September 19, 2017

Recall: General Electric Dishwasher Fire Hazard

ge dishwasher recallName of product: GE Dishwashers

Units: About 2.5 million

GE Consumer & Industrial, of Louisville, Ky.

Hazard: Liquid rinse-aid can leak from its dispenser onto the dishwasher’s internal wiring which can cause an electrical short and overheating, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: GE has received 191 reports of overheated wiring including 56 reports of property damage. There were 12 reports of fires that escaped the dishwasher. Fire damage was limited to the dishwasher or the adjacent area. No injuries have been reported.

general electric dishwasher recalledDescription: The recall includes GE built-in dishwashers sold under the following brand names: Eterna, GE, GE ProfileTM, GE Monogram®, Hotpoint®, and Sears-Kenmore. The dishwashers were sold in white, black, almond, bisque and stainless steel. The brand name is printed on the dishwasher’s front control panel. Model and serial numbers can be found inside the dishwasher tub on the front left side of the dishwasher. A table of relevant model and serial numbers can be found on CPSC’s web site.

Sold at: Department and appliance stores from September 1997 through December 2001 for about $400.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled dishwashers and contact General Electric for a free repair, a $150 rebate towards the purchase of a new GE dishwasher, or a $300 rebate towards the purchase of a new GE Profile or GE Monogram dishwasher.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact General Electric toll-free at (877) 607-6395 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Saturday. Consumers also can visit the firm’s Web site.


Brand Model Numbers Must Begin With Serial Numbers Must Begin With
Eterna EDW20, EDW30 SS, TS, VS, ZS, AT, DT, FT, GT, HT, LT, MT, RT, ST, TT, VT, ZT, AV, DV, FV, GV, HV, LV, MV, RV, SV, TV, VV, ZV, AZ, DZ, FZ, GZ, HZ, LZ, MZ, RZ, SZ, TZ, VZ, ZZ, AA, DA, FA, GA, HA, LA, MA, RA, SA, TA, VA, ZA
GE and GE Profile GHD50, GSD40, GSD41, GSD43, GSD46, GSD4910Z, GSD4920Z, GSD4930Z, GSD4940Z0, GSD50, GSD51, GSD521, GSD522, GSD523, GSD531, GSD532, GSD533, GSD535, GSD536, GSD55, GSD56, GSD57, GSD58, GSD59, GSDL3, GSDL6
GE Monogram ZBD3500Z0
Hotpoint HDA3400F, HDA35 SS, TS, VS, ZS, AT, DT, FT, GT, HT, LT, MT, RT, ST, TT, VT, ZT, AV, DV, FV, GV, HV, LV, MV, RV, SV, TV, VV, ZV, AZ, DZ, FZ, GZ, HZ, LZ, MZ, RZ, SZ, TZ, VZ, ZZ
GE and GE Profile GHD35, GSD21, GSD2200D, GSD2200F, GSD2200G, GSD2201F, GSD2220F, GSD2221F, GSD2230F, GSD2231F, GSD2250F GSD23, GSD26, GSD27, GSD3115F, GSD3125F, GSD3135F, GSD3200G, GSD3210F, GSD3220F, GSD3230F, GSD33, GSD341, GSD342, GSD343, GSD345, GSD3610F, GSD3620F, GSD3630F, GSD3650F GSD37, GSD381, GSD382, GSD383, GSD385, GSD391, GSD392, GSD393, GSD4525F, GSD4535F, GSD4555F, GSDL122F, GSDL132F, GSDL24, GSM2100F, GSM2100G, GSM2100Z0, GSM2110D, GSM2110F, GSM2130D, GSM2130F
Sears-Kenmore 363.1438, 363.1447, 363.1445, 363.1448, 363.1457, 363.1467, 363.1475, 363.15161792, 363.1517, 363.1521, 363.1527, 363.1528, 363.1531, 363.1532, 363.1546, 363.1547, 363.1548, 363.1556, 363.1565, 363.1567, 363.1617, 363.1655 SS, TS, VS, ZS, AT, DT, FT, GT, HT, LT, MT, RT, ST, TT, VT, ZT, AV, DV, FV, GV, HV, LV, MV, RV, SV, TV, VV, ZV, AZ, DZ, FZ, GZ, HZ, LZ, MZ, RZ, SZ, TZ, VZ, ZZ


  1. I have an GE Profile Performance Tritor dishwasher Model: GSD5940D01SS, Serial TZ620501A that is on your recall. Pls contact me ASAP and advise me how to get GE to replace this dishwasher as it is in my guest house. I already had your GE dishwasher door catch fire in my primary resident this year and smoke up my house. The Profile mentioned above is in a guest house relatives are living in and I am VERY afraid of this dishwasher.

  2. I have a GE profile performance tritor dishwasher, Model GSD5940D01SS, Serial TZ620501A that is on your recall list. Pls advise how I go about having GE replace it. This dishwasher is in my guest house that relatives are living in with small children and I am afraid for them with this dishwasher in the house. This year my GE dishwasher caught on fire in my primary home and smoked up my house.

    Pls. advise ASAP

  3. Wow, I am so sorry you had that fire experience. We do not make or represent GE, we are a site that strives to inform, educate and hopefully entertain readers about household appliances. We try to post appliance recalls as one of our services. This posting, which includes contact information for the recall, gives the phone number suggested by the CPSC, (877)607-6395. GE is offering free repairs or rebates for new GE appliances.
    Please let us know how it all works out for you. is a great venue for sharing your experinces with other consumers. It is a chance to help others learn what to expect in a situation like yours.

  4. Anjileque DeChaine says:

    I have a GE refrigerator freezer side beside model GSS201EPD WW serial GG264076 the light heated so hot it spoiled all of my food and had to be removed using a hot mat…it has done something to my freezer…I need to know if there has been a recall on this model…ty

  5. nightowl says:

    We post recalls listed by the Comsumer Product Safety commission, if they have not listed it, you might try visiting the GE website or calling their customer service number. Even if it has not been recalled, they may be able to help if the refrigerator is still under warranty.

  6. I also have a GE refrigerator freezer side by side model GSS201EPD.
    It came with our home. Two months after we began using it the food on the top shelf of the fridge was hot when we opened the door. After having a repairman out we found out that the door slides down which keeps the light from shutting off. 3 years later my husband is having to readjust the door every couple months or so. Every Ge appliance we’ve had are nothing but trouble. Will NEVER buy Ge.

  7. I also have the GSS201EPD fridge and I am having the same problems with the top shelf being hot… so when you said you adjusted the doors did you just tighten them some how?

  8. Sherrie McBride says:

    On January 26 of 2006, the apartment complex where we live, replaced our dishwasher with a new HotPoint dishwasher. It has never dried correctly. With the heat dry on, after completing it’s cycles, the dishes still need to be hand dried, even after a day, before being putting away. Even the bottom rack, not so much as the top rack, still has traces of water. I have used a dishwasher most of my life, and I am aware how to arrange the dishes so as not to block key areas of the dishwashing cycle. Apparently it is not on the recall list…but maybe it should be. The serial # is: ZH805220B. The model # is HDA2000G02CC. Is this normal for a CHEAP model or is there a problem?

  9. nancy emrich says:

    I have already talked with your customer service person and my dishwasher does qualify for the guidelines and is a fire hazard.
    model#GSD5350D03CC, serial #TA 8642428.
    I was told to complete this information and mail the sticker off to you. Is this information correct?

  10. nancy emrich says:

    My dishwasher has been over heating for some months now and I thought it was something caught in the coil. However, everytime I checked there was nothing there. I shut the dishwasher down and finally received the recall. I bought a new GE Dishwasher last weekend and would lke my rebate sent to me.
    thank you. Nancy Emrich

  11. Ms. Emrich,

    I wish we could help you, but is an independent website with no affiliation with any appliance manufacturers. We post recalls as a service to our readers. If you are having difficulty with a recall, most companies have an toll free phone number. The number for GE and this recall is: (877) 607-6395. We also have a link to their website posted in our recall listing at the top of this page. I hope this is helpful.

  12. We are interested in upgrading from the recalled unit to a GE Profile of improved value and more quiet. We have identified 2 units that may be ofinterest. They are PDW7300NWW and PDW8200NWW. The Local Lowe’s store has indicated we would be charged $119.00 for the installation. Yet, we had the original unit installed that is on recall. How do we handle the upgrade and not be charged for the installation of the upgraded unit? Had the original unit not been faulty we would not be having it replaced, thus the added fees would not be an issue. Please let us know by emailing at Thank you.

  13. I had G.E. do the repair kit they offered instead of purchasing a new G.E. Profile dishwasher and am unsatisfied with the work that they did on my dishwasher. Because the replacement kit in the door is lighter, the door will not stay open now unless I keep the bottom slide out rack out/open. I was told that this was the best that they could do. I find this very dissatifactory work by G.E. as the dishwasher door always stayed open before this kit was used to repair the dishwasher. I feel that G.E. should have figured out a better way to repair something that wasn’t right, caused fires, and the customer should not have been charged for installation a second time!!!

  14. Well we just woke up to our dishwasher burning. We have the pdw9980L00ss. We had it for about two years. The dishwasher wasn’t running and it overheated and all the plastic inside was melting. It was definitly electrical. I am trying to find out if there was a recall on this model and if not just let other people be aware. Fire department said good thing we were home. If anyone knows of this problem with this dishwasher please let me know.


  15. Bill Holt says:

    I have a GE Triton XL Dishwasher which I beleive was manufactuer during the recall window, however when I check all of the specified places for the SerialNumber Plate I cannot find it. I have check the inside perimeter of the tub – left and right as well as all ofhte surfaces, as well as the right and left edges of the door. Any suggestions are appreciated; GE cannot/willnot help with a serial number, I have filed a complaint with the CPSC. Thank you.

  16. Mr. Holt,
    Looking over the recall above, it appears that your dishwasher, the GE Triton, is not listed as being recalled. The models listed are Eterna, GE, GE ProfileTM, GE Monogram®, Hotpoint®, and Sears-Kenmore. You can use the 800 number to check with GE to see if that model is involved. I hope this helps.

  17. dontbuyGE1 says:

    I had the recall service in aug 2007. And now my the wire in my dishwasher is burned out exactly at the location next to the rinse agent. GE said, sorry the service warranty is only 30 days. And they don’t care that they did not fix the fire hazard problem. It seems a normal thing to them. I plan to file a small claim against GE to get my money back not the rebate to buy more GE !

  18. I have a G.E. hotpoint refrigerator, model # HTH16BBSLWW.
    The other day I opened the freezer compartment door and saw a bright orange light from the back where the coils are. I touched the inside of the freezer and it was HOT. I unplugged it. I called G.E. and they scheduled a repair person to come to check it for 99 dollars. I bought this refrigerator a year ago. It is past the warranty. Has there been a recall of this refrigerator or reported fires from it. Do I have any recourse for a refund. I decided to cancel the appointment and get another refrigerator instead of paying for repairs.

  19. Julie Parker says:

    recently a hot pointrefriferator model number CTX14CYBFRAA cause a fire in my motel it was a total loss the fire marshall confirmed the refrigerator was the cause of the fire so, please have yours checked.

  20. hi, I have a ge triton xl the model is gsd6960jo3ss is this covered under your recall? please help me, thank you

  21. how can we acquire a unit of electric dishwasher, i couldnt find it here in manila. we need the said appliance for our training center. thank you and more power.

  22. Tammy Nguyen says:

    I have a GE Diswasher. Model GSD2230F00WW, Serials number: MZ703343B. My diswasher is on the recall list. Pls advise how I go about having GE replace it. Thanks.

  23. For anyone concerned about their recalled GE/GE profile dishwashers, all the information is at They will not replace your dishwasher, but instead will fix the part for free, or offer you a rebate on a new one (you must choose a new one from their list of applicable models as well).

  24. My GE Profile model ZBD0700N has overheated twice in the past month, and get this…it is 2 months old!!! The first time, we lost a salad spinner and some tupperware. A tech came out and replaced the control module, saying that the temp control curcuit was faulty.
    Last night, my wife woke me up at 2:30am and alerted me that there is a very strong burning smell in the house. I ran downstairs to find that the diswasher, WHICH WASN’T EVEN TURNED ON BEFORE WE WENT TO SLEEP, literally started itself with no water and was burning everything inside of it. I just spent $80K on a kitchen remodel and the heat would have definitely ruined the adjacent cabinetry had my wife not woken up to the smell. Everything in the dishwasher that was plastic (including the dishwasher rack, the rotating spray bar, and the few pieces of meltable kitchenware inside, was melted to the point where they were literally dripping and gluing themselves to the bottom of the dishwasher. I placed a meat thermometer on the granite countertop above the dishwasher and it measured that the countertop was heated to OVER 120 degrees! What kind of CRAP is GE selling, especially for nealy $1500??? This dishwasher is toast and will have to be replaced, under force if necessary, by my appliance dealer. (it’s 7:30 am right now and I have not called them yet). My advice is BEWARE: GE has a serious problem. I’m hoping that they issue a recall on this model, as it could cost yoyour home if you are not lucky enough to catch it in time.
    I was going to buy a Meile dishwasher when we planned our remodel, and changed to a GE Monogram just before ordering everything. Boy, am I sorry I did.
    Tony Olivieri
    New York

  25. I opted to have GE repair our recalled dishwasher a couple of weeks ago. Everything seemed to be working fine until today when I put rinse aid into the dispenser for the first time since before I had it “repaired.” Very soon after the cycle started water began to leak out the front of the dishwasher, between the kick board and the door. Have you heard of this happening to anyone else after the repair?

    Also, when the technician was here he made a point of telling me, completely unprompted by any questions from me, that all he did was replace the wiring and remove some of the rubber/foam that was soiled and that he didn’t do anything that would cause any problems. He stated that he has had people tell him that something he did caused the dishwasher to leak, but he insists that nothing he did would have caused a leak. This made me quite suspicious and uneasy about the future performance of my dishwasher. Any input from anyone would be helpful and appreciated. I need to wait until Monday, when the are open again, to call and report the problem so if anyone else has had a similar problem please let me know.

    Thank you.

  26. I have a GE Model #GSD6200J10WW. I have leakage problems and the dishwasher is only 2 years old. After the first year it stopped cleaning the dishes all together. I spoke with their customer service department and received the run around for weeks and never received the parts they promised. First they said they shipped , then they said they did not, they would not give me a date on shipment, they refused to call me back with information, they were extrememly uncooperative and unprofessional. I will never buy another GE appliance. I have all Kenmore and Whirlpool appliances in my rental condos and this was my first GE appliance. What a mistake. They have no customer service and seem to feel lying is okay…when I questioned their varying stories they were on the offensive and offered no help whatsover. I spoke with a Mrs. Parker (claimed to be the supervisor) who was very unsympathetic and rude and did not care in the least whether my dishwasher would be repaired or not. Never again.

  27. crystal says:

    i have a ge quietpower 1 dishwasher md GLD4100L00WN serial number RH761874B. this dishwasher ive had it only for 2 years last night i was loading just the dishes in it when i push in the bottom tray its starts shooting sparks everywhere i was extremely lucky i was not electrocuted and that my home did not catch on fire. my husband had to turn off the breaker to the dishwasher. this thing is a fire hazard and i feel i was ripped off the warranty is expired on it to. this is riduculos that a dishwasher that is not even this old has done this. i am very disatisfied who do i contact? i want this thing either replaced or fixed like i said i was very clsoe to becoming electroucuted and all i did was put my dishes in it this is riduculous!!!

  28. Larry Howell says:

    I have a GE refrigerator/freezer GSS201EPD.WW

    The “crushed ice” and “cubed ice” will dispense properly but the “water” will not dispense.

    What could be the problem?

  29. GE Dishwasher Model #PDW9900N20BB, Serial #FR74879B.

    Was awaken by smell, which smelled like an electrical fire. When I went to check it was the GE Profile Dishwasher. Melting away at the plastic inside. Caused heavy smoke. Had I not wakened by the smell I am sure it would have been worse, because the heating element would not shut down.

    Tried looking to see if this was ever recalled. I am having no luck.

    I would think by this time it should have been. SO
    BEWARE, if you have this unit.

  30. I have a GE Quiet Power 3 Dishwasher that overheated a couple of weeks ago. My daughter turned it on right before I arrived home from work. We always use the heat cycle. As soon as I walked in the door, I smelled something burning. After walking around the house looking for the source, went straight to the dishwasher and the counter top was so hot, you couldn’t touch it. I immediately opened the dishwasher and all of my insulated cups had melted to 1/4 of their original size! All plastic bowls were gone to nothing. I would guess another 15 minutes or so and the cabinets encasing the dishwasher would have caught fire. I have used liquid rinse aid in the past but probably haven’t had any in the receptacle for 4 months or so. Is there a recall on this unit? Extremely dangerous!

  31. We have a GE Monogram 2yrs old. It is in our vacation house. we have only used it 1-2 times a month for those two years.
    On Thanksgiving (while it was turned off) we smelled somthing burning and opened the diswasher, only to find the insides melted down along with melted dishes.
    Our model IS NOT on the recall list. What recourse do we have?

  32. Robert Maddox says:

    I have the GE Monogram Dishwasher ZBD6880K10SS, and it just caught FIRE. It was purchased in Nov 03. No problems ever until one day we started smelling electrical wiring burning. I t did not even trip the circuit breaker. Where should I go now for some satisfaction or did I just make a bad choice of appliance.
    (618) 531-1080

  33. Gregory Korzon says:

    We own (same as Lori who posted above) GE Dishwasher Model PDW9980L00SS, serial # LL759130B.
    We woke up tonight at 1:30 AM to a very strong burning smell. This Dishwasher was NOT even turned on. No water. It turned itself on for heat drying after we went to sleep at 10:30 PM and totally melted all plastic parts inside and all plastic coookwares left inside. Plastics were dripping like wax in a fire. We slept upstairs. The stench downstairs, in the kitchen, was unbelievable! !!!!!! Such overheating (we caught it earlier as it took place during daytime) took place earlier on 3-18-2008 and on 02-16-2011. Did anybody else, besides Laurie, experienced such severe overheating of this Dishwasher model? Also, is there angry GE recall for this model??? Please e-mail to:

  34. Lori,
    We have the same exact model and the same thing happentd last week late at night.
    scar stuff: big fire danger and monetary loss…
    gregory k

    Lori says: December 19, 2007 at 8:09 am

    Well we just woke up to our dishwasher burning. We have the pdw9980L00ss. We had it for about two years. The dishwasher wasn’t running and it overheated and all the plastic inside was melting. It was definitly electrical. I am trying to find out if there was a recall on this model and if not just let other people be aware. Fire department said good thing we were home. If anyone knows of this problem with this dishwasher please let me know.

    Thanks Lori

  35. Lee Ledbetter says:

    Our GE Monogram dishwasher started burning last night – same model no as Robert Maddox above. ZBD6880K10SS. We were never informed about a recall. $400 rebate towards what is now a $1700 replacement??? Has anyone had any luck with replacement rather than rebate, or should I go back to Bosch which we loved but sold with our previous home? Thanks.

  36. suzanne says:

    I have the ge model #pdw9980l00ss is it one that is in the recall? Have looked but haven’t seen but one situation that was the same model as mine.please e-mail me and let me know.

  37. GE SUCKS. We received a three new appliance package when we moved into this house. The refrigerator breaks down every 2 years, ruining all the food… It would be cheaper to buy a new refrigerator from a GOOD company than paying to have it fixed. I was looking up something about my dishwasher, and found this site… Yep, it’s on your list! The washing machine broke after a few years (it was part of a new GE washer/dryer package that came with the house as well).

    All I know is, now, I hate this company!… As if I didn’t have enough things to do (and worry about), I have to worry about having to replace my dishwasher.

  38. Tonia James says:

    My GE Profile model number PDW7033N15BB melted some plastic that was stored inside of it and it was NOT even turned on. The coils heats up on its own WITHOUT it being turned on. We smelled burnt plastic and found out that this was what it was. Can not find out any information to reverse this problem.

  39. Thelma Ervin says:

    I have a year old GE profile Microwave Oven ( it’s the 2nd one in 8 years). I get this sudden signal
    and message stating that it has short circuited and repair needs to be called. Sometimes I can press the off signal and the buzzing will stop. Other times I must cut the circuit breaker completely before this signal will stop buzzing. I called GE repair and was told it would cost $250 for someone to come out and take a look. I can replace the over the stove oven for $300 to $350 so why would I need to pay that for someone to come out????? This is terrible.