September 19, 2017

Samsung SilverCare Washer – Does it Work?

Invisibly small silver ions that eliminate bacterial growth that cause odor are the idea behind Samsung’s SilverCare washer. Channel 4 news in New York met with Consumer Reports who conducted a study on the washers. See their report here.


  1. I found that if you use a powder HE detergent instead of the liquid detergent, you will not have any problems with odors. it is a much easier and cheaper solution than any other. Try it.

  2. Considering the VRT machine (218 AN) for 2nd floor install but the code here requires a pan under the washer. How will this effect the leveling? After reading the reviews that mention leaking, I’m not comfortable skipping the pan. May be the Builder Bernard can answer this for me?

  3. I own the Steam washer with silvercare and the regular dryer. I love the dryer. No issues and holds a lot of clothes with a quick dry time. Not impressed with the washer for the money. I washed some whites on the heavy cycle in hot water with the steam function and on sanitize. they still came out dirty/spotted. The cycle time was 2 hours!!!! A normal cycle is 1:20 but the clothes do not come out any cleaner than my regular top load that took half the time. I will admit that using the prewash cycle has helped but that just adds to the cycle time. I don’t think the machines use enough water. Besides, what you save in water you spend in energy because of hte long cycles!

  4. I just bought the Samsung VRT washer, but can’t seem to program the My Cycle function. Even after a call to a tech, we could not figure this out. I’ve tried making my selections before and after pushing the My Cycle button. But if I turn off the washer, and restart, the settings on My Cycle revert to those originally set in the appliance. What am I doing wrong?

  5. I bought the Samsung washer with Silver Care and matching dryer about a month ago. I am happy with both, though I have noticed that leaving clothing in too long (4 hours or more) will result in smelly clothes.

    I had a front loading Whirlpool from 2000 but the machine was always out of balance when washing towels or overloaded. The VRT realy works–the machine does not go out of balance! I had quite a problem with mildew on the door from not wiping it down/leaving closed.

  6. I think the smell problem really depends on the water in your house, those of you that say it smells horrible i bet have well water and some bacteria already coming in from the house, have your water tested. Others say there is no smell, I bet due to the water treatment plant dumping all that good stuff to make your water clean after it gets miles back to your house. SO all in all, if you have a smelly front loader, maybe its time to go to home depot and look into whole house water clorinators/carbon filters..

    My units? work great, dont smell, I have well water, but also I high end purification system in the basement. just my 2 cents. take care

  7. Does anyone own the washer with the built in dryer? Can you use the dryer and does it dry like conventional dryers?

  8. Sorry, I MEANT can you use only the dryer without using the washer and vice versa.

  9. I just bought a frontloader and I cannot seem to get it to fill with water. I have checked my valves pulled the tabs out of the area where the hoses go. The lady at Samsung told me that I must ues “Samsung” hoses? I have the more expenseve kind…

  10. The worst appliances we have ever purchased. Samsung has done nothing to help. At least 5 different
    People have looked at them. Did not work from day one!!!!!

  11. Charlie Moore says:

    We moved in to our new home in Oct of 09′ and bought the pair washer/dryer with the new Steam technology.

    Roll forward to mid Jun 2010 on a Thursday night and my wife calls me at work to tell me our dryer caught fire and doesn’t know what to do. I tell her to grab our baby and get out of the house.

    Found out when the technician came 4 days later to repair it that the internal part of the dryer was full of lint and had caught fire. It burned up all of the internal parts and has them on order to get it fixed.

    Now I am stuck between a homebuilders warranty company and Samsung fighting over who is responsible for this. The homebuilder sent someone over to look at it to see what they could find and the man went up on top of the roof and found the trap was covered with lint. He comes back down and acts like we need to check this yearly as part of home maintenance. I told him we had lived in this brand new home only 9 months so how was I to know that I was going to have to check this more often than his suggested annual maintenance.

    So can anyone give me advice on this and let me know what you all think I should do? Am I going to eat the bill on this? I bought this from best buy and the repairmen that came out acted like whoever installed it (best buy associates)left a lot of slack in the hose to the wall and wonders if it might have been the installation. So now it might be a 3rd part involved and am at a loss for what to do. Please, any advice would be most appreciated.

  12. Jolene B says:

    We bought the VRT SilverCare Steam Washer and Dryer when we moved into our house in December ’08. I’ve never had any problems with the washer or dryer. I use All Free & Clear in the washer and after I’ve finished my washing for they day, I stick one of those dryer balls in the door to prop it open a tiny bit so everything dries out nicely. The dryer is much more efficient than any other that I’ve owned. Dries my clothes very quickly. I love the capacity of the machines. I can’t say that I notice a difference using the Silver Care option, but I am about to start washing my baby’s cloth diapers in it, and I’m anticipating good results – very glad I won’t have to use bleach for anti-microbial cleaning. Never have had a stink issue – dryer ball trick works for me. I am not affiliated with the company at all. Just a SAHM happy with her purchase.

  13. alex armstrong says:

    We purchased a samsung washer and dryer about 3 years ago. We have had the dryer catch a flashfire inside twice with lint build up. The leaking problem is ridiculous and their fix even worse.

    I agree with other authors that a circuit breaker placed on the machine so a faulty part won’t cause a fire in my house is unbelievable. i could not believe that I had to pay $200 for a relatively new machine to be fixed so it does not leak water all over my house and that was an acceptable fix. It is a plastic part that controls the water flow in to the soap dispenser. That part is probably cheaper for them circuit breaker.

    the bottom line is DON’T BUY A SAMSUNG WASHER / DRYER. Their TVs seem to be good but the customer service and problems with their washer sucks.

    If anyone want to file a class action I am in. Post here and i will send you my info.

    The machine is now ratteling like like a ball bearing is loose.

    Where is an attorney to file a class action and get this piece of crap replaced.

  14. We are in need of a wahser and dryer and have read reviews on all the different ones out there from all the consumer sites and most of them rate by the manufacturer and model. What I have noticed is that most of you have not included the model. When you post a problem with your product, do myself and other lookers a favor and please list the model that you are having a problem with, it would be a huge help when trying to make a decision.

  15. P.S. We are probably going with Samsung because it had over all best reviews and the least number of complaints.

  16. P.S. We are probably going with the Samsung because it had overall the best reviews and the least amount of complaints.

  17. I have the silver care Samsung and it was great for about a year. Now it stinks and is full of mold! I would not buy one unless you have time and patience to keep up on the maintenance this thing needs. I also have rust forming on the front under the detergent drawer. The latest is it makes a loud noise that sounds like a roller coaster when it is climbing up the track, or like there are chains clinking around inside..? I do not recommend these washers. I will never buy a front loader again!!

  18. Bought Samsung VRT Sivler Care on Consumer Report’s recommendation. You have to keep the front gasket dry and/or leave the door cracked opened. The dryer’s timer cycle is inaccrurate. What bugs me the most is that you almost have to beg to get them repaired. This will prevent me from buying anoter Samsung product. Samsung wake up and design and support your stuff better. I would reconsider buying ANY Samsung product because of their weak support system.

  19. We bought a Samsung Silver care washer and dryer about two years ago. In less than a month we had water all over the floor that soaked through into the garage bringing down all of the mud and tape between the sheetrock. I called the 800 number and got a guy to come and fix it. He found a US quarter in the pump housing that had caused it to crack. The part was not available for months. My wife eventually got a hold of the VP of customer relations. This guy was great. Within two weeks he had my machine replaced and I had a check for an estimate to fix the mud and tape to my garage walls and ceiling. I should have called Lowe’s first (Store we bought it from), they would have replaced immediately if the part wasn’t available for 10 days or so. The next issue was a “Te” code for the temperature sensor. Got this off and on interrupting and stopping the wash cycle. Wasted lots of water and detergent restarting the cycle from the start until eventually the code wouldn’t clear. The same repairman came out and said it appeared that when the water was injected into the drawer where you load the laundry soap, and bleach etc, the “stuff” was overflowing and splashing all over the wiring harness. Over time there was a buildup of crud that appeared to be shutting down the temperature sensor. He didn’t order a part, but spliced some clean wire and attempted to shield the wires better with electrical tape. It has worked for quite a while, but am now getting the intermittent “Te” code again and I suspect that the wires are gummed up again and shorting out. The repairman said that watching the detergent and bleach levels closely may help keep the stuff from overflowing. I can’t seem to get my wife and daughters to use the measured cap, but doesn’t seem like too much liquid should cause an internal problem like this. We also have the “standing water stench” if we close the washer’s door, but haven’t noticed the stench transferring to any clothes. We’re now looking for a new laundry set….this one is too temperamental for our liking….

  20. Just got an update from my repairman for problem in post above… After this washer being in service about a year (it replaced the first piece of $ # ! T that broke down) I was getting problem codes similar to ones I’d gotten when this replacement machine first broke down. Initial cause was a collection of detergent and other laundry products that splashed out of the feed tray coating the siring harness and causing a short or faulty code that shut down the machine. Parts of the wire harness were spliced to replace bad wire. The repairman is now telling me that the inside of this washer is so corroded that he would have to replace the tub, and several other components including the brackets that everything bolts to. Bottom line – it would cost more to repair my year old machine than it is worth….better off replacing it! We will replace it this weekend, and I guarantee that the replacement will not have a Samsung brand on it. Worst appliance purchase of my life!!!

  21. I love my Silvercare washer. After reading reports of silver ion residues in laundry, I finally figured out they must have tested WET laundry not DRY laundry!

    In other words, when you put your laundry into the dryer, during the dry process any silver ions are removed through the filter. Furthermore, few silver ions likely are ejected into the air through the dryer hose, since silver ions are trapped with the LINT that builds up in the dryer filter during the dry cycle.

    The whole thing is quite ingenious, when you think about it. No wonder Samsung Silvercare washers are the washers of choice in third world countries! Not only are cloths sterilized, but the energy efficiency of this front loading 4.5 cubic foot washer is the best in the industry. Kudos to Samsung!

  22. By the way, I purchased my Samsung washer and dryer in December 2007, and do several loads a week. So far, so good!

  23. Samsung Silvercare frontload is a terrible vibrator. I had suffered for two years because of its vibrations. We bought the machine for three years. Only one year when the warranty is over, the machine started shaking terribly. We recommend people not to buy this terrible washer machine especially if your laundry room is on the second floor.

  24. Erin Mejias says:

    I purchased my Silver Care not even 2 years ago and it is a nightmare. After only 6 months a repairman came out. The washer pretty much died. It would not spin, not drain, water all over. After I had that fixed I had to have them come again because of the terrible odor. I had to change the Silver Care part. Now, unfortunately my washer is dead again. It pretty much stopped spinning, all my clothes were drenched at the end of the cycle. Now it does nothing. The worst part is I purchased the Extended Warranty. It is a scam. They do not have any service centers that ” honor” the extended warranty. So the person that came out to fix it while it was under the year warranty will not come for the extended. It has been a week and still they are unable to locate a service shop. I live near a large city so I find that hard to believe. I believe that they are well aware of this when they take your money for the extended warranty. It would not surprise me if this is a total scam to reep in some extra dollars knowing well, that the customer will eventually get frustrated and fix it and pay for it themselves if possible. Never Again Samsung.

  25. Silver Care destroys the clothes.

    I’ve had this washer and dryer set for over 6 months, and noticed that brand new cloth would get destroyed after 2-3 washs. I use to own a Kenmore Elite front load washer for 5 years without any problems with my cloths looking like it is was run over by a truck after 2-3 washes. Specifically the cotton cloth would start to pillow after a few washes. I tried everything, medium spin, medium drying. Cloths are expensive and I could not afford buying new cloths after 3 washes.
    The only difference between my Kenmore and Samsung was the silver care. The cloths came out odor free, but at the cost of wearing out my cloth. So we found out that washing the cloth with silver care would destroy the cloths. Also Samsung seem to take a longer time to wash the cloths, so we used the quick wash cycle.

    Overall, I like the washer but it destroys cloth with the silver care turned on.

  26. I was really excited to buy the Samsung washer and dryer, but now I wish I wouldn’t have replaced my old top loaders. For the money spent, I think the machines are terrible. Smelly clothes, stains don’t come out, and I really think that there isn’t enough water to actually clean anything. The dryer is just as bad. The sensors stop the machine when the clothes are still wet and it takes 3 cycles to dry bed sheets as the machine just rolls everything up and stops when the “top layer” is dry. Wish I would have made a smarter decision.

  27. Having trouble with our VRT Samsung Steam washer. The temp. sensor comes on, and the cycle will not finish. This is very frustrating because of the money we paid for this set, and the fact that the holidays are coming up, and I am without a washer. A very dissatisfied customer.

  28. We have the Samsung WF337AAG washer (bought new in 2008) and for a machine that is supposed to be extra quiet, it’s the noisiest machine we’ve ever owned. Our previous Whirlpool Duets were waaaay better. We moved and left those at the old house. Wish we’d taken them now! In addition to being noisy, the Samsung has a moldy smell. We’ve tried cleaning the rubber piece in front and using the deodorizing pads they have now.. .nothing works. The clothes themselves don’t smell but the washer does. Because of this, we leave the door open to try to keep it dried out. And now, just today, the washer started making this VERY loud scraping whining sound on the spin cycle. Obviously something new is wrong with it. For anyone doing research out there who hasn’t bought their new washer yet, DO NOT BUY THE SAMSUNG VRT FRONT LOADER WASHER. BUY A WHIRLPOOL DUET INSTEAD.

  29. We purchased the latest model Samsung washer dryer last year. Worst investment ever. Machine will stay stuck on 7 min spin cycle forever. Had sears technicians out twice but always the same song and dance about properly loading. Yet, i would have them test it empty still same problem but they won’t admit something wrong. The dryer sensor is horrible as well. I am thinking about filing lawsuit against companies. If anyone knows of class action contemplated at the moment please let me know.

  30. Ignorant Brainwashed Americans says:

    I have the silvercare Samsung Washer and have had no problems. I put the clothes in the washer, I put in some soap, and start it. The clothes come out washed. What else do you want? I put them in the dryer and they come out dry. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do.

    Basic maintenance and understanding of ANYTHING is common sense, except, it seems for the majority of the ignorant American public, that has been trained to think that they must do nothing to anything, except treat it like crap, expect it to do the dishes, put the kids to bed, shovel the driveway, make dinner and massage you afterwards.

    There is a lot of crap out there that we are forced to buy through constant advertising and promotion, and all I can say is, if you buy something that you don’t like, tell those bastards to get it out of your house and don’t be nice about it. I personally do not put up with crap that I spend my hard earned money on. If you want my money, you damn well better earn it. DO NOT PUT UP WITH THEIR CRAP IF YOU DON”T LIKE SOMETHING. But, basic understanding of mechanical devices, machines, their capabilities, their limitations and maintenance is basic, except it seems to brainwashed, ignorant Americans.

    And I am an American. Stand up for yourself people. Stand up for your freedom and your basic human rights!

  31. joan Kirk says:

    I bought a samsung washer 7/10 I would take a ringer washer in place of it… I have called and told them that my last ra the bleach gos in in place of my fab softner.They told me that the bleach gos in last,there for your clothes comes out smelling like bleach and your fabic softer cleaned them,give me a break im 65 and I no dummie,but I sure was when I bought this thing NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  32. Jimmie Nagy says:

    My Samsung dryer broke down before one year. Repair service has come out a number of times but hasn’t fixed it. Samsung refuses to honor its warranty and its repair service will not answer my service calls. I am really angry, but what can you do?

  33. Horrible service from the company. The machine down more than two months. No response either from service station or from customer help desk. A sterio type auto reply ‘your complaint shall be attended shortly’. Fed up.