September 19, 2017

MailMate Paper Shredder

It can hard to find a paper shredder that fits your needs.  Many require a specific size trash can or are too big for household use. 

The MailMate which is available at Staples is so compact it can fit on a countertop, in a cabinet or under a table.  Also, the lightweight bin is easy to empty. 

The heavy duty motor can grind up unopened junk mail, CDs or DVDs (one at a time) and can shred up to ten folded sheets of paper at a time.  It also can handle staples and small paper clips.


  • 10-folded sheets, Heavy Duty Cross-cut, up to 100 uses/day
  • Shreds CDs/DVDs, credit cards, staples & small paper clips
  • 1.5-gallon basket
  • Light weight, pull-out bin and rubberized handle make emptying easy
  • Throat Width: 6″ (152.4 MM)
  • Shred Size: .2″ x 1″ (4 x 25 mm)
  • Finish: Stainless Steel/Black
  • Dimensions: 10.2″L X 11.8″W 11″H
  • Overload Protection with Auto Reverse Feature
  • Digital Control Switches
  • Auto Off Feature: powers down after 30 minutes
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Shred Speed: 5.6 Ft/min. (1.7 M/min.)
  • Overheat & Power LEDs
  • Weight: 15.2 lbs
  • 1 year mfr. limited warranty, 10 year mfr. limited cutter warranty


  1. Help,
    The Overload protection did not work. Our shred bin is full. we are unable to pull the tray out to empty.

    Thanks D & L Miller

  2. I had the same problem. I tilted the shredder backwards & jiggled it to re-arrange the shreds of paper inside. Then had the unhappy task of picking the jammed paper out. You MUST read the reviews on Google. This shredder is known for jamming & dying with no warning. It’s a very bad product. I expected more from Staples.

    —Liz R.

  3. ralph ricca says:

    my mail mateshredder jambed (too much paper)can’t unjam

  4. ralph ricca says:

    my mailmate shredder jammed (too much paper)can’t unjam

  5. My mailmate just stopped working. It will not turn on again. Is there a way to reset the shredder? I can not open the motor to fix it. Thanks.


  6. Hi,
    I am troubleshooting my mailmate problem. It has been great for a few years now and just now I had the same problem as Rob. It just stopped working. I can hear a very low click and the blue light is on. Help. I have a pile to shred.

  7. roberta stewart says:

    1. shredding ok 10 min.
    2. stopped to arrange stuff to feed enenly.
    3. pushed 3 sheets into throat…nothing!
    4. looked at overheat light-not on. pressed & pressed &pressed to noavail
    5. back to staples w/o receipt.(had it 3 weeks waiting to use it) my plea to Mgr. he seemed to know of the problem and refused to replace it.
    6. spotted newer model on shelves*%^&**+**!
    7. office depot for me and my friends

  8. our mailmate also just died motor runs reverse works but forward will not.contacted customer service was told the cost to repair would be 45.00 and was told it would be more cost effective to buy a new one

  9. When ours quit working recently (only reverse still worked), my wife flicked the On/Off switch at the back a few times and the machine reset itself. Two weeks and counting …

  10. Same problem as Rick D. cleared jam from shredder.

    It no longer senses paper in place for shredding and it will not operate when forward direction is selected. It only works in reverse. Staples won’t help me in anyway. Does anyone know how to disassemble the unit?

  11. Kimberly says:

    I got my MailMate as a Xmas gift. I’ve used it maybe a dozen times. Than it just stopped working. The power button won’t even come on. I unplugged it & waited 48 hours. Nothing. I cleaned out every last bit of paper. Nothing. I gave it a few good slaps. Nothing.
    I can’t find a way to take it apart with out messing it up badly.

  12. Power on functioned, only reverse worked.

    I tried to shread up some American Express Credit card stuff: They put some durable stuff in their envelopes, it jammed and I had a hard time removing the envelope.

    This left paper feed port on top packed with shreaded material.

    Took me a while to clear it all out, using stiff paper and the reverse option. DO NOT do this from inside, if there is pressure on the blades it injure you.

    Once I had all the paper bits out that I could see or vacuum up I shut the unit off and on a few times (didn’t count maybe 8 times) using the power switch in the back, power on with the blue button and press forward till it worked.

    This is the second time this has occured (when will I learn to feed it less at a time).

    Hope this helps you out.

  13. Turning the off/on switch multiple times as mentioned above saved the day for us. We also had the problem with the shredder working only in reverse. It took several attempts, but we’re back up and running!

  14. Mine died as well. Blue light comes on but unit is dead. Apparently Staples builds Junk! I hear a click when pressing reverse switch and back to normal setting. I would never buy another unit from STAPLES…..!

  15. just clear it with a screw driver
    and cool it.

  16. To take off cover, unscrew the 7 screws. 4 are under the rubber feet & 1 is under a silver label by center of unit. This did me no good as the metal gear from motor ground up the cheap plastic gear it was suppose to mesh with.

  17. Will attempt the bypass switch approach where is the screw under the cover does come off or can I drill a pilot hole? Mine stop working 30 days after extended warranty

  18. motor just stopped working. Will reverse but not forward. Just out of warranty and support tech said it would be costly to repair….will never buy a Staples brand shredder again. Maybe Amazon is the better place to go!!

  19. Kelley Sillaway says:

    Had my Mailmate for a couple of years but have used it very little. all of a sudden it quit working and I have tried all the above ideas. I agree it is junk. Should have lasted a lot longer than this.

  20. Mine stopped, then non of the key was working, then I fixed it and now I turn on the shredder with the key behind it, no sensor or light completely manual key, here is the instruction if you want to do it: separate the drawer box by removing 4 screws with long screwdriver, some force needed because two parts are stick together with some two sided sticker, then open the top box by removing about 8 screws be careful one of the screws are hidden behind QC label! Then open two screws on main control board, now you have to take your soldering iron and remove black and red wire that it comes from the motor, also remove one capacitor next to the wire (brown color) it says 250v, now solder the each wire to the back side of black rectifier (black thing with 4 legs and the edge of board), one wire on the very left leg and the other on the very right leg, now solder the capacitor on the same legs. Now plug it into the power be careful everything is open don’t get zapped! Also remember there is one switch at the bottom of the drawer site needs to be clicked in, now turn the back switch on, if it is working in right direction fine, if it is backward switch the red and black wire! Mine is working fine now, there is no sensor or anything that might go wrong. Good luck.

  21. Kitzy McDonnel says:

    Thanks Ron for your fix it tip. I couldn’t believe it when ours stopped working; it WAS a work horse of a shredder. Then it just wouldn’t power up anymore for NO APPARENT REASON one day (yesterday). So it will be a pleasure to get it running again. And thanks to you, it will be quick-fix! Blessings and Peace.

  22. My Staples Mailmate M5 Shredder stopped working during heavy use. The power light would come on, but when I tried to put a piece of paper in, it wouldn’t shred. The reverse light would come on, but it wouldn’t go in reverse. The forward light came on when pushed at that point, but it wouldn’t shred. I turned it off for over an hour and then tried again. This time it worked!

    I ruined a previous Mailmate. I thought my son put too many sheets in, so I quickly squirt lubricating oil on the sheets while they were shredding which made them stick together and jam up the machine. I got another because I liked it so much.

    I’m currently working on shredding 3 years of tax returns. This machine is a workhouse and I highly recommend it. Just empty it when it’s full and don’t put too many sheets in at a time. Give it a rest of at least 15 min. every so often during heavy use.

  23. Bill Jackson says:

    April 20/12
    I followed advice from Sandra(Aug 30/11) and IT WORKED. Nice going Sandra. I was almost
    ready to junk it and when I called Mfg. I was told to use a hair dryer and try to blow paper bits
    out from the top. Forget it. Key is to empty the bin frequently, especially when shredding a lot
    and let it cool down. Lesson learned.

  24. My mailmate stopped working about the 2nd time of use. No jam, no warning, just turned itself off and no more shredding. My mailmate doesn’t have a reset button on the back. The only flippy thing is where the trash receptor slides in. I took too long to return item. My fault but heck, I don’t normally plan on buying junk. Grrrrrrr.