out the new part and will schedule for repair once we get the part. We were about the abandon our washing maching and get a new one (no Sears models). Keeping our fingers crossed!!!

    Here is a new one…Plugged it in this morning and the display was flashing lid, we opened the lid and the washing machine powered down. I can almost laugh now that is going to be fixed.

  41. just called the number 800-847-9083 and my machine is on the recall list!!! parts and tech will be free

  42. Constance says:

    Thanks for the information regarding the OASIS washing machines! I called the 800 # listed in the previous post and found my machine was on the recall list! I am so thankful i found this information and can get the problem fixed. BTW, the reason I started researching Oasis, was because my dryer started smoking while drying clothes! The lint catcher was clean. Thank god I was home and unplugged the machine immediately. I discovered the dryer is not on the recall list, outside of the warranty, and consequently, ill have to pay a $65 fee for a tech to look at it! If it cost $300-$400 to repair, im junking it and getting an LG.

  43. Sandra L. Butz says:

    I purchased both the washer and dryer. The dryer is great the washer – well it does not wash and the clothes are not clean. I had five service calls until a knowledgeable technician serviced the machine. I purchased a Sears Kenmore earlier in life and it lasted 20 years and I had great service. I cannot say that today – although I purchased the extended warranty so did not have to pay for the many service calls ( not withstanding the inconvenience of going to a laundromat) the quality of the product in inferior.

    I purchased a Speed Queen top loader and my clothes are finally clean. I have the Kenmore in my garage because I cannot in good conscience sell it to anyone. What a waste of money and Sears is unwilling to help. So I am spreading the word so no one else makes the same mistake I did.

    It is disappointing to know that Sears as a reputable company no longer stands behind its products nor supports their customers. How sad for our American economy.

  44. I have had all the problems listed here. I just received a letter from Sears stating that they are going to replace the electronic control board upgrade at no cost to consumers if the first four characters of the serial number begins with CS48 through CS52 or CT01 through CT49. Call 1-800-847-9083 with the serial number and product model. It says you WILL NOT be charged for the board or the installation. Must respond within 90 days of 4/09/09. Hope this helps.

  45. Update from Pabes 3/5/09
    3/16/09 Finally had a service tech show up, only to have him inform me that it was to be a charged service call. Informed him of the supposedly recall and free service and replacement of parts. He was very aware of the many problems with these machines. He did a self-diagnostic test of the machine, as it records any faults. F51 is a problem with the motor tach feedback and F2 is a problem with the interface board. He called in to the tech center and product recall numbers only to be informed that our machine is not on the recall list and I was misinformed.
    I called back to the Product Resolution number again and demanded to speak to a supervisor. Surprising how those nice ladies sure got a snotty attitude all of a sudden. After the typical run-around and refusing to be called back, a supervisor, Jess, in the San Antonio office answered. Gave the same unhelpful pitch and said he is in the same situation as the rest of us, a faulty machine (what crap). Also stated that a letter is going to be sent out soon to all affected owners. He was more concerned about identifying the lady that originally stated that my serial number was in the recall. Probably wants to fire her for trying to help us out.

    Received a form letter from Sears and a Repair Protection Agreement Request application at a cost of $103. Sounds like Sears is trying to recoup some money out of this failure.
    I will probably spend the $103.00, and then call in for service to have the board and tach feedback changed out.. That will at least save me $3-400.00.

    Will keep in touch.


  46. I’ve owned my Kenmore Oasis HE since June 2007 and have had all of the problems listed above. Finally my washer stopped working. It will turn on, but none of the buttons work. I found this forum and called the Sears product resolution line at 1-800-659-7026 and spoke to a service representative. According to him, my serial that begins in CT47 is eligible for the circuit board upgrade. The repair technician will be here in 10 days. I’ll make another post with the results.

  47. Brad Coughlin says:

    I also have had MANY problems with the Kenmore Elite HE washer. NOW MY BASEMENT IS FLOODED!!! I think I should cancel my sears card as obviously they could care less. I also was told $75. for sears to come over and just look at it, NOT FIX IT! ENOUGH SEARS, you have lost another long time (over 50 years for our family) customer, shame on you sears, times are tough enough and this is not what we expected especially after paying TOP DOLLAR for this Elite washer and dryer. GOOD BYE FOR GOOD!!!!! Brad Coughlin

  48. Gary Mueller says:

    Every time we start the washer we get an F1 error. By pushing stop and then start several times the washer will eventually start, then halfway through the wash cycle the washer stops with another F1 error, pushing stop then start multiple times it will finally finish the load. This started last August, we call Sears and was told that it would be coming up on a recall, so we waited.
    We received a recall notice about 2 weeks ago, the tech came out, look at the washer and said the model wasn’t covered by the recall and that he couldn’t do anything. I have contacted both Sears and Whirlpool and neither one will do any thing.

  49. Sherry Reidel says:

    I posted a comment up top there back in October 08. The problems I had then I still have now and then some. I have learned to be patient with this washer all though there have been times I have punched I can’t afford another washer right now and it’s been a few years now that this thing has acted up. I still get the F1 and F2 signals and when I first turn my washer on I have to wait for it to calibrate before it lets me do anything. Once the washer is done running I have to unplug otherwise it beeps nostop and will begin to spill water back into the drum and spin violently. This is one poor piece of machinery. I will never by from Sears again.. At least not an expensive piece of equipment.. Good luck to you all I am still dealing with my possessed washer.

  50. I have been experiencing problems with the Kenmore Elite Oasis for about 4 months. It works intermittently but continues to beep at me. However, over the last week it has become more difficult to get a load finished. I am having to try and wash the load multiple times to get it through a cycyle (so much for efficiency). My daughter threw up in the car this morning and I have tried 4X to wash a load but it stops before it gets to the rinse cycle. It just continues to wash and won’t stop until I cancel the load. Now I am stuck with a sudsy load. Who pays for all of the water that I have spent rewashing clothes and who is going to pay for the new car seat that I am going to have to buy so that I can take my child to daycare in the morning???